In They Look For A Toy I Took!

Those intruders were trying to steal my toys. That sure brings me no joys. Yeah, joys times two. They just bring it out in me at our zoo. They aren't getting my stash. I have to hide them in a flash.

Hmm, this one is rough.
I'll do the other stuff. 
Not like they can run away with it.
They'll drop it after a hit.

Stop watching me. 
Look the other way tubby she.
I'll make you pay.
You don't get to play.

No grumpy look.
Go away from our nook.
Pat won't let me bother you.
 But go and get a new view.

I suppose that works.
Your head blocks the other jerks.
They'll never find my toys.
 I'll stop them from ruining my joys.

Cassie, avert thy ears.
Pretend it is vacuum gears.
I never knocked anything down. 
You can share if it won't make you frown.

All better now.
I sit proud with a meow.
No one will find a single toy.
I won't fall for any ploy.

 Cassie, don't let them in.
That so isn't a win.
Keep the tubby one out.
Geez, you are cut off from any trout.

Stay, you tubby cat.
Don't bring in your fat.
I'll whack you in the head.
Stay on that messy bed.

Stay like her.
You and your fur. 
I'll need another gate.
I'm not a sharing mate.

What? No toys here.
Nope, they aren't near.
I'm not playing at all.
 I just pooped out that nearby furry ball.

Ever have to hide your toys at your sea? Have intruders tried to steal them from thee? That is never a nice thing to come due. What? I'm a mean cat at our zoo? Bah, I'm nice to Cass and the old fart. Pat makes me with the last part. But two out of whatever gives me a pass. So says the math of my toy hogging little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Our cat loves those curly toys. She's so goofy with them. Makes me laugh. :) I wonder how she'd do with visitors. I also wonder how she'd do with car travel (we may test it in small increments so we can take her along on a trip next summer...probably not, but we'll see. Maybe she'll surprise us and love it). :)

    1. Both of the cats here don't mind the car
      They've driven near and far
      They just hate the cage
      That brings forth rage

    2. So you let them roam free until it's time to get out of the car? Hmm... that might make it doable. I bet she'd just cuddle up next to her boy. We shall see. She doesn't like to get picked up though, at all, we'd have to put her in the cage to get in and out, for her safety. We'll bring snacks. She likes those. ;) You're cats are lucky to get cat visitors, whether they know it or not. ;)

    3. Yeah, they roam free when they go most of the time
      Sit in the back window or on or beneath the seat and think it not a crime
      Although I let them explore a bit before we go
      As they have tried to get under the pedals and on the front dash or by the driver's side window
      Only other hard part is opening the door without letting them out
      As they can scurry about
      So pitfalls to it too
      Cage is the way for in and out at our zoo
      Technically they are the visitors though
      Snacks may work as away you go

    4. Ah, I see, they are the visitors!! Hence the pretty dog and the gate. :) We're going to take our cat for a car ride this weekend to see how she does. I'll be careful for the pedal thing, lol...I can totally see that happening. Thanks for the tips!

    5. Yep, explains the gate
      And the mutt fate
      It can happen with ease
      As around the car they breeze

  2. Loved the verse and those pics are just great Pat.

    Happy Wednesday.

  3. Haha to the slinky
    a toy that is kinky

    Hey it

  4. Your post did not arrive at my blog,
    Instead I came looking for you.
    I honestly thought you were having a day off.
    This is comment....number


  5. Ha. Always fascinating watching the dynamics when the cats have visitors:)
    I still want another himmie:)

    1. Yeah, when interlopers play
      Things sure can stray
      There are a few at the other sea
      The hair sure flies free

  6. Not fair to have the toys taken away
    I think I would put up a fuss and complain
    at least the cats were safe
    and not out in the rain.


    1. Very true
      No rain came due
      Have to grab and hide
      Then the toys won't go for a ride

  7. Orson never cared much for toys. When he was very very young, he'd sit in my lap while I worked at my computer, then climb up my shirt and play with my glasses while I tried to work. Also, I was still smoking then, and he used to be fascinated by watching the smoke rise from the end of my cigarette. (November 13 this year will make four years since I've had a cigarette. One heart attack -- curiously on the 13th as well -- was enough for me.)

    1. Rather amuse himself with you
      Orlin eats the damn toys at our zoo
      Chews and barfs them in a corner then chews more
      No more cigarettes or heart attacks is good for your shore

  8. In They Look For A Toy I Took!
    In every corner and every nook
    Would be tough luck
    Lost in the dark
    Not a chance unless was a fluke


  9. My daughter used to have to hide all of her Barbie shoes when her cousin would come over to play because they always came up missing. Gotta hate it when someone steals your toys.

    1. A shoe thief at your sea
      Stealing toys sure brings no glee

  10. I'm not sure which is scarier, toy stealerrs or introoders!

  11. You do what you gotta do to protect yourself and your toys. Looks like you all are having a good time anyway. Have a good evening.

  12. Little balls of paper make a great toy
    But under the fridge they go, oh boy!
    They meow wanting to play
    Another paper ball is made but it also goes away.
    Kaspar comes with a long piece of string
    Meow, meow means play, “see what I bring!”
    He doesn’t give up until we play with him
    Which is why he is fit and trim.

    1. Wanting to play is a win
      Staying thin with a round and round spin
      Have to try a paperball
      See what they do at our hall

  13. Fabulous post while I was away!
    How I love seeing The Cat at play!

  14. My kitties love toys. One of my dogs used to destroy all of her toys. She'd eat them to shreds- but she seemed to love them too. :)


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