A Party Right Comes To Light!

You humans sure go on about rights a bunch. Even when those rights are wrongs and you are out to lunch. Is that where wrongs make rights comes from? Bah, right or wrong I'll get right on it with my rhyming bum.

I have rights.
Days and nights.
Rights I do.
I've got a few.

No need to tell.
Long as hell.
Blows away a few.
I haven't a clue.

That you knew.
Maybe times two.
Two wrongs to right.
Dark to daylight.

Ask Stallone.
In a tunnel all alone.
Yeah, went there.
Right of me at my lair?

Pffft yeah it was,
Just because.
Because I say so.
Sure right, you know.

Rights it works.
Gives some perks.
Perks to jerks.
Rights in the works.

Just like that.
A rightful stat.
An addition or three.
The rights of we.

We have the right.
The right to spite.
If you say no.
Right away we'll go.

All have the right.
The right to spite.
The right to show.
Damned that no.

We have the right to come.
Whether or not we are your chum.
It is our "because we say so" right.
So "surprise" turn on the light.

Pfffffffffffffft some humans are sooooooooo dumb. Do you think you have the right to something when you aren't a chum? One said here they have the right to come to a retirement party being thrown. They have the right because they say so at the tone. Umm, even if said retiree didn't want you there? Even if you weren't invited at your lair? You have the right to go? Damn, rights really have gone to a new low. I have the right to go rob that banker. Do you think that will fly with every wanker? I think it would get a failing pass. I'll stay a jail free and whelmed little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer. 


  1. Replies
    1. That's 6 in a row
      Going with the flow


    2. Good morning True
      Pesistence works wonders
      Right on cue
      It'll never falter


    3. Will tomorrow make 7
      will it lead to 11

      Have a great day Hank
      No walking the plank

    4. Tried for 11 once before
      Was stifled in the effort
      To keep trying some more


    5. 11 may come back
      Just on the attack

  2. Everyone and thing have a right,
    In this big world of beautiful sights.
    Don't let anyone get you down.
    Wear a smile and not a frown.

    Great verse Pat.

  3. Puts me in mind of people who think they have the right to tear down a statue just because it offends them.

    1. lol did that here
      Couldn't have it near

    2. Entitlement makes me sick
      Why don't they go sit on a stick?

  4. I am sticking with the right to remain silent

  5. I find it annoying when I am trying to have a conversation with a certain person and she keep saying right, right...

    I just want to scream STOP IT

    If everyone is right who is left?

  6. Some people have serious entitlement issues.

  7. A Party Right Comes To Light!
    To make a move and not to fight
    To be entitled
    To discard evil
    Helping them not to miss the flight


  8. Some people need to use their right to remain silent more often!

  9. Sometimes peoples rights really turn out to be wrongs
    And then they don't know why they get can't along.


    1. Yep, then they'll whine more
      And give a rightful encore

  10. I'm not sure we have a right to anything. If some employer, government, etc. says we have the right to this or that, is it really a "right" if they can control it?

    1. Yeah, when it comes down to it we have nothing at all
      Don't pay your property taxes and bye bye you go with one call

  11. orlin N cassie; sew manee peepulz think they haz all de... ritez.... that 99.9 purrcent oh em..... iz wrong ~~~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥
    hope ewe both iz doin grate we haz been hit N mizz online late lee ~~~~~

    1. That they be
      Still alive and kicking at our sea

  12. I like Joanne's: Right to remain silent. Heh. Good one.

  13. Of course everyone has rights. But I would rather keep doing what I normally do and don't make a big issue out of it.

    1. Yeah, the big issue they go for
      And then comes the encore

  14. Some people think they are entitled to everything.

  15. Rights get carried a bit too far
    Everyone has to be a star
    But they don't lift a finger to help
    Just whine and complain and yelp

    1. Yep, whine and whine
      Wanting others to make things align

  16. I’m so tired of people who claim they have a right
    Political correctness seems to have a lot of might.
    Please just calm down and stop being offended
    I’m tired of your tirades, just shut up ..yeah...that’s all


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