Time To Confess The Impress!

The cat will confess that he aims to impress. Aims to impress myself and a few. See how far we can go at our zoo. Stretch our skill. That fits the bill. But to one and all. Pffft I'd rather play with a dog's slobbery ball.

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Let's impress.
A game of chess.
This takes that.
Adding that stat.

That takes this.
Nothing is amiss.
The game of impress.
More not less.

Impress the bimbo.
Go do the limbo.
Impress the drunk.
Get in a funk.

Impress the vendor.
Buy a blender.
Impress the boss.
Eat some moss.

Impress the plumber.
Pile some lumber.
Impress the owner.
Put in computer toner.

Impress the bum.
Shine up their thumb.
Impress the nearest baby.
Change a diaper? Maybe?

Impress a cat.
Hmm can't do that.
Impress a dog.
Give it a brown log.

Impress a gamer.
Beat up a hall of famer.
Impress a chimp.
Prove you're a wimp.

Impress a tree.
Take a pee.
Impress a banker.
Don't call them a wanker.

The game of chess.
A game of impress.
Impress them all.
Stand so tall.

Do you strive to impress bystanders too? Like those that don't know, maybe never will, or don't want to know you? Instead of impressing those that matter, you go all impress all like some star batter? Doing stupid things to get that impress? That can leave you in a mess. Impress those that deserve it and screw the rest. I'm sure the butcher doesn't care you passed a 2nd grade test. But then again, you may learn how to shoot the glass. That may impress Hans but not my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. WOW! Where IS everybody? (Did I impress you by getting here so early...?)

    No, I don't think I try to impress anyone. I've always been more of a bend-over-backwards-to-please-people kinda gal. (But I'm in recovery. HA!)

    1. Must be all at work
      An impressive early perk
      Don't bend too far
      Back may go out, har har har

  2. Time To Confess The Impress!
    To do it without any stress
    To known minders
    Or just bystanders
    Doing it more rather than less


  3. I never stress nor try to impress!

  4. Who would I need to impress anymore? Well, my wife. Don't want her to lose interest.
    I'm late because I slept in since there's no work due to the hurricane. Got rain and wind now.

    1. Work was canceled due to weather?
      only snow here gets that together
      Good to keep her eyes upon you indeed
      Can't have her losing interest at your feed

  5. Yes, oh, yes,
    I strive to impress
    My best foot forward as often as I can
    Make people want to come back again and again

    1. Impress one and all
      Sure must use up many a yarn ball

  6. Don't impress here
    don't really care
    if they like me, that's good
    if not, that's their fare


  7. orlin N cassie....heerz a list oh who we wanna imprezz:

    N heerz a list oh who imprezzez uz:

    happee week oh end to all ~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  8. I must report
    I can only stand short
    So I shall impress
    infants nude or dressed
    Change their diapers? Not me
    They'll be impressed
    when they see
    This one steers clear
    of their poop and pee.

    1. haha no diapers for you
      Even if you are the size they'll be at two?

  9. I think the urge to impress is the only explanation for people who talk very loudly when saying something they think is profound. "Dude, you're thirty feet away from me. I don't want to listen to your conversation."

    Similar to that is the parent (usually the father) who tells his child or children what to do in a loud voice. "You see, world, there isn't much in my miserable life that I have a handle on, but by God, I can still push my five-year-old around!"

    1. Ugg know a few of those parents here
      Of them we steer clear
      Such assholes they be
      Poor kids as that's all they see

      Blah to the loud talkers too
      Through them in the loo

  10. I don't really care what anyone else thinks so I don't try to impress anyone.

  11. Nope. Don't need to impress a soul. I've already got a ring on my finger, so there's nobody left to impress.

    1. haha that is the way
      Keep the hubby happy and one with your day

  12. I don't think my main motivation is trying to impress people. Just want to keep my dogs happy. Smiles!

    1. That is a fine way
      Keep them happy through the day


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