The First To Say With This Display!

The cat has to get this out there. What? Just wait at your lair. Or wait wherever else you are. Like a store, work, or in a car. Traffic sure can suck. On that we pass the buck. Did we pass a deer? Hmm, that may not be clear.

Away we go.
High not low.
Low not high.
Either or we'll try.

Try and fail.
Fill a pail.
Try and succeed.
Do a fun deed.

Nope. Snip snip.
No gutter trip.
But if you stutter,
Go to the gutter.

In your head?
That's been said?
No, not today.
But maybe in another way.

We can't be worst.
We want to be first.
We can't be last.
So let's toss the cast.

Last and first.
Best and worst.
Worst and best.
All kinds of zest.

Now it's time.
Time for a chime.
A chime from me.
One you can't see.

Can't even hear.
Unless you say it clear.
But why would you speak?
Had to take a leak?

That would cause it.
No dribble bit by bit.
You needed in.
Hear that today at your bin?

That you may.
So let's have our say.
We've already had much though.
Pissy Blackboards reap what they sow!

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Was I the first to say that? Come on, you can tell the cat. Why did that pop in? Don't ask me at my bin. It is loony after all. Bet you never heard that said at the mall. I said it first so I am the winner. Where is my chicken dinner? Are you one of those? Have to say things first while you strike a pose? Even though most things have been said before, you still act like it was magic at your shore. Sorry to say, not really, that there is more magic in the gas that comes out my mouthy little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I like to be first with a new design
    But that may be the only first of mine

  2. Pissy blackboards is original.
    I guess so is a Ninja Captain.

  3. First words like gold
    fake repeats are mold
    turn into a slogan sold
    originator left out in the cold

  4. Hey, I need a pissy blackboard!

  5. It's cool to be the first one with an idea. Not so cool when everyone is trying to copy it.

    1. Yep, they copy away
      Remakes and redos on display

  6. I'm never the first one a comment to make.
    No matter how early I call.
    How do the same ones day after day.
    Are the first in line having a ball?


  7. The First To Say With This Display!
    It's a game that everyone can play
    First pass the post
    With the winning pose
    Will love a winning hand any day


  8. Rarely can try to be the first comment
    can't get up that early in the day
    best I can try when insomnia hits
    and then I can at least have a way.


  9. I usually hold my tongue, waiting for my sister to finish her monologue. She can drone on.

    1. Might be a long wait
      Could forget out of the gate

  10. orlin N cassie....nother one oh de nice thingz bout bee in a cat...ONE dood said meow..... like 90 million ago.......N de rest az they say...iz hizz tree !!! ☺☺♥

    1. Yep, it sure stuck
      Now we can just keep passing the buck

  11. Well, if "Pissy Blackboards" ever catches on, I can say I was there at the start! Maybe someday I can add it to the three phrases I blogged about the other day!

    1. haha was there are the start
      Some how I think it may stop unless caught on at Walmart

  12. Replies
    1. But then you have to keep trying
      As the others let words go a flying

  13. I'm all for fun deeds:)
    And.....You've got another book out! Congrats.

    1. Fun deeds are grand
      Have to keep on chugging along in our land

  14. I'm usually last. Got my head up in the clouds, so first and me aren't on good terms.

    1. Maybe you need to rain
      Then you'll drop in the first lane

  15. I have never heard it said,
    so you are sure the champ.
    Could write a new urban dictionary
    over at your camp. :)

  16. You had me at Pussy Blackboards.

  17. Sometimes being first is best.
    Other times being last is best.
    It all depends.
    On how it ends.


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