The Art Of More Than Fart Comes Apart!

The Art of The Sparkly Fart already came due. That is a plug for one of Pat's book in case you never knew. That is an art as well. Like the art of bs-ing to sell.

Let's sell away.
We want pay.
Comes to a head.
Put it to bed.

Be a rich banker.
The art of the wanker.
The art of the deal.
The art of the steal.

A three for one.
My, what fun.
Throw in a fart.
Quadruple the art.

Hey, it rhymes.
Used a few times.
Like I use mimes,
After a few chimes.

The art of rhyme.
The art of a mime.
Those two don't mix.
A mime can't do tricks.

At least with talking.
Defeats it with squawking.
The art of one.
Still an artsy run.

The art of the start.
The art to a heart.
Start and mend.
A heartfelt trend.

Can you feel?
May be a nasty ordeal.
You may also be dead.
So don't get it in your head.

The art of the dumb.
The art of a dumb's flapping gum.
The art of sucking their thumb.
The art of making fun of the dumb.

The art given art.
Can't find that at Wal-Mart.
But you'll find many another trend.
Much like the art of the end.

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Did you know art was thrown around so much? Can anything be art that you touch? Damn, if everything is, then why even bother with the art biz? Art can't even exist by itself. Grab a rock and put it on a shelf. You can even spruce it up with some strands of grass. I'm just such an artful little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. The Art Of More Than Fart Comes Apart!
    Setting it up with lots of start-ups
    An art so extended
    In a way unexpected
    Just plainly not to let it flare up!


  2. The only art you'll find at Walmart is the art of dressing badly.

    1. If they dress at all
      Before they have a walmart ball

  3. I especially enjoy Artisan bread.

  4. is any kid named Art these days? You can dress him up but can't take him out.

  5. What is art?
    What is a fart?
    Can a fart be made into art?
    You betcha, where does one start?
    Make sure the artist is in black, wears a scarf and is a tart.
    He finds an old gal with money with deep pockets and a heart.
    She makes him famous for a blotch on canvas and calls him Bart.
    Bart is now an ass, with fame and fortune who sells his soul to Walmart.

    1. haha wow, just a few steps to get there
      And then all can stare
      All at the art
      From a simple fart

  6. How can a mime
    Endeavor to rhyme,
    When he remains silent
    All of the time?

    1. A signal here
      A signal there
      If they're clear
      A rhyme to spare

  7. Art like beauty is in the eye of the beholder
    some I consider great, some not so much
    but all is worthy of at least a look
    and then talk about it such


    1. Yeah, can give all a look
      And see how it goes at one's nook

  8. My kitties say the greatest art is found in the litter box :-D

  9. Sparkly farts
    are a rare art haha

    The Artful Dodger
    some say he wasn’t proper
    but, did Oliver win an Oscar
    he was cunning and slick
    Lifting your wallet some quick
    sometimes life is no picnic

    1. Sparkly farts on display
      Can win the day

      Life sure goes many a way
      Some not ending in a very good day

  10. orlin N cassie; poker playing THATZ art :)☺☺♥♥

    oh, N de food servizz gurl still haz de pet rock her had aza
    kid..... ☺☺♥♥

    1. haha still a pet
      One that doesn't require much we bet

  11. Yup, pretty much anything can be art these days.

  12. I guess it's true what they say,
    Art is in the eye of the beholder.
    It also might be true that in our own way,
    Our idea of art changes as we grow older.

    1. That it will
      Age can make things more, or less, run of the mill

  13. I don't have an artistic bone in my body.

    1. Can create food
      That is art until eaten by some dude

  14. Many artist tools to be found
    At any Walmart around!


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