Off The Go At Our Show!

The cat will ask you today a question you've heard many say. What's going on? Don't you love that con? Two questions in one. Can you guess what is going to be spun?

What's going on?
A dusk to dawn.
Or dawn to dusk.
Maybe has a musk?

Beats little old me.
But it comes to be.
A be for you.
A be without a clue.

What's going on?
One big con.
The con of all.
A con that won't stall.

Is that ongoing?
A going on showing?
Going on ongoing.
Going you are towing.

But what if...
What if you're stiff?
What if you aren't going?
Get the con that's showing?

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What's going off?
Come, don't scoff.
It may be worse.
But then wouldn't you curse?

Curse and swear.
Tell each pair.
What's going off is bad.
On is usually good at one's pad.

But off is still called on.
My, what a con.
Off the rails yet on.
Like a goose pretending to be a fawn.

Does that fly?
Nope, not in the sky.
Can yet can't.
Such a slant.

For it's going off.
Maybe has a bad cough.
But off isn't on.
Off is on's pawn.

So the cat will repeat the first question treat. What's going off? Did your head fall in a horse trough? That would be off indeed. Do you get it at your feed? When things are on they are good. So what is going on means only speak good things at your hood. What is going off is the bad. Now the distinction is had. Now if an elephant is on you and turning you into a gooey mass, then we'll say what's going on with our little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer. 


  1. Replies
    1. What's going on at your shoe?
      Gotta go like Scooby Doo?
      Say it ain't so at your show
      What's going on...
      Do you know?

      Hello Cat!

    2. Good morning Blue
      How's it been with you?


    3. Blue is late? What is going on?

    4. Hi Blue
      I’ve missed seeing you
      still enjoying your vacation view
      Have you found your shoe

    5. What's going on?
      A #2 did dawn
      What's with that?
      Chew the fat

  2. Haven't got much happiness at present at my end but enjoyed as always your verse.


  3. No one answers truthfully to, 'Hey, how are you?'
    but 'What's going on?' answers come due!

    1. Yeah, the first they lie
      The second they may, probably not, give the truth a try

  4. I thought you were talking about science fiction cons...

  5. Off The Go At Our Show!
    Others would like to know
    So what's on
    On the ground
    Keeping tab blow for blow


  6. What’s going on? Do you really want to know?
    Only if it’s good at your show, if it’s bad I have to go. That is the way it usually goes.

    1. I'm great works
      Has it's perks
      Pretty good usually comes due
      Here at our zoo

  7. People don't really want to know how you are doing, especially if it's bad.

  8. Politicians my friend,
    are always on the con!

  9. Not much going on
    or at least that I will share
    most people really just ask it
    but really don't care


  10. I am starting to prefur nothing going on!

  11. "I'm fine..." which covers the real truth.

  12. We're so used to fine, the truth often sets the brain in a spin.

  13. What's going on?
    I haven't a clue.
    What's going off?
    I've never heard of that, have you?

    1. Nope, not usually said
      Can hurt the head
      Unless with a twist
      Some firework missed

  14. It's not what's going on,
    but in
    that makes me sigh and scream
    and grin.

  15. Replies
    1. A comment on the wall
      It is going on for one and all

  16. orlin N cassie....ya noe...yur rite......whatz goin on IZ all kinda good !!! :) ♥♥☺☺

  17. What’s going on?
    Not much at all...rather boring. I admit I have said this many a time...oh well

  18. This reminds me of when others ask how we are or what's up, but they don't really care. It's just something they say.

  19. I usually answer with "not much". If there's nothing to elaborate on, they'll move on and leave me alone.

  20. My head fell off while I was reading this. But it was pretty loose to begin with.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  21. Always too much going on
    Never rest from dusk to dawn
    Too many deadlines, too much stress
    Oh, for an empty schedule would I bless

    1. Empty schedules sure are grand
      Only if one has $$$ though in their land


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