The Excuse To Use Sure Does Amuse!

This one I've heard a time or ten and just had to go at it at my den. For it tends to come from the lazy. Did I name call? Whoopsy daisy. Does a daisy go whoopsy though? Damned if I know.

The sit back and stare.
Sometimes in a pair.
They laugh and giggle,
As their whole body gets a wiggle.

Then comes the excuse.
The one many let loose.
Some can't, but most are lazy.
Trying to hide away in the hazy.

Why eat right or work out?
The first part they shout.
I've known healthy people who died.
The second part in some variation that is spied.

And then deluded they stay.
Believing what they say.
But isn't it the truth?
Yep, that it is at one's booth.

Can do everything right and still croak.
Can just be the fate of a lass or bloke.
That is what they hold onto tight.
Reasoning that let's them feel all right.

Time to burst that bubble.
Maybe bury it in rubble.
Let's pull some stats from my ass.
I'll let it out with some gas.

What are the odds for those they use?
Let's say 1 in 100 as you peruse.
1 in 100 people who take care will still croak.
That just made some nut light up a smoke.

Now let's flip and flop.
Let some other stats drop.
What are the odds that the lazy die?
Care to give that a try?

Probably 30 in 100 or so.
Wow, not quite as low.
Now let's do a little more.
What are the odds some disease or other health issue will come ashore?

75 in 100 sounds right.
Damn, I ruined the lazy person's night.
So whether you tell that excuse to stranger or daughter,
Sorry, it doesn't hold much water.

Ever hear that excuse at your sea? The lazy or those refusing to change sure let it fly free. All they get is a pfffffffffffffft from me. Healthy doesn't guarantee a long life will come to be, but you have way better odds of living longer and being disease free. My stats aren't legit that I used for my spree. They were just there to let the lazy realize they are full of strat. So ends this sass from the cat. If you wish to do nothing, power to you, but don't give me that healthy people die too crap at our zoo. Whoops, I was supposed to end my sass. I guess I'm just a mouthy little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. It's all to easy to make excuses in life.....rather to face up to the situation.


  2. Sure you could still croak. But a healthier and longer life still beats an unhealthy shorter life any day.

    1. Yep, beats it any time indeed
      But yet they still plead

  3. There were some flip flops here a while back but Simon chewed them up!

  4. Sometimes a condition comes on
    Even though healthy was drawn
    Better to take care
    Even when life is not fair

    1. Yep, can come on no matter the life
      And it always causes strife

  5. everything in moderation, though I did over do the lazy this weekend

  6. I think it is better to increase my odds
    eating and exercising helps in many ways
    but, sorry I am not eating any cod...yuck
    wishing you health filled days....

    1. haha yeah, we'll avoid the fish
      I think the health stuff skipped me with any wish

    2. Yeah me too, but I still wish

    3. Wish you may wish you might
      Don't let the bed bugs bite

  7. Looking around at others my age and I'll take my active, healthy vegan lifestyle any day of the week.

    1. Yep, just have to look
      Know how it goes at ones nook

  8. Lazy only works for so long as an excuse
    Then one has to get up off their butt
    And do something worthwhile
    Even if it is just petting a mutt.


  9. If Trump starts a nuclear war, it technically won't matter what you eat.

  10. The Excuse To Use Sure Does Amuse!
    Laughing it out loud letting loose
    It being lazy
    And all hazy
    Acts strange and weird without booze


  11. My husband had a law professor who always said, "Excuses only satisfy the person giving them." We use it all the time now!

    1. That is a great thing to say indeed
      So true at any feed

  12. I often wonder where they get their stats from. Probably from dogs.

    1. Yep, blame the mutt
      More brains than most a nut

  13. I think heredity has a lot to do with your health.
    Also taking good care of yourself.
    Eat good and exercise.
    And you will be healthy and wise.
    Of course sometimes an illness comes along.
    And every prediction is totally wrong.

    1. Yeah, it can come
      Even when things are done right and then some

  14. Reminds me of the old joke on Sanford and Son where Fred Sanford talked about a friend who was "killed by cigarettes." He was "run over by a tobacco truck. Truck ran over his nice, clean lungs. I was smoking at his funeral."

    1. haha have to watch those truccks
      Of course if hit, your family could sue for a few bucks

  15. You are so right. It doesn't guarantee longevity but it sure ups the odds and improves quality of life:)

    1. Yep, both it will do
      Even if no guarantees come through

  16. Any excuse will do but still doesn't guarantee a longer life but maybe a healthier one and a happier one. Have a great week Pat.

    1. Yep, those are the two keys
      But an excuse comes through when they please

  17. It's the fat, married ones that like to say:
    Eat and drink it all. You'll die anyway.

  18. My youngest BIL just had stents put in his heart again. The first time around he had a change of heart, ate well, was exercising, etc., then he slacked off and went back to eating junk (gained weight back, etc.) Not sure how much they're related, but I know he's sure not feeling great right now. I'm wishing him the best and hoping he goes back to healthy living. Better to try than not, esp. when it comes to something like life!

    P.S. I didn't know you could come and go to Cuba at will!!

    1. Yeah, may not be
      And hope healthy living returns at his sea
      But comes a point where 1+1=2
      All the bad adds up on you

      Canadians can come and go
      easy peasy without being a foe

  19. I once knew someone who didn't want to brush their teeth because they said you were just brushing the enamel right off. Needless to say, I didn't stand to close to them when I had to talk to them.

    1. Wonder how many cavities they had
      Or if they still have their teeth at their pad

  20. I see this every day
    Excuse and excuse is all they have to say.
    The dog ate my homeworkis what I hear
    I know they have their head up their mean rear.


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