The Nothing Go Blind In Mankind?

Is nothing a magic word? Like abra kadabra, just not as absurd? At least the latter is fun to say. Nothing just has a meh display. But you say it a lot. And not just with an I have nothing to say plot. That we've done. But here is another nothing we have many a time heard spun.

Nothing comes and doesn't go.
It stays at each nothing show.
It comes without a show.
How? Damned if I know.

Nothing blinds the user.
That may make nothing an abuser.
Or maybe just a cheat.
Nothing sure can't delete.

The button is broken.
Can't stick in a token.
For nothing has won.
And you are just done.

Need to pay and pay.
But nothing will stay.
It will linger for a while,
Then nothing comes back in style.

The style of it.
Like this Nothing bit.
Goes around and comes.
It covers all bums.

Or maybe not.
There's a nude beach and a robot.
Neither of them may count.
Nothing sure can amount.

For I've got nothing to wear.
There are dozens of clothes right there.
If not hundreds in sight.
But nothing takes flights.

I'll have to go nude.
But that would be rude.
Oh well, I'm blind now.
I won't have a cow.

I may feel that.
Could come out rather fat.
But what do I care?
I've got nothing to wear.

Not even a towel.
Nope, can't buy a vowel.
I don't even have TP to spare.
I just have nothing to wear.

Don't you kinda roll your eyes at this? Nothing sure must have a whole other meaning and it isn't bliss. It gets thrown around with lots to say and it gets thrown around with plenty of clothes on display. Did the definition change? Maybe people find the word strange. Have you used it at your sea? Not a fan of going naked like me? I suppose you can't get away with it in front of a human mass. Oh well, nothing to wear doesn't stop my furry little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. "Nothing " is a word I don't like in some situations. Like not hearing from my family in a couple of weeks as to the condition of my son in Spain.

    As awlays loved the verse.
    Enjoy this new week Pat.


    1. Nothing sure can suck
      On some things has to pass the buck

  2. Haha I have said I have nothing to wear
    Just look in my closet, but beware
    as you might see some clothes, it’s true
    and you might see some shoes too...

    I usually say that when I am not liking anything
    that particular day....

    1. haha not in the like
      So all takes a hike
      With lots there
      Oh, but nothing to wear

  3. I can do nothing butt grin and bare it!

  4. Oh mmm geee... I have nothing to wear!! I've heard it time and time again with my daughter while she stared at her 2 dressers and closet full of clothes. ;)

    1. haha staring and nothing is said
      What goes through their head

  5. I might wear nothing around the house but not for long.
    There's a RiffTrax short 'What is Nothing?' that's hilarious.

    1. Ha Are we ever really doing nothing?
      I say we are always doing something as long as we are living.. as we are breathing or thinking all the time. Ha even if you hold your breath you are still thinking.

      I’d like to see that RiffTrax 🤔 pondering

    2. Not a long time coming
      Fast and quick with your umm drumming?
      Have to give that a look
      Yep, always doing something at our nook

  6. nothing to wear....guilty. nothing to do...guilty.

  7. Nothing to wear means I've really neglected the laundry.

  8. Diane's comment made me laugh. I tend to wear a few of the same clothes over and over, so nothing new to wear.

    1. Nothing new is better than nothing at all
      Same old same old has a ball

  9. When kids say. “There’s nothing to do!”
    I’m ready to eat my shoe!!!

    1. haha cut it up in pieces first
      Small so your tummy won't burst

  10. The Nothing Go Blind In Mankind?
    Nothingness when not so unkind
    It's convenient rebuttal
    When found in the middle
    And unwittingly caught in a bind


  11. I once saw myself nude and went blind!

    1. haha but now you can see
      Did a better specimen come to be

  12. They say they have nothing to wear
    which isn't always true
    just nothing they want to be seen in
    or perhaps nothing that is blue.


    1. That is the case
      With the nothing they embrace

  13. "A nude beach and a robot?" Hm. Interesting combo...

  14. Nothing to wear?
    I've said that, I swear!
    Well, I won't swear this time
    as not sure it will fit this sad rhyme.
    If you ask kids nowadays this just say "nuttin."
    oh, aren't they cute as a button.

    1. Nuttin is said
      Button is led
      Nope, not lead
      Don't loose your head
      Or go all plead
      With a little lead

  15. That's why I'd never go nude. Aside from the cold, there is the blindness.

    1. haha have to watch that
      Can't blind where you're at

  16. Nothing to wear. Then I guess you have to go bare.
    Nothing to eat. The fridge is full of sweets.
    Nothing to say. Yay, no one wants to hear you anyway.

    1. haha easy as can be
      Stay quiet, don't eat, and go on a nudie spree

  17. orlin N cassie....we cracked up at de nothin ta wear line....we wood say peepulz knead ta bee like catz N knot concern bout clothez... but be jezuz thatz two much butt azz naked for us !!!! ☺☺♥♥

    1. haha yeah, that would sure scare
      At least they can put on underwear

  18. I've nothing to say
    nothing to do
    That's not at all true
    Congratulations to you
    on the new book
    at your nook!

    1. Nadda tried
      But you spied
      So came new
      Right in view

  19. There is always something to wear. even if it is wrong. You can always wear your birthday suit but most people really don't want to see that. Have a good evening Pat.

    1. haha yeah, most would frown
      Then you'd get run out of town

  20. Nothing is relative. For some, it is everything. Congrats on the new book as well!!!!

  21. My daughter will complain of having nothing to wear like 5 minutes after we have returned from clothes shopping.

    1. haha needs more and more
      And so goes the encore


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