Hunky Dunky Goes The Flunky!

Did you know dunky was a word? Yeah, it sounds absurd. But it is indeed. You can trust us at our feed. We used it so it must be. Time we got all hunky dunky with the flunky at our sea.

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The flunky gets flack.
They suffer the attack.
Used and drop dead.
A classic trope for poor Ned.

Or maybe Fred.
Maybe their name isn't even said.
Stooge #1, #2 and #3.
That is all the credit see.

For that kind of flunky,
It's all hunky dunky.
A paycheck and go.
Wait. Hold on. Whoa.

Do you work?
Some 9-5 perk?
Nope, not a perk.
But chances are, you work.

Uh oh for you.
Uh oh for Pat too.
Guess what you are without the dead?
It just has to be said.

You get bunky with the flunky.
A bunky flunky that's hunky dunky.
A flunky in work.
That isn't a perk.

Low tier flunky.
A high one that's funky.
Still someone's flunky.
That all hunky dunky?

At least there is no gun.
Also don't have to run.
Unless that is your case.
Then go flunky and embrace.

A flunky are we.
A flunky are thee.
Don't work you say?
Hmm you may get away.

Own your own business too?
Top dog in it are you?
You may escape the flunky.
Unless to the IRS you aren't all hunky dunky.

I think the flunkies on TV get paid more. Ever think of yourself as a flunky at your shore? We all are at some point it seems. Unless we get rich from passive income streams. I'd rather be a higher up flunky though. At least I'd get more dough. I guess I'll go get the singing bass. He is a flunky to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. The ninja is slick
      No 1 some quick

      Good morning Alex

    2. Two in a row - a first for my show!
      And I like the smiley face.

    3. Well done Alex, it's fine
      There's always a first time!


    4. haha look at you
      A streak with two

    5. Whoa that ninja sure means business!

  2. Replies
    1. I moved from #3
      to position #2
      no T in view
      a smile will do

    2. haha not really smiling though
      More like uh oh was given a go

  3. Loved the theme of the poem Pat. Words are certainly strange


  4. A flunky getting bunky
    That could get funky

  5. Hunky dory doesn't come into play?

    1. When you go hunky dory
      It's a whole other story

  6. being a flunky puts me in a funk

  7. Not a flunky at my sea
    Try to be the best I can be
    I’ll not let anyone steal my crown
    Ain’t nothing going to bring me down

  8. 'Do you work?' As the HH is fond of saying. Every day's a Saturday:) Heh.
    Have a great one.

    1. And weekend early at your sea
      Geez, so mean of thee

  9. Sure dunky is a word. Brother Simon likes to dunky the toys in the big water bowl!

  10. Hunky Dunky Goes The Flunky!
    It does sound somewhat funny
    It goes flunking
    With its undoing
    It's but someone slightly puny


  11. I like the thought of hunky dunky
    but no flunky here
    just doing my job a day at a time
    with nothing to fear.


  12. I don't think I'm hunky, dunky, or flunky. I would like to be higher up on the food chain though. We could all use a little more dough!

  13. I believe either "hunky dunky" or "hunky dory" is a derivative of the other.

    Anyway, I always thought a dunky was that long-eared relative of the horse that says "Hee Hawe!"

    1. I don't know where that final E came from in "Hee Haw!"

    2. That dunky comes with an extra e
      Who knew it was such a sight to seee

  14. orlin N cassie.....we flunkeed outta skewl...all but lunch brake...well... N we aced spellin... but we due knot like ta brag :)☺☺♥♥

    1. haha got the spellin down
      There in trout town

    2. Not familiar with word dunky. Donkey, I like :-)

    3. Dunky may be fake
      With this partake

  15. Flunkies usually get the crap jobs at work.

  16. Oh yes, I felt like a flunky
    But that’s the past and now I’m hunky dunky


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