This Adds Two To The Goal That Came Due!

The cat is mouthier than even he thought. For we go on and on a lot. At least no on and on in super small print. Hey, there is also no tint. No matter what though, today makes 2 extra on the go. 2 extra what? You should know by now at my hut.

2 extra days.
Get out of your daze.
I cheated to rhyme.
Such a fun time.

2 extra hours.
Is that super powers?
2 extra hours to the day.
Hmm could use that at my bay.

2 extra cars.
Are you on Mars?
Who wants that?
Maybe one if a tire's flat.

2 extra cats.
Are you dingbats?
The cat won't share.
I'm mean, what do I care?

2 extra dogs.
Sorry, no brown logs.
Although Pat may not have to scoop.
One could come and eat the poop.

2 extra towers.
We'll take those over hours.
But nope, sadly not.
Only two at our plot.

2 extra books.
Plenty for looks.
Sure two more may come.
Unless we get dead, busy, slow, or dumb.

2 extra replayings.
Does this look like Al's displayings?
No remakes for us.
Blue may fuss.

2 extra guesses.
Your mind in messes?
It's easy to recall.
Look at the wall.

Down on the left.
There is no theft.
Just shows not a one has been missed.
Today 7 years without missing a day has been kissed.

Not that the cat would kiss. On those germs we'll take a miss. But our goal was only 5 years with no missing and now 7 years have come with our daily hissing. Will we ever go back to the old way at our bay? The post whenever for a display? Bah, the 6 years in a row post hasn't even hit yet. So no is a safe bet. Being a year and 13 days ahead, at least when we wrote this, in mass, sure makes it seem like we may hit 10 years without missing a day with our little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer. 


  1. Seven years of posting every day - that is impressive! Looks like you just missed the first year. Or did you just start late...?

    1. First year I was all over the place
      Posting here and there with no set embrace

  2. Bravo Pat, that is some super posting run!

  3. Congrats to the cat his posts never fail
    Leaving a paw print trail...
    Pat this is quite impressive...

    My goal was one and I am at five
    but I don’t post every day
    just when my muse wants to have a say

    What would we do if one morning there was no post? Everyone would scream where is the host?

    1. haha one day it shall show
      Who knows when though
      But for now we shall keep on
      As a new post shows at dawn

    2. Ps I enjoyed all the two’s
      So many came in view
      Let’s just add 22 haha
      I just had to...

  4. WOW! Congratulations on this great goal met! I'm always impressed with you and your writing.


  5. Not only seven years
    Let’s hear some cheers
    For hourly posts
    Which would turn the rest of us to ghosts

    1. haha those can be rough
      Maybe every 30 mins is more tough?

  6. couldn't you have just done a tad more? seriously, set higher goals, my friend.


    1. Got half a year still ready
      So more a tad shall come steady

  7. Replies
    1. Stay far far ahead
      Then you can rest your head

  8. People are so used to my irregular ("irregular" meaning "non-existent") posting schedule, I wouldn't dare post every day at this stage. I'd "bury" so many posts, because no one checks out my blog on a daily basis.

    1. But once they got used to it
      Then they may after a bit

  9. That you are so far ahead
    always blows my mind
    one of your character
    in blog world is hard to find!

    Congrats on year seven
    and still going strong
    we will blink and it will be
    ten years before long


    1. Hard to find because we are crazy as can be? haha
      Ten years may come at our sea

  10. I wouldn't mind 2 extras of many of those things.

    Seven years of posting every day? That's insane!

    1. 2 extra would be nice
      We just keep on rolling the dice

  11. Blogging ahead and having posts ready to go makes it a little easier to not miss a day. I thought I was good with 60 days pre-written and ready to go but you sure have me beat.

    1. Only about tripled now though
      As we've gotten slow

  12. Lucky 7!
    You must be in Heaven:)

  13. orlin N cassie.....we canna even count that high....conga ratz ta 7 ....heerz ta nother 77 !! :) ♥♥

    1. 77 and we'll all be dead
      110 and Pat would be a cripple in bed

  14. You sure are on a roll! I used to think I was doing good if I blogged every other day. Now, I think I'm on top of things if I get 2 posts in a week.

  15. This Adds Two To The Goal That Came Due!
    7 years not a day off just difficult to chew
    It was 2 years in excess
    More than just success
    Certainly a measure that constantly overgrew


  16. Congrats on seven years of posting everly day. Ceratainly an achievement.


  17. WOW on your dedication to posting on your blog!

    1. Dedicated is the way
      At least for now at our bay

  18. Wow, well done getting all those posts done.Have a fine day.


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