Another Go To For Many In View!

The I don't have time we've given a chime. That one is bull. Like the one about luck being not so full. Both are excuses more than a bit. Here's another that's full of shit.

Here we go.
Time to play.
Run to and fro,
Each and every day.

Or fro and to.
Been there as well.
Is that true?
Does it raise hell?

Shouldn't do that.
Nope, not one bit.
But chew that fat.
Have that fit.

Can't recall.
Can't remember.
So it will stall.
Can't ask a member.

Can't go and look.
That won't do.
Hook or by crook,
You have to moo.

Guess it beats baa.
Barnyard today.
Well la de da.
There you stay.

Can't take a step.
Can't even see.
Blind with no pep.
Or too busy a bee.

Busy looking at Farcebook.
That is sooo great.
Could write a book,
But that's not your fate.

Fate is to sit.
Fate is to stare.
Maybe throw another fit.
Pull out some hair.

And why is that?
Why is it fated?
Because an excuse is baited,
Which is, that's too complicated.

Do you use that one? Is it really a complicated run? Are you making a mountain out of a mole hill? Now that may fit the bill. Complicated that may be to do. But not crap the equivalent of tying your shoe. Surgery, car repair, picking the right ass wipe, they all can be complicated. Hint: 2 of 3 of those for complicated are baited. If you can't pick the 1 of 3 that came to pass. You may need to uncomplicate things like my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Hey, that last item is important!
    Life is complicated. Get over it, folks.

    1. haha that it may be
      Especially if some gives an itchy ass to thee

  2. I’m menopausal, of course I don’t remember
    Which pisses me off.
    Yup, no rhyme
    I simply have no time😝🤪

  3. you can make stuff more complicated than it has to be
    take your time, do it right, easy as one two three

    1. That is the way
      Then the complications stay at bay

  4. I don't know what most humans would do without the bull, they're sure full of it often!

  5. Facebook is full of too much crap
    and can be such a trap
    what a time killer
    when I'm trying to write a thriller
    yet there I am, scrolling away
    over at my beachy bay
    because I wanted to see
    other members of my family
    who live too far away
    for me to stop in and chat
    so I end up doing this and that
    and then I look up at the clock
    and I think, "Oh...fudge"


    1. Scrolling away
      All through the day
      There at your bay
      With a one eyed display
      Guess you have to
      Tunnel vision in view
      See through the one
      Then whoops, time to run
      It ran away
      Oh, one more display
      Hooked you are
      So sand at your sand bar

  6. Life is complicated enough for me
    No need to add extra crap at my sea
    working extra makes me a busy bee

    1. No extra crap
      Is a fine lap
      Except for work
      Although $$ is a perk

  7. Another Go To For Many In View!
    Get it over with where's the clue
    To complicate matters
    Make it all obvious
    Only then it is all worth the blues


  8. You have to laugh at people who are always on social media, claiming how busy they are.

    1. Yep, so pathetic it can be
      Busy as they sit and post for thee

  9. Life is a daily complication. Online is a time stealer. So why am I here, go figure! :)

  10. No time for Facebook these days
    I think it is better that way!


  11. I'm on social media
    but not that social
    go figure!

  12. Other than in the expression "to and fro," have you ever seen or heard the word "fro" (which means "from") used by anyone?

    1. Nope, never seen it used or heard it used in another form
      To and fro is the only norm

  13. I don't have much time for social media. Too many other things to do. I don't understand people who spend hours on it.

    1. Yeah, seems a big fat waste
      As they sit and turn to paste

  14. I'm too busy to be on social media much!

  15. orlin N cassie; honest ta cod we dinna see a post frum ewe in R reeder yesterday... ???? like de live long day, tho we just clicked on "older post" N see ya did haz one.....we thinked fora minit dadz "record" waz broken.....any way....glad ta see ya two day N heerz two a grate week oh end !☺☺♥♥

    1. Must have been an off day
      As Google screwed us at our bay
      But we posted away
      No record broken this day

  16. I use FB to keep in touch with my grown up kids. That is about it. Gmail for specific things.
    People just don't realize what personal info piles up on someone else's plate.

    1. Or some realize it and really want to do it
      But yeah, most don't and continue their fit

  17. I just ignore most of the stuff in social media and just notice what I like. Is that complicated enough? Have a good weekend Pat.

    1. Nah, that's as easy as can be
      Have a great weekend at your sea

  18. I know someone who complains that she never has enough time to clean her house or do extra curricular things, yet she is on Facebook all day long sharing stupid memes.

    1. Seems those are around
      Always have to make a whining sound

  19. I have made mountains out of a molehill in the past but NOT this time.
    Loved the verse Pat.


  20. I'm pretty lucky, my kids aren't all about the social media. None of 'em. They have accounts (well, not the youngest) but don't bother much with them.

    1. Wise way at their bay
      Better to live life and enjoy the real display

  21. We all have the same hours each day
    But what I wouldn’t give to play
    With an extra or two anyway!

    1. Yeah, it would be nice
      Everything comes with a price

  22. Sometimes people think they don't have time- but a lot of it is how we manage the time we have (not that I am always good at that). :)

    1. Yep, that is what it comes back too
      Some just don't have a clue


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