Let's Get High On The Fly!

Hey, supposedly it will be legal up here by this time next year. But yeah, the cat isn't condoning you getting dumber in that thing between each ear. Instead we'll make one broke and another a rich bloke.

Tried and true,
Just won't do.
Efficient and effective,
Might go defective.

Works and able,
That's some fable.
Costly and best,
Passes the test.

The extra perk,
Sure does work.
Add that in.
Like a golden chin.

A little more sparkle,
Adds to the farkle.
That's a magic dust fart.
From your now sparkly part.

A loo of gold.
On that be sold.
Flushes the same.
But sure not as tame.

A car worth a million.
Bah, why not a billion?
Forever inside it will sit,
But forget that shit.

A house that's all yours.
The little folk will want tours.
Can fit in a small town.
You'll never ever frown.

An old antique thing.
It and so and so had a fling.
Can't buy them like that.
It only costs 1 million flat.

A washer that shines.
But only when the sun aligns.
Washes all the same.
But you sure won't be lame.

A tree that is really, really, really tall.
I'm talking taller than your wall.
That is the must have thing of the year.
We'll even throw in some climbing gear.

Are you one to go all out? That little extra shine needed about? Is it worth going broke for a shiny loo? Especially when the same thing a normal one does comes due? Maybe we are just picky, or think old things are icky, but pfffft to any of that. No extra shine needed by the cat. Or a house the size of a town. In taxes on that one would drown. most of the so-called high end can suck on the gas that comes out when the tail goes high from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer. 


  1. Replies
    1. Now have got it back
      Normal to backtrack


    2. No ninja today
      Back to #1 on display

    3. No Blue either at your spot
      And my name ain't Autobot

    4. The bots are gone
      No auto or deceptacon

  2. I'm not about the shiny. Although I want a little shine in my guitars and cars.

  3. Let's Get High On The Fly!
    Need not to do it on the sly
    It costs plenty
    Makes one unhappy
    Costs will shoot up sky high


  4. nope, need to save for the shiny
    keeping using the old
    let the dollars mount
    sit on that pot of gold

    1. Just don't croak
      Then let your gold get used by some other bloke

  5. A toilet in gold
    They love to be bold
    What a dumbass
    They shit like us, yup I went crass.

    1. haha works for we
      As the same shit comes to be

  6. My friend Teresa says that too many people out there are fascinated by "sharp, shiny objects."

    1. Maybe if some of them fell on the sharp part
      Less would be taken to heart

  7. I try to get high on experiences, not things.

    1. Hopefully not too high lol
      Then you may think you could fly

      Experiences are more the way to be
      At any sea

  8. I have a car and a house but a gold toilet is missing from my bathroom - and I really don't care!
    That's Purrfect
    Around My Kitchen Table

    1. The best way to be
      No golden loo needs to come at any sea

  9. I like to watch Forged in Fire. They make sharp shiny knives and swords. I want a sword.

  10. I subscribe to less is more. Downsizing is my word of the day lately. I've been hauling all kinds of stuff to Salvation Army this month. And, I'm praying that in 4 years, once the youngest is off to college, we can sell our 4 bedroom house and get a small 2 bedroom one story.

    1. Downsizing is a fine way to be
      You've done a lot of work so hopefully lots of $$$ will come when sold by thee

  11. orlin N cassie....de foods servizz gurl iz at de stage oh life wear less iz mor....N uz catz iz content just like we iz...tho frank lee... de one litter box could be a wee...noe pun inn tended...bit bigger ~~~~~ ☺☺ ♥♥

    1. haha should get one like what we have here
      Big enough for 5 cats to use at once with their rear

  12. Don't need shiny
    Don't need to get high
    Just like to keep it simple
    And just get by.


    1. By is the way
      Keeps one above ground day by day

  13. And the USA will follow suit on Jan 1 3025

    1. A long time away
      Have to let guns have their centuries, err umm day

  14. I'm happy where I live
    But my house is too big.
    A smaller place would be nice.
    But the cats would ask where are the mice.
    But the cats

  15. Farkle! That's a dice game I want to get. :)

    1. You mean there is one you don't have in stock?
      Damn, now all the neighbors will gawk

  16. I'm a bottom feeder. Always on the hunt for a sale:)

    1. Just don't go dumpster diving
      That is a bad way of surviving

  17. I go all out, and I’m all in
    I do my best; it ain’t no sin
    I’m happy to give it my best shot
    And most times it’s worth a lot


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