A Hidden Post At Our Coast!

Can you see this post today? I didn't blind you with white at my bay? Are you reading it now? Are you confused somehow? I don't know if you'll answer me. This post is hidden from thee.

Hidden from view.
Said it to you.
Oh, what a find.
Only if you're blind.

Hidden from view.
Is there a clue?
Does X mark the spot?
I probably think not.

Hidden from view.
My thoughts on stew.
Well that may be true.
Did such a post come due?

Hidden from view.
That improved with new.
Yeah, that's a fail.
Already hit that trail.

Hidden from view.
This post for you.
Blind you'll be.
You just can't see.

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Hidden from view.
Does this need a clue?
Maybe you do too.
Because its hidden from view.

Oh, you can see it?
What's up with that shit?
Wait. We can fix that.
Don't go cursing the cat.

Hidden in plain sight.
Isn't that just all right.
So sight is now plain?
My, hard on the brain.

Plain, blind and not.
That's some evil plot.
Right there hidden in view.
I forgot the plain at our zoo.

Hidden in plain sight,
This post that took flight.
Hidden from view,
The nuts two by two.

Can you use hidden when really it is not? Is something really hidden when in sight it is caught? Even if you don't see it is there. So technically not hidden at your lair. Unless hidden in a box on the rooftop. Then that wouldn't be a flop. Is my rant hidden from the class? Don't worry, I'm a confusing little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. My Internet has certainly been "Hidden" on and off this week Pat. Great post, it's easy to turn a blind eye to things one don't wish to see.
    Happy Sunday.

  2. Yup, many things are hidden that are in plain view. Just gotta open one's eyes. Have a great day Pat.

  3. I used to be good at hidden, now I'm not!

    1. The bed is gone
      Maybe need a hole in the back lawn?

  4. Even when things are in plain view
    they can be hidden from me
    maybe I need new glasses
    so then I can see


    1. Could be the case
      To see more before your face

  5. Sometimes you have to open your eyes and your mind in order to see what's right in front of you. It's not really hidden, you just might not be able to see it.

    1. Yep, just may not be looking right
      Even though it is in your sight

  6. A Hidden Post At Our Coast!
    Not a question like a boast
    Hidden from view
    Not something new
    But being tactful as a good host


  7. My shie is hidden at some coast
    Don't mean to boast...
    Hello Cat!
    How's the mat?

  8. Your post is hidden from view?
    I'm somewhat confused, how about you?
    I see everything just fine.
    Oh, I guess it all came back online.

  9. Are you hiding away at your rink
    tell me are you using invisible ink
    why use white, why not some pink...
    now, I will go back into hiding

  10. I'm one who will spend hours looking for something, only to find it in plain sight later.

    1. haha just sitting and staring back at you
      Could thing things can't laugh at any zoo

  11. Oh yeah, stuff hides in plain view around here all the time;)


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