The Search Is On For A New Dawn!

Or would it be the same dawn? Bah, don't think too much at your lawn. The dawn will make your lawn grow. Unless rain doesn't decide to show. I guess a crap shoot it is with the new dawn/lawn biz.

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Time to look.
Need a new nook.
No enemies to be found.
We can avoid a hound.

Show us the cage.
Pay any wage.
We're set to go.
What? That's one's a no?

But it looks fine.
Works for the feline.
Oh, there'e mold.
Yeah, we're no longer sold.

That one is a dirt pit.
Okay, avoid that shit.
That one has neighbors from Hell.
We admit, it doesn't sound swell.

That one you know the neighbor next door.
They'll probably want you to do a chore?
Yep, avoid it like the plague.
Nope, we aren't being vague.

That one's an hour away from work.
That's so not a perk.
We'll starve if left that long.
So that one is all wrong.

That one hasn't a door.
We could go explore.
Says it will be on though.
Hmmm, we vote a hell no.

That one has bad reviews.
Sure sounds like they are bad news.
Not just one but ten.
Yep, we'll avoid that den.

That one won't take pets.
Pffft throw them in fish nets.
We'll pee on their head too.
Or maybe in their stew.

That one wants a high price?
Sorry, no dice.
Damn, maybe we won't go in the cage.
Before we go, we could die of old age.

Don't you love finding a new spot? All the obstacles, other crap, and rot? This will be move 19 for Pat, move 8 for Cassie and move 4 for the cat. By the time this runs we may already have a new welcome mat. But looking at the ads we have our doubts. Many have less ins and more outs. If Pat would rob a bank already of all its mass, then I could get my own spot for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. The Search Is On For A New Dawn!
    An affair bound to be long drawn?
    Best look for a spot
    It'll be kind of hot
    It'll set itself wearing a crown!


  2. A new spot sometimes is good but the old ones are so comfy. Have a great Pat.

    1. That the old ones can be
      Unless they suck at one's sea

  3. That sure is a lot of moving and maybe lots of boxes too!

  4. I'm a military brat and you might have me beat with how many places you've lived. Always hated moving. Apartments are the worst.

    1. But you have me beat with the countries and continents and such
      Most of mine I didn't go far very much

  5. Oh my goodness, there you go
    Searching for another show
    Cats don't like it on the move
    Puts em in a funny groove
    I think of moving, that I do
    This old farm house deserves a coup
    But outdoors is so very keen
    Wouldn't trade it for Jack Magic Bean

    1. Wow, look who's back
      Moving sure can cause flack
      Looking here and there we be
      But still at that old sea
      Outdoors for the win
      You sure enjoy it at your bin

  6. Definitely pick a place near work. You don’t wanna get starved!

  7. I've only moved 4 times in my whole life. Right now, this house is IT. We just keep making it more comfortable. It's one story - perfect for when we are ancient. We can hire yard crew, cleaning service, etc. in the future. All settled for now.

    1. That sounds like a good plan
      I would hire too and let that stuff ruin the body of some other man lol

  8. I avoid my neighbors like the plague. lol

    1. haha we can see why
      Pot heads, yellers, drug dealers, and nut balls, oh my

  9. Every dawn is different with the hope of less troubles in the world.

    Enjoyed your verse Pat.

  10. i say better to have a shorter commute to work
    Driving far in winter is not a perk

  11. We moved a lot when I was a kid. Now that I'm an adult, we've only moved once. We bought our house 10 years ago, but I'm starting to get itchy feet, ready to up and move. Ideally, out of the state, but we have a 2 story 4 bedroom house. I am ready to downsize to a 1 story 2 bedroom. Hopefully, when the other kid is off to college in 3.5 years, we can make that happen.

    1. Out of state and leave the kiddos on their own
      If both come home one has to sleep on the floor so better phone

  12. I hate moving and am glad I am not looking at that at all. I hope the move went well and the cats have adjusted just swell.


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