A Milestone Day Comes To Play!

By that title you may think 3000 posts have come due. Nah, not yet at my zoo. I wouldn't be so subtle about that. I am a rather blatant cat. Or am I? Guess it depends on what decides to fly. Did I say that before? Who knows at my shore.

The milestone has come.
Don't stand and be glum.
It is year 63 for you.
What? Doesn't stick like glue?

The number too odd?
You have a fat bod?
Do I want to know?
Please, don't show.

The milestone has come.
Shake that bum.
100 years is here.
Do you still have a working rear?

100 years for you.
100 years for a clock too.
100 years for a fork.
100 years for some pork.

The last may go bad.
Death may be had.
Skip it for a 100 more.
100 sure likes to come ashore.

The milestone is here.
Don't you have any fear.
We'll announce to all.
Your day sure won't stall.

99.99% of people don't care.
But that 00.01% will be aware.
That sure is a real win.
Wait. They already knew at their bin.

Another milestone for you.
That makes two.
You may reach three.
That has to impress thee.

Like the 100 year spoon.
It and the fork went to the moon.
Like the 100 year floor.
Don't walk on that anymore.

The 100th making fun post.
Whoops, can't count at our coast.
Add a zero and a two.
Nope, still no milestone came due.

How come you don't celebrate odd milestones? Do you want to avoid big bills of phones? Isn't 63 better than 60 to come to pass? How come inanimate objects don't get them in mass? Many are older than you or I. You may make your poor computer cry. It gave you ten years of hard work. Okay, 2 before it really became a jerk. It may want to be celebrated in mass. This has been milestone 2870 from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. "63 was a milestone for me,
    Twas then I married the man of my dreams.
    For 35 years we lived in harmony,
    Then all too soon he was gone it seems.

    Loved your verse as always Pat.

  2. Sixty-nine is even better than sixty-three.
    My wife celebrates all the odd milestones. Just her style.

    1. That it sure is
      A more funnier way to be than the normal biz

  3. never thought about doing odd milestones. Enjoy

  4. A Milestone Day Comes To Play!
    In life a milestone's a big day
    A remembrance
    Of occasions
    Some celebrate them in a big way


  5. I have 748 but you are many miles away, congrats Pat!

  6. 2870 is quite a feat
    but I knew you have by now 3000 beat!


    1. haha yep, onward from that
      Well passed the 3000 stat

  7. Amazing feat especially when you do one a day most of the time.

  8. Congrats! Knowing you, 3000 is already written. You are inspiring!

  9. 2870 is a lot of milestones.
    Many more than mine for a while stones.

  10. Alex took my line
    about the number 69
    After 21
    it's the only one
    that's still fun.

  11. Reminds me of a conversation in a short story I once wrote:

    First Man: My younger daughter just moved back home, with her son. She just gave birth to a baby boy! Quite the millstone.

    Second Man: Ahhh, I think you meant "milestone".

    First Man: No, I meant what I said!

  12. orlin N cassie....cranbereez thatz a lotta posts !!!! conga ratz.... we R knot much for sell a bratin round heer; ya could
    tern 13, 21, 50 ore 100...tho we gotta add mit we mite give a YAY.....if sum one terned like 150 :) ♥♥

    1. Yeah, that would deserve a yay
      At least once during the day

  13. 35,000 miles is the milestone for my car. The milestone where the warranty runs out. Geez Louise. I'm at an odd number now, but really, really close to the even one that I don't want to see. ;)

    1. haha seeing that is never fun
      As that is the time when cars go kaput and won't run

  14. Congrats on the milestone
    oh how your garden has grown
    leave a comment at the tone
    traveling into the unknown...

  15. Congrats on your milestone. I keep deleting old posts, so my milestones are going in reverse.

    1. A backwards way
      Don't like the past one many a day?

  16. So true we only pick the normal milestones to celebrate. And yes, I did think this was about you having 3000 posts at first.

    1. haha nope, not yet
      But they are done by the pet

  17. No slacksers at your beach
    You gotta be a teach....

    1. Teach you say?
      And work your hours all through the day?


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