A Moving Fresh Tries To Mesh!

No one is moving here. At least not that I know of with my rhyming rear. This is about a year ahead, so we could have put our 19th move to bed. Only 8 for Cassie and 4 for me. Right. On with it at our sea.

Life is great.
Life is grand.
Always first rate.
It gives a hand.

A hand for me.
A hand for you.
No need to flee.
Everything is true.

Life is okay.
Like is pretty good.
I get some pay.
I stack some wood.

Wood to burn.
None to use.
No need to learn.
I just amuse.

Life is crappy.
Life is stinky.
People are yappy.
I cut my pinky.

The finger hurts.
The hand tingles.
Blood comes in spurts.
I hate places for singles.

Time to stop.
Time to move.
Life is a flop.
I need to find my groove.

I'm moving away.
I'm going far.
A brand new foray.
Sure high above par.

Smell that air.
Smell that stench.
A fresh start to spare.
No monkey with a wrench.

So fresh it stinks.
Life is great...grand...sucks.
Where is the missing links?
I'll go and feed the ducks.

Think a fresh start is really fresh? Do you and a shower mesh? If not, you'll still really stink. Not going to change life if you keep going down the drink. A fresh start can only work if you don't stink and make changes to you. Otherwise, back down the drink you may go at your zoo. Moving may change things as well. But won't always where you dwell. Can't always count on that green grass. I'll now go pass some fresh gas from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Top of the morning to you, True!


  2. A Moving Fresh Tries To Mesh!
    Avoid the stinks of raw flesh
    Not moving in
    To miss a link
    An aromatic feel being the best


  3. I hate moving
    It does not make me grooving.
    Im glad you settled in
    Your cats are good? They are your kin

  4. inspirational post by the cat. You can't start fresh if you stink...too true

    1. The stink stays
      Have to get rid of it through the days

  5. Y'all really got the moves going on!

  6. It may not be a fresh start
    as old ways need to depart
    new places do stir the heart
    maybe just tip the apple cart

    1. And then give it a good kick
      That might do the trick

  7. I've lived in the same house for over thirty years
    I say with cheers, cheers, cheers.
    I hope to live here the rest of my days.
    For I sure would miss my good old country ways.

    1. Having the perfect spot sure is a win
      Can't beat that at any land bin

  8. Too many moves aren't good
    for people and for cats
    hope you are settled in now for a bit
    and that is about that


    1. Many on the go
      Move quick, settle fast at our show

  9. Move ~ I hope not!
    But Arizona might be sought.
    As the first snowflakes flew,
    Terry's threats he did renew!

    (If he does insist on moving, I'm okay;
    I said I would do it.)

    1. haha but then you'd sweat to death in the summer
      That would be a real bummer

  10. orlin N cassie....current timez N reel time with R commint☺☺

    frank lee at de rate stuffz goin round de statez.. we wood like ta moooooove......sum wear any wear... coz we canna take much mor STOOOOOOOPID

    crazed ass $hitz.....

    1. haha stoooooopid sure seems to catch on
      Where each state line does dawn

  11. I hate moving.
    I hate change.
    We'll have to move at some point, this neighborhood is getting nuts. But I'd rather be in a nuts neighborhood I know than change to a new one and be lost.

    1. Or maybe you could find a better one
      But then could go nuts-er with a moving run

  12. I don't like change- but when I have to change I try to embrace the new environment. :)

  13. I enjoy moving, though I don't necessarily equate it to a fresh start.

    1. Yeah, the fresh won't be
      Unless it comes from thee

  14. Fresh start is good but I’m always same old, same old. Oh gosh, I’m the stinker? Your rhyme is brilliant! :-D

    1. A brilliant rhyme works for we
      Just don't fart on us at your sea

  15. When we put down roots, we put down roots. We moved to GA from MD in 1971 because of a job transfer, and we're still in the same house we bought when we moved here. What's more, if we'd stayed in MD, we'd probably be in the first house we bought up there. Moving stinks, and I don't EVER want to move again. Our place is nothing fancy, but it suits us!

    1. Moving is a huge pain in the ass
      And when you have the place you want, the rest can take a pass

  16. I dream of moving every day, as I do believe in fresh starts. I just need my youngest to hurry up and graduate high school and my husband's company to sell. As soon as all of that happens, I'm packing up my stuff and getting the hell out of here.

    1. haha do you know where you are going
      With your oh so fresh showing?

    2. Virginia, Georgia, or North Carolina is what we have it narrowed down to. Jason has been itching for Florida, but it’s too humid there for me.

    3. Florida would be great until the summer hit
      Then you'd sweat to death where you sit

  17. Sometimes change is thrown at us whether we like it or not.


  18. No more moving around here. We are very happy right where we are. You have a great day Pat.

  19. Not really related, other than the word 'move,' but one of my grown children and sig. other asked if they could move in here. Their lease on the house they rented is up and they are moving into a condo instead. There was a 3-week wait to get in. I love them, a lot. I do. But she smokes cigarettes, and I don't want that around my youngest. Is it awful that I was glad they went to her mom's instead because it's closer to where they both work? I feel guilty, yet gleeful. lolol

    1. haha I'd be gleeful too
      Smoking is all kinds of nasty at any zoo
      Don't want him near that
      Good to wait to answer and then they found another welcome mat


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