An Interloper That's New. BAH Times Two!

The cat thought I have seen it all. I'm even flipping between third and first person at my hall. I'm doing it so fast. The cat needs to make this a thing of the past. Look! I did it once more. I need to get a really, really, really good lock for the door.

This was my day.
So nice at our bay.
Stretched with sun.
Then Pat ruined my fun.

He washed the stuff.
So I thought, tough!
I'll take it for me.
Then he let IT come to be.

No. Not these guys.
They get batted away like flies.
Those intruders know their place.
If they don't, I'll whack them in the face.

It wasn't even the mutts.
Them and their poo eating ruts.
I'll chew on their tail.
Oh how I love it when they wail.

Bah! There it is.
What is this tiny biz?
Why does it walk like me?
Cassie, make it go where I can't see.

"He's your problem now.
Don't have a cow.
Those ones don't stay or sit.
So I'm too old for that shit."

Bah! Here it comes.
It wants to be chums.
Hell no to that.
Stay away from the cat.

Hmmm it is after my balls.
Is that why it makes cat calls?
It has a very bad meow meow.
And Pat won't let me go kapow.

Look! Come closer thingy.
I only have a majiggy.
My balls went snip snip.
No ball ball after that vet trip.

I tell you no lies.
So stop with the meow meow or ball ball cries.
If not, I'll blind you with my eyes.
Are you some weird dog in disguise?

Isn't that mean of Pat? How could he do that to the cat? He let that dog wannabe, or maybe it really is a dog, after me. It eats everything it sees with glee. Maybe it is related to a mutt. Yes. Yes. For legal no one was harmed in the making of this post at my hut. I may have bit a dog's tail. What? It makes those interlopers set sail. No. No. No. A playing with it I didn't go. Nope, not one bit. Don't look at me like that where you sit. I don't protest too much. Nope, not even a touch. It was all Cass. Next interloper can bother her and not my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Dogs and cats are bad enough but when a tiny child is after your balls, that's too much. Fire away, Cat!

    1. haha yep, have to put your paw down
      Or they'll run all over town

  2. Good Morning Alex
    Good Morning Hank
    Good Morning Pat
    Good Morning Cat

  3. Some fun at your place, Pat! Is that your nephew?

    1. Yep, playing with cousin Orlin at our sea
      Cassie didn't want any of that to come to be

  4. Haha that was cute today
    the look on Orlins face
    Who is this kid, he wants to play
    walking about my place

    1. Trying to figure out what the hell he was
      Maybe gave a hiss or three just because

  5. Oh my, that sure would be a scary sight if I were you I'd sure take flight!

    1. Flight is sure in the cards
      Or toss them across a few yards

  6. I'm thinking the kid announces Ninja attack on the cat

  7. Poor cat. And people wonder why cats claw children.

    1. One, kids are dumb
      Two, parents are morons and then some
      Three, they think all will be okay
      Four, all that dumb leads to a scratch a day

  8. Those glowing eyes crack me up! Don't know which is scarier, the shifting narrator or the kid. :)

    1. haha the cat would say the kid
      But a grammar nazi may flip their lid

  9. Oh poor kitty. Even I cringe at toddlers on the loose and I don't even have balls.

    1. haha they can get into much
      Even with no balls to touch

  10. Too much for the cats
    between the dogs and the boy
    they better be careful though
    and share their toys


  11. That's quite mean of Pat indeed!

  12. Give me a puppy intruder over a toddler intruder any day. Poor cat having to worry about his nonexistent balls when intruders come to play.

    1. Yep, he has his work cut out for him
      Those toddlers sure can make things grim

  13. That second shot makes me think of how cats always want to lie down on something, rather than avoiding it. I can have a small piece of paper (or a stack of papers) on my bed, and Orson will jump up and ignore all the open spaces, and curl up on the paper(s).

    Saturday evening, I was watching an old videotape on my TV. On one arm of the chair I was in was the VCR remote. On the other arm was the TV remote (so I can turn the set on, and control the volume). Next to my chair was a stool holding a small fan, my eyeglasses and my cell phone. Orson jumped up onto my lap, and in rapid succession did the following: He knocked one remote onto the floor, then the other. Then he jumped onto the stool and knocked off my glasses and phone. Then he jumped back onto me, digging his claws into my arm. I didn't hit him, only yelled at him loud enough so ran from the room. No one will ever convince me that he didn't do all that shit deliberately!

    1. lmao you weren't giving him enough attention
      So he made damn sure his name got a mention
      They sure can get into crap with ease
      And knock everything down as away they breeze
      And yep, that's the spot they'll go to
      Right where something is in view

  14. Those mighty cat eyes,
    great powers they bestow
    to shrink you into
    a cute lil babe on the go.

    1. Shrink and shrunk
      May leave the other half in a funk

  15. Those are quite the mesmerizing eyes!

  16. I bet that cute little bundle of glee
    Just wanted to cuddle with you carefree
    You mays have lost a fistful of hair
    But you’d have a new lifelong friend at your lair!!!

    1. And some lifelong boogers stuck in the hair
      The cat will stick with the death glare

  17. With cats in the house life is always a surprise.
    Adding a toddler and puppy is not very wise.

    1. haha sure can make things go astray
      Have to watch all through the day

  18. This was fun to read with all the photos of the pets! They look all snugly specially as its cold outside. Have a good week.

    1. Cold it was indeed
      But not for long at our feed

  19. An Interloper That's New. BAH Times Two!
    They are a nuisance don't let them through
    Intruders come to play
    Kins stay others go away!
    Semblance of control perfect for those who knew


    1. Control is in place
      For those in the know and embrace

  20. The cat knows a thing or 2, actually quite a bit
    ‘Cos it took his nose to know he didn’t want to deal with that shit.
    Diaper kid is coming and that is not nice
    And that diaper is not filled with sugar and spice.

  21. Loved both the verse and the pics.



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