Slop It Up In A Fake Cup!

Are we feeding pigs today? They eat slop, don't they at some farm bay? Beats the heck out of me. A pig we don't see. Nope. The cat isn't going to the barnyard. Although to spot a few from where we are probably isn't hard.

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Pigs can fly.
Proved by this guy.
This guy who did that.
Whoops, they went splat.

This plus this equals bliss.
Nothing I did miss.
It is a proven fact.
Whoops, death kinda did react.

Driving this long is okay.
It makes for a fine day.
Everyone I asked said so.
What do you mean your insurance company said no?

I mixed this with that.
It came out anything but scat.
It was anything at all.
Shh. Forget the smell and have a ball.

Green mixes the result.
Let's go have a malt.
We'll drink and then get it.
Whoops, we lied quite a bit.

9 out of 10 agree.
We are something to see.
It was proven by those nine.
They were bribed, but that's fine.

Dr. Oz endorsed it.
The internet says it's a hit.
That's a two for one.
Shhh. Both are lies that we spun.

Okay to eat for days.
Can eat it in many ways.
At least that is the thought.
We hid the proof that your insides will rot.

Rocks are very soft.
Throw them up in a loft.
There they will stay and turn to gold.
A friend of a friend of a dog's owner was told.

29 days of it will be best.
You'll pass any test.
You will be filled with zest.
After 29 days you'll be dead and not a pest. 

Ever go the sloppy science path? Did you ever suffer wrath? Ever fall for it? Like some fake news bit? Dr. Oz says so. So it has to be a high and not a low. Right? No? Damn, that's a blow. Or maybe not. We have no need to make our insides rot. So on such "science" and "fact" we'll take a pass. That is the fact of my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I've read articles stating startling findings only to get to the end and it was a tiny study/poll/etc. and not conclusive. But you know people believe them.

    1. Yep, believe them they do
      Even when they polled a whole two

  2. I don't fall for false facts
    I don't have time for all that.
    I do things my way
    over at my bay.
    It's served me well throughout the years
    and I don't suffer many tears
    I'm an optimistic kinda person
    so to naysayers I don't listen.


    1. Naysayers can suck it
      Just a bit
      Going your own way
      Works any old day
      And the cat stresses old
      Had to make that take hold

  3. Humans can slop up most anything!

  4. Slop It Up In A Fake Cup!
    Slurp it all up at the pubs
    The fake news
    Given reviews
    Spins and a tall story sucks


  5. I try always to verify
    Very little gets past my eye

  6. I would be perfectly happy if both Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil fell off the face of the Earth.

    1. Would they fall into Earth's ass?
      I'd like that to come to pass

  7. If Dr. Oz endorsed it, I want nothing to do with it. He's a quack.

  8. Don't listen to fake news
    Don't believe that it is so
    Got to keep to the facts
    That is how our intelligence grows.


  9. orlin N cassie...frank lee we wood rather see pigz fly than ewe noe whatz... :) ☺☺♥♥

  10. Add me to the majority here that thinks Dr. Oz is full of fake news.

    1. There are the stats for the day
      100% fake at his bay
      Which he is
      All a $$$ biz

  11. Reboots are scientifically great!
    Go eat a skate

    Howdy, Cat!
    How's that mat?

    1. Sharpen it first
      Then you can burst
      Same old here
      No crap movies near

  12. I'll take some of those soft rocks...…;)

    1. Only $15,000 to get half a one
      Doesn't that sound fun?

  13. Oh, no, what Dr. Oz says is not true?
    Oh, me oh my, I'm disappointed, aren't you?
    Better be careful who you listen to.
    They might be feeding you a line or two.

  14. Dr. Oz said it, it must be true

  15. Fake news and undetermined "facts" belong in the pig muck.

  16. Don't believe everything you read!


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