A Hell No We Go!

We don't want intruders in our lair. We just got done with plenty to spare. Or we could have been the intruders there. Either way, we'll pretend it's the former at our lair. But none can get in. What is it with you and your greeting spin?

We look and stare.
Yeah, we're aware.
We just don't care.
Get a dog at your lair.

Or care we may.
Depends on the day.
Meow and rub.
Unless you're a slub.

Then can scare.
Yep, we're aware.
Didn't you get that?
No? Well follow the cat.

You're not welcome at all.
Follow that bouncing ball?
We appreciate it indeed.
Whatever you did at your feed.

At least we'll fake that.
Ah, the life of the cat.
But no welcome mat.
Go away is where we're at.

No intruders allowed.
Three's a crowd.
Or would that be four?
Pat may count for this tour.

But not little old you.
Or you or you...got a clue?
Not welcome one bit.
What's with that shit?

You want intruders galore?
You want them to explore?
You're welcome to that.
So not for the cat.

We'll stick with thanks.
Unless you're with banks.
We won't thank a banker.
Who likes that wanker?

Now you've been told.
On you we may be sold.
At least on what you did.
But no you're welcome will get a bid.

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Ever think about that? You're welcome to what as you chat? Welcome to come in? Welcome to take one for a spin? Gutter or car. Leave the door ajar. That you're welcome thing is just scary. You could see a back that's super hairy. Or maybe some feet. Hairy zombie feet are not a treat. Now you will think of it with each you're welcome pass. You are welcome to that and that's it from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. It's good to feel welcome Pat. Always a welcome here and at my bay too.
    Loved the verse.


    1. Welcome is the way
      At many a bay

    2. The option of being #1 was saying greetings to everyone, but only Yvonne was awake and a little late.

  2. You're welcome at our mat as long as you take off your shoes and don't bring small children. (As our house is not kid-proof.)

    1. Well I'd have to bring my indoor shoes
      Without child proofing, orlin would lose

  3. A Hell No We Go!
    Can be quite slow
    Welcome no?
    Wants to know
    Cold feet in the snow!


  4. A welcome mat guards my front door
    Mud will not be tracked on my floor!

  5. I don't want intruders. I'd have to clean up after them.

  6. I welcome comments, unless it's clear you've not read my post and are just looking to leave spam links.

  7. We totally agree, intruders must go, quickly!

  8. Don't much like to welcome people
    unless I know them well
    like to keep to myself as much as possible
    and that makes life swell


    1. A much better way
      As some people you don't want near your bay

  9. Hairy zombie feet are definitely no-no!

    1. Yep, they are scary
      Gross and far too hairy

  10. Well, I guess I practice southern hospitality at my pad. There's a lot of welcoming going on. The welcome mat is always out.

    1. You sure have a bunch
      Giving away a free lunch?

  11. The mat by my back door says "GO AWAY!" It must work, too. Except for my landlord, I almost never have guests, unless I've brought them there myself.

    1. haha I remember you saying you had that
      Good it makes them scat
      Best I've seen is "Booby traps in place"
      That made me do an about face

  12. Bring me
    and my smile
    for miles
    you'll see
    otherwise stay
    far, far away
    don't come back today
    or any other day.

    1. Is the candy tough and thick?
      Or is it the kind you lick?

  13. I'm definitely chuckling at the thought of your cats and my sister's cats who couldn't care less if an intruder, or anyone else for that matter, was coming in the door. And you won't get a "You're welcome" from Scotia or Smoke for anything; not even a treat ~ They'll just ask for more. Have a good one!

    1. haha more and more
      With treats at any shore
      Any intruder's come about
      We'll just try to freak them out

  14. orlin N cassie... we terned de door bell off N took de knocker down...if thatz knot a kleer message we dunno what iz !!! :) ♥♥

    1. Maybe install a trap door
      That will be clear as they fall through the floor

  15. Got no bell at my spot
    No knocker, too, no Russian bot
    No humper sign saying welcome neighbor
    Not interested in that kind of labor
    "SJWs, go away!"
    Need that mat at my bay..

    1. Then you'd be soooo bad
      The sjws would be mad

  16. grrr....go away...not big on strangers at the door
    quick, hide, lie on the floor

  17. I am actually back
    from the Thanksgiving feast attack.
    I wish I saw my family for a feast
    but my bro is in "amour", yup, that stupid beast.
    He forgets about us when love comes calling
    it's his pattern..icchhh, yup..appalling.

    1. Aww, the old love attack
      Can sure make things get slack

  18. I have no intruders here
    I guess they go elsewhere

  19. Don't like intruders and gate crashers. Have to be careful not to overstep the welcome mat.

  20. My welcome mat gets used often. Seems like my house is the central hub these days for gathering. I don't mind, but it would be nice if someone else did some hosting once in a while, simply because I hate the mess. Love the company, just hate having to clean up after them.

    1. The clean up sucks a bunch
      They should go out for lunch

  21. I don't welcome many at my pad- but when I do it is with advance notice. :) Not a fan of the pop over visit.

    1. Those interlopers we don't want
      Better give notice too at our haunt

  22. Now that it's campaigning season, one thing that has been driving me nuts are those campaign calls and texts I get from strangers. If only telling them "not welcome one bit" would get them to actually stop...

    1. Yeah, onward they go
      No matter the answer being no


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