Reach And Grab It For A Habit!

The cat has heard this a time or two, followed by a boo hoo. Some human wanted to do something at their sea, but it was too much work for it to come to be. Pfffft work? I don't think some know the meaning of the word, which they probably think is a perk.

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I have a habit.
Like some lucky rabbit.
It may not be humping,
But in with it I am lumping.

Like it or lump it.
Just don't hump it.
That may get you in jail.
That sure is a big fail.

I have the habit of stopping.
That makes things a flopping.
Stop before I go.
That sucks, you know.

I'll blame that habit.
That's why I can't nab it.
My habit is all to blame.
Bad habit should be my middle name.

I have good habits too.
Regularly I use the loo.
That keeps me going.
So I can stop each showing.

But I want more.
I don't want a repeat encore.
Oh, there it is again.
My habit surfaced at my den.

It can't be beat.
I may as well retreat.
It can't be stopped.
Another thing I flopped.

I have a habit of repeating.
That is ever so fleeting.
But I do it anyway.
It is in my DNA.

It crawled right in.
There it sits not letting me win.
It refuses to stop.
A habit I can't drop.

Oh, I want to do that.
But it might go splat.
Actually it will.
My habit won't chill.

Ever blame things on a habit instead of reaching out to grab it? Pfffft is what we say. There is no habit in your DNA. You created that habit at your sea and it can be broken by thee. Then you can do what you want and make better habits at your haunt. You just have to let the better habit take form and give it time to become the norm. Then the bad habit can go the way of bad gas. You can pass it out and be on your merry way like my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. It's 5 in a row
      Waiting to grow!


    2. Good Afternoon Hank
      Glad to see your garden grow
      have a lovely day...

    3. A habit to win
      Do all others in

    4. Thanks Adam, it is more of luck of the draw
      Thanks True hoping to see your #1 more as before!


    5. True may be back
      To cause flack

  2. A good habit is using the toilet? Lol, Pat you crack me up!

    1. lol well it is true
      Beats going wherever in view

  3. A habit is only permanent if you let it.

  4. I never blame a habit but might blame a hobbit!

  5. Rather uplifting! In a straight forward way. I have habits that need to go, fasho (does that rhyme count? Lol).

    1. A cheat rhyme can work
      But that habit may not be a perk lol

  6. Reach And Grab It For A Habit!
    May have to learn how to skip
    If it holds root
    May end up kaput
    Be in control try to beat it


  7. I have a few habits
    some are good and some are bad
    but they all help me to function
    and keep me from going mad


  8. Habits can be broken. People are strange at times.

    1. That they are
      You live near many at your sand bar haha

  9. I tend to think we are all creatures of habit. Some habits can be hard to break, but where there is a will there is a way. At least I hope so.

    1. A will to push through can get one there
      And toss such a habit away at one's lair

  10. I’m sure I have a lot of habit that I don’t realize it’s a habit.

  11. I was told that doing something 21 times close together makes it a habit. Tell your Pffft to give it a try.

    1. So a magic number?
      Did that get made up in slumber?

  12. Some habits are hard to break, but not impossible. I hate it when people use a habit as a crutch instead of working to improve their situation.

    1. Yeah, always fall back on it
      As there they sit

  13. As you so rightly say Pat, habits are made and can be unmade. Especially bad habits.


  14. The biggest habit for many is Tim Horton’s coffee
    There are line ups to get that stuff for a fee
    They have a Keurig at home but they go out for more
    3 times a day, $2,400 a year...Shut the front door!
    Habits can change but many don’t want to
    Let them get fat, get poor or am I too blue?

    1. Yep, pathetic as can be
      Have it at home yet out you see
      There they spend and get fat
      And whine about it as they chat


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