Do You Know What's Gonna Blow?

Suza may blow a gasket at her sea. I used gonna and now wanna came to be. I had to let that flow. I'm not going to repeat it though. At least not 50,000 times. That would be way too many rhymes.

The names change.
Some are strange.
Some are not.
Each the same plot.

Yet each the same say.
Yep, only so many a way.
But they say and say and say.
Like there's never been such a display.

Oh, it's coming for you.
Coming times two.
Or maybe times three.
That is a worse category.

Got it now?
Did my rhyme wow?
Wow as in rather bad?
Did it make you mad?

Same thing, different ways.
I can go on for days.
The questions sure arise.
They just come out like flies.

No sources needed.
Yesterday they were deeded.
This is just show and tell.
Use a green screen for a spell.

Or maybe can't spell.
But what the hell.
You can talk.
Also can squawk.

Squawk like a parrot.
Sheep follow the carrot.
Would that be a donkey?
Beats some old umm honkey?

Honkey Tonk Man may show.
Sorry, no fake sports going toe to toe.
We may use the name though.
That is just so you know.

For this one is called Bob.
He is one big arse slob.
Now let's all board the train.
Time to talk about the next hurricane.

Are you ready to go on and on? Another may surely dawn. And another and another and another. Better go and tell your friend's, wife's, dog's, kid's, uncle's mother. Yes, they are bad and kill and suck in every which way. But how many damn times does the news need to go on about the same damn thing on display? If no hurricanes happened the news would pass faster than my gas. Hurricane Orlin that may be called when it comes out my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Late by 7 minutes
      but still 3 in a row
      easy done it
      one wouldn't know


    2. No blue or ninja hurricanes either.

    3. 7 mins on the go
      Still #1 though

    4. Blue's hidden like his shoe
      Too much work at my spot
      Fun it's not

    5. Work sure can stink
      Gone in a blink

  2. Hurricane Orlin sounds downright deadly...

    1. Have to watch the claws
      They come after the paws

  3. We quit watching the news because it just isn't!

  4. Indeed. They must think we are stupid and can't comprehend the first time. Oh wait....a lot of folks are kinda stupid.....

  5. Between the weather and the Supreme Court crap, it blows!

    1. Be nice if it blew away
      To some far far off bay

  6. Agreed! The same stories play over and over and over on a constant loop. I don't even like to watch a rerun of a favorite show, so why would I EVER want to hear the same exact (cough! cough!) "breaking news" ad nauseum? For most of the (cough! cough!) "news" stories, once is more than enough.

    1. Yep, once leaves all with their fill
      But they'll beat the dead horse uphill

  7. I have never been a news watcher. I think it makes me happier and more informed. :)

  8. Got keep the news running 24/7
    that's why there are so many stories to bore.
    so don't watch the news here at by place
    rather spend the time staring into space.


  9. It was really nice leaving the country for 2 weeks and not hearing about US news (which is all politics these days). I came back and felt like I didn't miss anything because they were still repeating the same crap from when I left.

    1. Can go away and not miss a thing
      Could probably have stayed away until Spring

  10. I hardly watch the news on tv these days because of this. I have Twitter set up where I follow news channels so if something does happen I see it on Twitter and can click on it or just scroll by.

  11. There is no such thing as yesterday's news
    it's now played over and over, what a snooze.
    They love to scare you to
    we might all die tomorrow...Pee-ew.
    I miss good ole Walter Cronkite
    No fuss, no hoopla and no fright.

    1. Just the straight talk
      Now they all need to fill their repeat yaps with a sock

  12. It's all about ratings, and the newsmen know nobody will tune in to hear more than a tiny bit of good news... so whenever there's something bad to report, they'll spend forever talking about it. Until the next piece of bad news comes along, that is.

    1. Ratings is the name of the game
      But how can a sink hole be ratings? Lame.

  13. orlin N cassie......we iz bee hind de 8 ball two day but still wanted ta stop N say hi ~~~~~~~~~~~~~♥♥♥☺☺ N we think we posted thiz on yesterdayz post...when we waznt ~ :)

    1. That 8 ball needs to move away
      In front has a better display

  14. The news media likes to sensationalize a story up the ratings and create diversions from other stories.

    In the end we never get the whole story and I am tired of crooked politicians.

    1. Yep, we only get what they think will get ratings and such
      The crooked a holes need to be pushed in the ocean...much

  15. TV altogether is pretty lame
    Everything is always the same
    Over and over and over... the shame!!!

    1. Over and over they go
      Redos, remakes, and such shall show

  16. The names change, but some are always the same. When I visit your blog, the faithful remain! This is comforting.

    1. Same they be
      Sure many that come back to our sea

  17. News flash: Kathleen Kennedy isn't fired. Star Wars is going down the drain...


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