A Pleasing Day At Our Bay!

We are going to please you with another rhyme. It will be easy to do for a time. Or maybe for a day. I should be more specific some say. I'll work on that. Onward for the cat.

Here we go.
A rhyme shall show.
High and low.
Whoops, I know.

Should be low and high.
Had to please that guy.
But both are there.
So none should pull out their hair.

Or rub their bald head.
Can't cause bald people dread.
Or the half bald ones can pull some hair.
Have to say it so all are aware.

All might not work.
That is a cover all perk.
I should say he, she, them, and they.
Him and her may also need a say.

Things can't stop.
It has to drop.
Drop or fly.
Have to please that guy.

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Or that girl.
I gave both a whirl.
Or maybe a tap.
Don't fall into that trap.

Have to appease.
We must please.
Be appeasing to all.
Him, her...you get that call.

Or a texting fit.
Don't forget that shit.
I guess I should say crap.
Shit may offend a chap.

Crap may too.
May as well go with poo.
Now I'm back to potty talk.
Better say loo so the Brits won't squawk.

Now I have to hit redo.
Has to be translated in French too.
Don't forget Chinese, Spanish, and that hieroglyph stuff.
See? Pleasing all a little isn't so tough.

Are you a pleaser of all? Pfffft we say at our hall. Don't have time for that crap. Don't like us, go take a nap. We'll say what we say. We'll do it every single day. At least for a while yet. On that you can bet. But give me a kickback from your winning mass. That will please my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Pleasing none, after being #1 is done.

    2. That's 4 in a row
      To think it came 26 mins slow!


    3. Still a win
      With getting on in

    4. A good round number though
      Has to be round with zero zero

    5. Hi Hank you’re number one
      beating everyone before the sun

    6. Or the clouds
      Having their shrouds

  2. A people pleaser to the hilt,
    that's the way some are built.
    Not for me, oh no sir,
    So long gone, that's all a blur.

    1. Toss it in the sea
      Not the way for we
      On them we'd chuck cat pee
      Sooner than please all we see

  3. I'll keep the peace but I only aim to please with humor. Sometimes I aims to misbehave...

    1. haha that is a fine aim
      We can make that claim

  4. MOL! I'll have to rub some on the Dad's bald head today!

    1. lol keep him a happy camper
      Rub so there is no damper

  5. I try to keep the peace, but usually only please the ones that I feel like pleasing. Great post Pat.

  6. You can't please everybody,
    too many crybaby's
    too little time!

    1. Pretty much the case
      As they all get their pouty face

  7. I generally aim to please - do I win the congeniality award?

  8. Just goes to show, when you try to please everybody you end up pleasing nobody!

  9. Pleasing everyone is impossible. My husband and children live by the motto, 'if momma isn't happy, ain't now one happy' so they understand they only have to please one person. Works for me.

    1. haha there is a win for you
      Make you happy and the rest will come due

  10. A Pleasing Day At Our Bay!
    Do them all to while away
    Please everyone
    And gets stumped
    Ends up no one pleased anyway


  11. The most important one to please is yourself!
    And that isn't easy much of the time.

  12. Have to say that I am a life-long pleaser. Always tried to please others. Why? Part of childhood to old age. Now I really don't care. Please myself as Mary says? Yes and no: things that will make me a better person and do what pleases God, which are one and the same.

    1. Comes a point where don't care comes in
      Sometimes it takes a bit longer to give a spin

  13. I'm not a pleaser. My whole family knows it too. If I don't like something, I'll let you know.

  14. Oh to please every man, woman and child
    That is crazy shit wild.
    It can’t happen so I don’t bother or care
    crap like this is never fair.

    1. Yep, screw all of that
      Brush them off like a cat

  15. I try to be pleasant
    in others presence
    Sometimes that is hard to do
    it’s like trying to find a lost shoe

  16. I try to please others but it's impossible.
    So it's best I've discovered to just please me.

  17. I used to be a people pleaser, but I realized the only person I need to please is myself.

    1. That is the way
      Please yourself and let the others stray


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