An I Can See For All Of Thee!

I am going to see a lot today. See what? Stay tuned and find out at my bay. Can you stay tuned with no tuning? Hmm later on that one may pop in for a looning. That isn't a word? Bah, I can see it not being absurd.

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I can see.
See for thee.
Better than thee.
I can see.

I can see you doing this.
I can see you not getting bliss.
I can see you going out.
I can see you in a drought.

I can see you not liking it.
I can see you having a fit.
I can see you going to sleep.
I can see you needing a new keep.

I can see you hating that.
I can see you falling flat.
I can see you failing away.
I can see you have a bad day.

My eyes are tired.
They may have expired.
Nope, not yet.
Nothing but net.

I can see you missing.
I can see you kissing.
I can see you hissing.
I can see you pissing.

I can see how that sounds.
I can see you looking like hounds.
I can see you getting fat.
I can see you wearing a hat.

I can see you bored.
I can see you floored.
I can see you eating.
I can see you trick or treating.

I can...can't see you doing that.
I can't see you flipping scat.
I can't see you fighting him.
I can't see you losing a limb.

I can, I can't.
Eyes on a slant.
But I can see.
See just for thee.

Don't you love how I can see? Pfffffffffffft is what it gets from me. Ever have anyone say that over and over and over again? I know one near our den. They tell you that they can see what is best for you. Like they know what will come due. When I can see that they are full of shit. Anything to add to my I can see fit? I can see I gave some sass. I can't see that ever stopping from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. I can see Hank being number one
      It does bring a smile and it’s fun

      Good morning Hank!

    2. A good thing to see
      As it comes to be

    3. That's 2 in a row
      Despite 1 min slow!


    4. Good morning True
      Could have been you
      Door wide open
      No competition


    5. It’s the weekend I sleep late
      No number one fate m...

    6. Still on in
      Does m... go for a spin?

    7. I can see that Adam stole my thunder

    8. Stole it a bit
      Where he does sit

  2. I can see you with green eggs and ham...
    Only on St. Patrick's Day though.

    1. I can see reading the book
      I can't see eating it ever at my nook lol
      Even on saint me day
      Blah to that display

  3. I can see all kinds of things. Some good some bad. Have a great day Pat.

  4. There is lots and lots of full of it around these days, I can see it!

    1. Full of it all around
      Can see without being found

  5. ‘I can see you doing that’
    I hear that one quite often

    Hmm let m see what I can see
    is it really meant to be for me...

    1. See what you can see
      Branches out like a tree
      Which one shall you take
      A see to sea remake

  6. An I Can See For All Of Thee!
    That not all things are free
    Saying it many times
    That things are fine
    Can get on the nerves easily


  7. I can see you are good at rhyme
    as you do it all the time!


  8. I have a family member that says, "I can see how that would be bad." lol

  9. Hey, Pat!
    I see London. (Tomorrow)
    I see France. (Just across the Channel)
    I see no one’s underpants! (Thank goodness!)

    Not only have I been computerless, but I’ve been locked out of my google accounts because I ran into problems trying to publish something for IWSG Day on a train to London. Argh. So I’m just making my rounds now. Next stop ~ your IWSG post. Hope all is well with you!

    1. Geez, you are up the creek
      Need a better train to reach the peak lol
      I've seen underpants galore
      And so so so much more

  10. I see many things on line but there are also many things I choose not to!

  11. All that seeing you're doing makes you sound like a stalker. I don't want anyone seeing me while I'm peeing, thanks.

  12. When someone says they can see this or that
    All they will see is my ass walking away like a cat.


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