Smelly Pat Gets None From The Cat!

Pat smells weird every day. At least those days where he leaves our bay. Otherwise he just smells the same old weird stench. But now there is a monkey in the wrench. Out he goes and causes my nose woes.

So you are home?
Do you want me to roam?
I can smell you from here.
No way will I come near.

You were feeding them again.
They say that is okay at many a den.
But a traitor you be.
Bad grammar from me.

And what is that?
A bad hair day cat?
Did it get into roadkill?
That hairdo can't thrill.

A hairless cat?
Where do you find that?
Chowing down on grass.
You must have upset Cass.

"Don't bring me into this.
I've no reason to hiss.
I still get brushed and fed.
You're the one with too much crap in his head."

And speaking of crap.
Look at this part of the map.
Another giant litterbox at play.
To fill that, it would take all day.

Those ears are mighty high.
What is this guy?
He can hippity hop.
Will this ever stop?

Bah! Too many burds.
The tabbies will have words.
Look at those geese.
Why can't they be fictional like meese?

And this does it.
I knew I smelled them a bit.
You were playing with mutts.
They eat things that come out butts.

Don't look at me.
I won't look at thee.
No, I'm not being rude.
What was that? Food!

Isn't Pat rude for bringing so many smells home to me? Can't he at least go jump into that sea? That may wash them off. The fish may scoff. Then he may smell of fish poo. I guess we can't win at our zoo. I am not as forgiving as Cass, but you can win me over with food for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Excellent pictures, how cruel to inflict unpleasant smells to your cats Pat.


  2. It is good the cats have such good noses
    To smell what you bring home
    They probably prefer you would not rome.


    1. That they probably do
      But sure sniff away when I'm in view

  3. I know you can smell those traitor scents a mile away!

  4. The cats know when you have been away.
    They know you have been led astray.
    They smell that perfume on your clothes
    Boy, do they have a good nose.
    You were near dogs?
    Not happy! Out come the claws.
    But what is that thing on the side of the road?
    Thank god you didn’t bring it to our happy abode.

    1. Sure can smell it all
      And may lead to a great fall
      Not getting stabbed by that is good
      Would not make a good pet in any hood

  5. The giant litter box - oh my!!!
    Can’t imagine it filled by and by!!!

  6. Smelly Pat Gets None From The Cat!
    Nasty smells that knocks one flat
    Not easy to wash off
    Comes with a cough
    Resolve it without getting them mad


  7. A giant litter box is needed for all those kitties. :)

  8. Poor cats having to put up with all those smells.

  9. They should know by now
    to not have a cat cow
    Cover those noses
    Pat doesn't smell like roses.

    1. Sure no rosey smell
      But I can't smell, so what the hell

  10. Maybe Pat just needs to stay in the shed or get him a dog house.

  11. I'm hoping that, since Pat only has that certain "weird smell" on days when he leaves the house, Orlin's referring to Pat's cologne or after-shave.

    1. You may never know
      Unless the wind your way does blow

  12. Too many birds can be loud and annoying. Hope its quiet there in your neck of woods Pat!!!

  13. Pat the Traitor is a rude fellow!

  14. The cat has an attitude
    Picking up strange scents
    a strange turn of events
    being a traitor is plain rude


    I will make him walk the plank
    No need to say thanks. Haha

    1. haha make sure he doesn't drown though
      Needs to feed us and make dough

  15. My dogs always plaster their noses to my legs when I’ve been away. They can’t wait to call me a traitor when I’ve been somewhere other animals have been.

  16. Like Truedessa said Cats have an attitude.
    Sometimes they're even downright rude.
    But we love them anyhow because they're also sweet.
    And then we give them a nice, nice treat.
    Great pictures.

  17. We walk our neighbor's little dog for her sometimes (she's very old) and of course we give it pets too. I always tease the boy about the cat being mad at him when we do. ;)


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