It Hasn't Happened In...Make It Up To Win!

The cat will let you in on a lot today. You will know a lot to come to play. You may now get the Jeopardy win. Of course I may be lying at our bin. You'll never know. Away we go.

Hasn't happened in a while.
It long ago went out of style.
There just is no cause for it.
So no need to have a fit.

It hasn't snowed in 1000 years.
That will sure get some cheers.
It hasn't been hot in 500 more.
That makes it easy to do a chore.

A cat hasn't been in in 400 plus.
That may make some fuss.
A bat left 467 years ago.
Trust me, I'm in the know.

It was 1007 years ago.
That is when it did blow.
What exactly was it?
Who needs to know that shit.

1096 years since the earth was whelmed.
Add another 5 and you get when it was helmed.
Helmed by the almighty Zeus.
Watch out for a lightning bolt in your caboose.

1050 years since it hit that price.
That is so not nice.
1050 more since it shrunk.
Bad math makes that go kerplunk.

437 years since it was made.
It didn't have any shade.
What exactly was it?
Didn't we already do that bit?

647 years since they raised that point.
That is quite the point at their joint.
What exactly is the point of it?
Don't think too much as you'll have a fit.

389 years since we hit a frog.
That sure isn't a road hog.
We'll leave that to the toad.
Hank and Blue enjoy that mode.

1/365 years since I did a post.
To that you can be sure of at my coast.
Unless you missed yesterday.
If you did, could be 184 years at your bay.

Do you pull numbers out your butt? Exaggerate a little bit at your hut? Many things we have no track of past 150 years ago. Yet, many use the 1000 years or more will blow. Let's guesstimate that this post will still be standing in 1000 years. I could cause the aliens fears. They may search for my singing bass. And all they'll find is rotten gas from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I very often get a fot
    Because I am epileptic.

    Have a wonderful Sunday and Public Holiday tomorrow.

  2. Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a number out of my...
    How long since the earth was overwhelmed though?

    1. Bullwinkle could pull away
      Maybe when the dinosaurs roamed each day?

  3. I'm glad you're keeping track of all those numbers!

  4. Don't do much with numbers except for heat
    Will mention it then to compare to previous years
    Otherwise let it do its thing
    And don't keep them too near.


    1. The heat sure can rise
      Numbers everywhere in disguise

  5. Stopping in to say hello
    Inquiring minds want to know
    how many more posts will show
    how many people will come and go
    how many words will continue to flow
    how many sunny days will the sky bestow

    1. How many on the mind
      Sure enough you shall find
      May take a day, may take a year
      But one day the answers will be near

  6. never in a million years have I exaggerated a number.

  7. It Hasn't Happened In...Make It Up To Win!
    Questions, questions all make a good spin
    Go get the #s
    To get answers
    Exaggerate a little but not too loud a din


  8. My favorite was when the city kept using the term '100 Years Rain' every time our basement flooded due to storm sewer back up.

    1. haha would sure drown in that
      Not good for person, dog, or cat

  9. As someone else said the '100 year rain' or 100 year storm' is the funniest ones to me.

    1. 100 all around
      Sure glad it isn't truly found

  10. I exaggerate all of the time in my classroom. It makes my students laugh (and pay attention). :)

    1. haha that is good
      Paying attention and being understood

  11. When last I pulled numbers
    from my ass
    One million years had come
    and passed.

    1. Did the dinos roam?
      Hope you cleaned those numbers with a comb

  12. I’m bad with numbers. I can’t even tell my age! :-)

    1. haha that could be good
      If lower at your hood

  13. I would love to win at Jeopardy. :)

  14. 100 year flood, we used to have that. Now we have 100 days without rain, 100 days of temperatures above 90, 100 days of...I can't think.

  15. I want the Jeopardy win! Speaking of which did you see they are coming out with a new game show to pay off student loans?

  16. I barely remember what happened 1 day ago.
    Much less what happened 100s of years in the past.
    All of these numbers must mean something though.
    I'm thinking, I'm thinking fast.

    1. They could mean or could not
      That could be the plot

  17. I’ve spoken with some who say they’ve seen a bear
    The next time they say they saw two, without a care.
    A day or 2 later, it is a bear and her cubs
    But, after they went to many pubs
    It became half a dozen that they saw
    Whatever, they just talk, blah, blah, blah

    1. haha on and on they go
      Story changing with more in tow

  18. I guesstimate numbers often. I’ve always been bad at math, so a roundabout number is always easier for me.

    1. Roundingabout it in a way
      Just aim high or low depending on a display


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