A Human Trait Of Nutty Bait!

You humans really are sad. The cat rolls his eyes plenty at our pad. But this clickbait title caught the eye. Not in a good way as away elsewhere we did fly.

You don't have to wait.
We'll share the clickbait.
We'll even share more at our lair.
But first, Celebrities In Their Underwear.

Go ahead and click.
You'll notice them from their flick.
Or maybe not.
No makeup or "additions" for any spot.

But that's not all.
Nope, there is such a call.
We've got so much more.
Celebrities at the shore.

What? That was lame?
But it has what's his name.
Has what's her name too.
Equal opportunity in view.

Celebrities on a roof.
Push them and poof.
No more to see.
Celebrities flattened like your TV.

Celebrities on a porch.
That has to lit your torch.
They may get splinters too.
Does that impress you?

Celebrities on the loo.
Now there is a view.
Watch your idol pee.
That deserves a yippeee.

Celebrities in a moat.
There they are on a boat.
They are humping a goat.
That ought to surely float.

Celebrities on a broom.
They just go zoom.
Can see a blur and nothing more.
Oh look, Jesus even came ashore.

Celebrities eating rocks.
Celebrities getting shocks.
Celebrities buying water.
Celebrities mating with an otter.

Pfffffffffft whoopdi friggin doo. That is what comes from my zoo. But don't you want to see all of that? Note, most were made up by the cat. But the celebrities in their underwear is real. Go click elsewhere if you want that ordeal. Do you fall for such clickbait crap at your sea? Underwear...ummm...yippeee? Pffft once more needs to come to pass. Such celebrity crap can kiss my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Celebrities are just people too, folks. And online, you can find less than underwear on some of them.

    1. Yeah, if you want a look
      Can hook or by crook

  2. Humans in underwear is often pretty scary!

  3. yep - I"d rather see airbrushed folks than reality. I can see that at home.

  4. A Human Trait Of Nutty Bait!
    And celebrities do turn heads
    Underwear or otherwise
    It is not really a vice
    They have been known to be great


  5. If you want to see celebrities in underwear watch Ellen she is always giving them away. How many are now wearing Ellen’s label?

    Haha I do enjoy that show though she makes me smile and gives so much to others. I’d like to win a ticket to her 12 days till Christmas, that would be a blast. Hey, maybe I could win a 7 day trip to a tropical island. I can dream!

    1. Hey, you never know
      Could win and away you go
      I could win one too
      With a draw soon coming due
      But I'd take the cash
      Rather than fly away in a flash

  6. Lol, yes celebrities out and about in the wild is quite exciting🙄

  7. Apparently people's lives aren't interesting enough, so they have to turn to celebrities to spice things up.

    1. That they do
      And act like they know them too

  8. Celebrities make some magazines money
    but sometimes what they do are not funny.


  9. I train myself not to peek
    How many times can Sandra marry
    in one week?
    I figure it's none
    but the gal does have fun
    and f*k her for that
    she doesn't deserve scat
    at least not more than me
    because, you see,
    What the First "Lady" says is true
    I don't care! Do you?

    1. Deserving tends to go away
      As they get chumps to pay
      So one is best not to care
      Then they'd have to pay their own fare

  10. Celebrity everywhere, can't seem to escape!

  11. I force myself not to click on clickbait. I'm usually safe from celebrities, but I will fall for the Royal Family. We all have our weaknesses. Have a good one, Pat!

    1. haha a weakness for you
      I'll remember that at our zoo

  12. NUMBERRRRRRRR ONE! There's no doubt about it.



    Celebrities on the loo
    Producing um.....
    I just can't say the word, Cat
    Okay... POO not a blue shoe
    There. I said it at your shore
    Need an encore?
    Does saying poo make me famous too?
    Will they show me the money, Scooby Doo?

    1. Their kids may show you some dough
      It would be monopoly money though
      They like the word
      You'll have them following by the herd
      More to teach
      All in reach

    2. They can go sit on a stick
      Would be some kind of trick

    3. A trick or treat
      Nothing to eat

  13. orlin N cassie.....we all most feel sorree for them...they canna due any thing ore go any wear with out bee in "watched"

    de price ya pay for bee in a star we guess but ~~~~~~~~

    happee week oh end guyz N happee thanx giving on monday ! ☺☺♥♥

    1. Almost is the key word
      As many seem to like the following herd

  14. Clickbait is the worst waste of time.

  15. We dont pay any attention to the celebrities. Clickbate is something new for us but sure doesn't sound like something we want to get into. Pat, you have a great week end.

    1. Yeah, not something you want to click
      Block its view brick by brick

  16. "Celebrities In Their Underwear?" Sounds thrilling. What cracks me up is whenever some site purports to show a female celebrity "nude," but what they actually mean is "topless." There is a difference, after all! I've seen plenty of photos of male celebrities without their shirts, but (thankfully) that does not mean they were nude.

    1. haha oh, that is a good one
      The cat may have to give that a run

  17. We got lots of celebrities in Toronto but I never see them anyway. Don't need to see them in their underwear too.ha.

  18. I don't even know who half these "celebrities" are these days. Guess I need to glue myself to YouTube to catch up (hahaha, like that's gonna happen).

    1. haha yeah, we'll do it right after you
      May never happen too

  19. Sadly, even writers' festivals are being overtaken by celebrities with the organizers saying who wants to read a book by common ole Joe when celebrity's the go. Who indeed? Makes my eyes bleed...

    1. Bleed they should
      As most celebrities are as dull as wood

  20. I am rarely interested in what celebrities are doing. First the news love them, then hate, then consider them insignificant, all to start the process over again and again and again.

    1. Round and round they go
      As they must make a story show

  21. If it says “sponsored” I don’t click
    Celebrities I could away flick

    1. Like a booger flick?
      Send them far, do the trick

  22. Great to be reading your verses again Pat.


  23. I fall for click bait every once in awhile, but not usually about celebrities. Click bait is always a waste of time.


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