The Right To Wrong Plays Along!

Did this post go right? I guess we shall see when it comes to light. Or at least comes to light for me. Even when there is no light to see. I guess there is the sun. Hmm maybe it just went wrong a ton.

This is how it goes.
There is highs and no lows.
That is how it is.
All pop and no fizz.

At least so you're told.
At least on what your sold.
At least now in your mind.
Until you strike the great find.

Many things are dandy.
Happy as a kid with candy.
Many other things are not.
Can create quite the plot.

It didn't turn out.
You scream and shout.
What a waste.
No copy and paste.

Learned all wrong.
Sing a song.
A song not fun.
Fluckity fluck may get a run.

And so it goes.
The wrong of it glows.
What went wrong?
You played along.

Why did you fail?
Bah, hit the trail.
Who needs to know why?
The stupid salesmen, package, etc. does lie.

A brand new stream?
Go play on another team.
When you fail, you fail.
Nothing to do but wail.

Things are supposed to be sunny.
I shouldn't have to waste money.
Or just waste my time.
That thing can go suck a lime.

Now rinse and repeat.
Left in more defeat.
It lied once more.
I give up at my shore.

Do you get frustrated when things don't turn out the way you want? Do they kind of sit in your brain and taunt? Or do you see it as a new way and try again at your bay? At least that is one way of not knowing and you got something that can lead to another showing. No need to rant all day rather crass. Instead keep on keeping on like my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer. 

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  1. The Right To Wrong Plays Along!
    No bother take it easy for a song
    If it looks bright
    Things are alright
    Don't have to know if they are wrong


  2. Replies
    1. At your shoe.
      Frustration doesn't help
      Hard not to yelp :)

    2. Hard not to?
      Frog in the throat of you?
      Does the R work?
      Great post perk.

    3. Hard not to it is
      Doing the yelping bizzz
      Put a predator wannabe in the mix
      And you will need a quick fix
      A sip or two
      Well, Scooby Doo!

    4. Maybe an Alien wannabe too
      A prequel with the two
      Now that would be grand
      If drunk and half dead and unable to stand

  3. Like you said, just got to keep on, keep on, when things don't go well. Have a good day Pat.

  4. I think it is human to be frustrated when things don't work out as we want....but sometimes we find that the way things worked out open up new doors!!

    1. That they do
      Even if the doors are ones you don't want to go through

  5. Things do go wrong, but they often have lots of help getting there. Thanks for the kind words about Sister Precious, she sure is missed here.

    1. That they do
      Never easy when the time comes at any zoo

  6. I save my rants for my blog... except occasionally, when I either quote from my blog, or prepare new material to post on my blog at a later date.

    1. So the blog wins
      All comes back to blogger spins

  7. I'm a 'Well, that didn't work, let's try something else,' or 'Well, that didn't work, time to move on,' kind of person depending on the situation. No need to let it stick in your craw, that doesn't change it anyway.

    1. Yep, sure can't let it stick
      Take another path and have your pick

  8. When life doesn't work out the way we hope,
    Don't sit around and complain and mope.
    Get busy and try, try, try again.
    And you may surprise yourself with a big win.

  9. Unfortunately, I get frustrated without any effort at all:)

  10. I don’t dwell when things don’t go my way, but my husband is the biggest tantrum thrower when things don’t go his way. He thinks the universe is personally attacking him, and then I want to physically attack him because it’s annoying.

    1. haha geez, getting abusive at your sea
      The universe could have it out for him...maybe

  11. I do get annoyed when things don't go as planned....but that's life I suppose.



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