The Tiny Way With A Large Display!

Did the cat contradict himself there? Beats me at my lair. I do it all the time with my first and third person chime. So I'll do it some more. But this one is on the human shore.

This is better.
Read our letter.
It's gotten small.
But damn it all.

The paper is the same size.
Length, width, and height flies.
As in passes like before.
But we got thinner at our shore.

But we won't stop there.
New and improved comes to the fair.
Yeah, those two words together are total bullshit,
But shhhhhh, we don't have to spread it.

For it's the same great machine.
It is still shiny and clean.
It can still do the same.
But we shrunk it to make our claim.

And we didn't stop there.
We have another surprise to spare.
It is the best one yet.
The price is a safe bet.

It will stay the same.
Hey, we aren't to blame.
It may cost less to make,
But in marketing we still have to partake.

Yep, that is truly it.
The whole truth with no bullshit.
Actually the price may increase.
We'll blame it on the markets in Greece.

But for right now,
You and your friends can wow.
You'll get it for the same great price as before.
Smaller, but our ads are still large in store.

Oh, and we sell food too.
Same great product you knew,
But less in the package that you buy.
Same great price, that's no lie.

So enjoy the mini quest.
We give you our best.
It will never get taller.
In fact, next month it may get smaller.

Don't you love that? Same price for their shrinking, not so-shrinking, or other scat? Then they are all whelmed about it while they spurt their bullshit. The sheep lap it up too. Oh look, a mini machine thingy in view. Yep, that really impresses in mass. Much like a flea on my same-sized little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Had a smile reading this Pat......still got internet problems,


    1. Glad it is grand
      Hope they get fixed in your land

  2. Notice how many king-sized candy bars are the size of regular ones from forty years ago? I certainly remember!

    1. haha yep, they shrink and call them king
      Noticed that with candy bars and many another thing

  3. Everything at the store gets smaller and smaller. It is just nuts. Have a good day Pat.

  4. They peddle the same old shit at a different price!

  5. Ice cream really gets me
    It’s getting so small, it’s hard to see!!!

    1. Can get one lick
      Maybe two if double scoop is your pick

  6. We really aren't big fans of paying more for less!

    1. Nope, we are in the same boat
      Sure got our vote

  7. The Tiny Way With A Large Display!
    Shrunk but the same price to pay
    The ads remain the same
    It's easier to maintain
    Some of things they do to get away


    1. Get away they do
      Want to flush em down the loo

  8. new and improved in miniature. Cereal boxes are very annoying.

  9. I once bought a bag of tortilla chips that had 11 chips in the bag and a whole lot of air. I wrote a nasty gram and they sent me a coupon for another bag of 11 chips. So generous!

    1. lol maybe they thought you'd like 22
      And no longer stew

  10. Seem like all the products are shrinking but are staying the same price.

    1. Yep, going around with them all
      Price sure doesn't fall

  11. LOL this is so true. Great same price as size keeps shrinking!

    1. Shrink the size does
      But the same price and ad buzz

  12. I love shopping at the local Dollar Tree store. Every time a company's costs go up, they shrink the packaging so they can still sell the item for $1. And it's fun to see $1 versions of relatively expensive name-brand products, too. For example, their jars of Kraft Miracle Whip are only slightly larger than tuna fish cans.

    1. Have to keep that dollar range
      Suck up all the change
      Better off just to by the bigger one
      A dollar whip sounds like one and done

  13. Contradictions can be SO annoying. Thankfully, my dogs take my word for things. Smiles.

    1. haha they listen with ease
      And just want to please

  14. Now if the product gets smaller.
    They ought to cut prices by at least a dollar.

  15. I remember spaghetti sauce st 28 ounces
    Now it is 24 ounces for the same price
    Wish they gave us much more
    But that is not in store.


  16. So true
    Candy bars getting smaller than my shoe
    Everything is shring except the price
    That one is never nice

  17. Prices are going higher, product is getting smaller. Makes you wonder how waistlines keep expanding if they keep jacking up the cost but shrinking packaging size. You would think the opposite would occur?

    1. I read in some rticle that candy bars are shrinking so that people wouldn't gain so much weight. Sure... And so now we all eat two of those suckers. Kaching!

    2. People just buy more and more
      Bitch about having no money while they sit on their ass at their shore


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