A WEP Voodoo Right In View!

We slunk to the right, using the shadows that mocked the night. Pat quickly yanked us back. None of us knew how we appeared in this murder shack. Although when the godly mook started to yap, we figured he had something to do with this latest trap.

"Drazin is going to burn you alive." Drazin sure can glare. Maybe it was her blonde hair.

"Thy. I shall help the demon." Pat sprang away from us. We rolled our eyes as he clearly boarded the short bus. He used a candle stick like a sword. It sure is a wonder how in the past he won that WEP award.

"Voodoo on you!" Some cloaked figure flung its arms. Its weird melted man mask then glowed like a bowl of Lucky Charms.

"What has thy demon done to...rabbit...rabbit...rabbit..." Pat stood in one spot while he shrunk quite a lot.

"Is he saying rabbit? Others frogs may make fun if he makes that a habit."

"Shut up, Orlin. You take your little rhyming ass that way and I'll go the other." Cassie sure sounded like my mother, but I obeyed like a good brother.

We slunk around the murder shack while Blondie eyed Drazin like she wanted to have him for a snack.

"I want to do that. I want to maim him."

Drazin tugged at his binds. He hated being at the mercy of voodoo minds. "When Drazin breaks free, Drazin is going to burn this whole place to the ground."

"You will pay!" She turned to the masked nut, allowing it to grope her butt. "Teach me. Teach me!"

The figure stood Blondie straight and then pointed at our frenemie mate. "Voodoo is within." He groped her butt once more. I guess it was so cushy he needed an encore. "Now spin."

Blondie spun back toward her foe. Why Drazin was, I probably don't want to know.

I could see Cassie trying not to hack up a hairball as the thing thought he was at some fancy ball. He sure twirled. It was so bad that I may have hurled.

"Now you have your chance, so straighten up your stance. Picture the one you despise. Let the hatred fill your eyes."

"Like this?"

"Don't interrupt the rhyme or my flow won't keep time."

"Is this right?" She looked like a dead fish. One out in the sun on a paper dish.

"No need to take a shit. Since birth it has been lit. But time to light another. Picture who you want to smother."

"Got it."

"Now let the hatred fill. Think of your next kill. Find that flow within. Time to do him in."

"Drazin will do you stupid humans in." Drazin yanked some more. He then repeated the same not-so-threatening encore.

"I can't. Voodoo is too hard." She pouted like a cow. Those lips grew somehow.

"But your face is showing. The voodoo has started flowing. Your voodoo is now growing. Time to get to sowing."

It stepped away. No more prancing on display. Then its voice rang out all over. Why couldn't I just have to deal with a butt-sniffing rover?

"Time to voodoo this. Time to voodoo that. Voodoo sure can't miss. My, your bum is fat."

"What?" She turned to see but then voodoo flew free. "What is this?"

"Gross," Cassie mumbled.

Blondie's face began to melt away. It looked like soupy Lucky Charms on display. It then went down her throat. It came out of her not so rhyming ass like a hole in a boat. The thing sucked it into its mask. After that, I just had to ask.

"What's with the return loop? Do you enjoy the taste of poop?" I leaped to Pat's side, who still said "rabbit" with pride.

I then easily heard from Cass, "Stupid rhyming ass."

"Fleabags, what are you doing here? Did you bring Drazin to this...this..." Drazin's jaw dropped after Cassie whacked its mask and everything on it flopped.

It stood before us as naked as can be. It had nothing up or down to see. It was only grey and wanted to have its say. "Now you've seen me true. Now you've become wise. With a little voodoo, I'll pluck out all your eyes."

"Run, godly mook. I never thought I'd see you spook." I freed Drazin and he ducked. Then Pat he quickly plucked.

"Your stupid human is going to get stomped on, fleabags."

"Rabbit. Rabbit. Rabbit."

"Might serve him right." Drazin covered Pat. I never thought I'd see that.

"Voodoo over here. Voodoo over there. While you run in fear, I voodoo without a care."

"Why..." Blondie reached for it. Not sure how she even spoke that bit.

"Drazin has a plan, fleabags." Drazin spun around another voodoo beam and then his eyes began to steam.

"That is the way. Let your voodoo come to play." The thing began to suck away Drazin's face, but he forgot about Drazin's embrace.

Drazin shoved Pat in the air and Pat took in voodoo light between the pair.

"I think the words you are looking for is, I'm melting." Pat stepped on Blondie's goop. What remained of her looked worse than when I have runny poop.

"Voodoo for right. Voodoo for wrong. Time I take flight and voodoo along." It began to back away but we made it stay.

Cassie tripped him from behind. I then smothered its face with my behind. Drazin stomped it in the gut while Pat used the candle he had swung when he had become a nut.

"Allow Drazin." Drazin caught the wick on fire. "Now make this Voodoo expire."

"Voodoo will come and voodoo will go. This..."

"Shut up." Pat shoved the candle into its gut and it grew to be the size of a plump King Tut. "It's gonna blow."

Cassie and I took cover while Pat and Drazin both looked like they got...umm...emptied on by a giant lover. At least it wasn't sticky. That would have been more icky.

"Care to tell us what that was about, godly mook?"

"Drazin doesn't answer to you, fleabag. Although Drazin will say that Drazin thought all the Voodoos were dead. Drazin may have to look into that."

"And the..." Cassie rolled her eyes as we faded away, each of us once again glad we had survived the day.

"I got Voodoo in places where Voodoo shouldn't be." Pat stripped off and ran to the shower. He was sure going to need one with power.

"Do you think the thing was some alien creature? It did backwards probe that Playboy wannabe feature."

"If it was, maybe it will beam you up. I've been trying to get them to take you away for years." Cassie smirked and trotted away. The prissy thing would get a surprise the next time she went to the litter tray.

"This Voodoo won't come off. Rabbit. Damn it."

We laughed as Pat continued to shout, both hoping that he would get that annoying rabbit thing worked out.


And there we go. How was that for a voodoo show? Did you know Voodoos were real? What is their deal? Wouldn't some crap get on that rainbow stuff? That must go down tough. Do you think it was an alien showing? Let's hope the Voodoo trend doesn't start growing. Now I think I'll go rest with Cass and prevent any lights from coming out of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

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  1. Replies
    1. Good Morning Hank
      You are some quick

    2. That's 6 in a row
      In a little flow
      It comes and go


    3. Good morning True
      A pleasure sharing #1 with you!


    4. Hank shows the way
      With 6 on display

  2. Replies
    1. I have a tenacity to be#2
      Perhaps, it is my destiny
      no wonder I am often Blue
      yes, I do think it is true

    2. #2 for you
      So you are Blue?
      Did you miss the shoe?
      Who knew?

    3. hmm - do you have glass slipper
      in Cinderella blue?

    4. Blue is number one, never number two!
      And, nope, no missing shoe

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. haha - A blooper came due
      so I had to delete two

      I enjoyed your adventurous tale
      did someone slip you a voodoo cocktail

      Good luck with your entry...

    3. That they may have indeed
      Gotta watch those slippers at one's feed

      And a blooper
      Beats an accidental pooper

  4. A WEP Voodoo Right In View!
    WEP/IWSG Challenge in twos
    1000 words limit
    For who-done-it?
    Best wishes for taking the cue


  5. A rabbit with a habit can be the real challenge!

  6. Maybe a little Trix will do the trick for Pat's little rabbit fix?

  7. and then they could take you away..ha ha, take you away

  8. You have so much fun with your imagination run!
    Turning the stuff of your everyday into fantasy at your bay!

    On another topic, you used to have a link to the characters in your books and fantasy world, but I can't seem to find it. Did you take it down or put it somewhere else? I thought there was a picture of Drazin, and I wanted to look at it again.

    btw, my brother Roy used to spin wild yarns about people and pets in his everyday life. He kept his younger sister Barb entertained for years and continued the practice with his four children. Now he's spinning tales for his granddaughter Ella. I wish he had written down some of his mental romps. I get a kick out of your Cassie, Orlin, Pat stories ~ They're so out there, but they're such ridiculous fun!

    1. haha we just let it flow
      As the imagination goes where it wants to go

      Drazin is on the cover of Blogveners and Vault of the Gods too
      Plus he is in a header or two
      Used to have a few like Tarsier Man and him
      But now the options aren't so slim

      Be fun to write them down and let them flow
      Taking every day life and twisting it is a fun way to go

  9. I enjoy Duke Drazin's appearances. Always have. I recall a day long ago, when It's Rhyme Time was still fairly new, when I encountered some internet mentions of Drazin from before this blog even existed!

    1. Yeah, Drazin had his own blog at one point
      He even did matches at a fantasy wrestling joint
      He's Hades in another book series I did too
      He sure has gotten around since first created 12 years ago at my zoo

  10. You, Cassie and Orlin wepped Voodoo:)

  11. Be careful cat, practicing this ancient craft can be more trouble than it's worth! Uh oh, looks like you've found that out.

    1. Found it out
      But at least no one got turned into a trout

  12. Yipes! I think I'm experiencing a major case of deja vu... I coulda sworn I just read and commented on a different WEP post by you... :)

    You had fun with this one, didn't you? I sure had fun reading it.

    1. We meant to do that
      Really, maybe not, at our blog mat

      Sure had fun indeed
      As it took seed

  13. I just had Lucky Charms for breakfast. I hope my face doesn't melt like a Lucky Charm marshmallow. Some Voodoo you have here!

    1. haha I think you are safe
      But watch out if your legs chafe

  14. Wow! A lot of action going on here.
    Voodoo, Alien creatures, and Drazin to fear.
    Congratulations on your win.

    1. Drazin sure likes to come back
      As many went on the attack

  15. Dancing with glee,
    Is how this piece left me.

  16. Better be careful about the booty grabbing. All these sexual harassment cases popping up, even after decades, will have one looking over their shoulder for the rest of their lives.

    1. Yeah, better watch what butt you go near
      Could make life one to fear

  17. orlin N cassie.....grate storee by dad N we started countin hiz werdz...guess we shulda studeed mor in skewl....we onlee getted ta.... 13 !!! ;) ♥♥☺☺

    1. haha well at least you got there
      A dozen with one to spare

  18. This was fun to read, and your rhymes were solid indeed. When all was said and done, this was a tale well spun.

  19. Quite clever. I'll be careful around Drazin if butt grabbing and voodoo are are his aim.

  20. Deja vu is a weird feeling Pat. Loved the read.


  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. You made me snicker,
    For just a flicker.

    What a clever rhyme,
    And it is not half-time.

    Never would have thought a story to rhyme,
    But you pulled it off just fine.

    ;p Wishing success, Pat
    In your lucky rhyming hat

    1. Can pull it on out
      And rhyme about
      Every which way
      With what we say

  23. Ain't no deja vu like a rhyme in time!

  24. This was hysterical! I was drinking coffee while reading and I almost spit out some when I read, "Don't interrupt the rhyme or my flow won't keep time."

    Awesome entry!

    1. haha good you didn't spit
      Could ruin the computer a bit

  25. A humorous read that has a Dungeons and Dragons vibe to it, with the narrator being the dungeon-master. Well done.

    1. The cat is the master, you say
      He'll take it at our bay

  26. Feline, Feline, you tell a great tale
    Although on occasion you do wail
    Did someone step on your tail
    Or was that the voodoo's rail?
    A big like, but it had me going in circles. . .

    1. Round and round
      Much is found
      That you know
      Or don't with flow

  27. A fun story and the pussy cats know how to deal with voodoo.

  28. Cats and voodoo?
    That could lead to some who-do?
    But the cat is the master
    Cuz he can run faster...:-)

  29. Voodoo here voodoo there
    Voodoo flying everywhere
    Pat's the king
    At this rhyming thing
    He wears the crown
    Can't take him down
    Try as you may
    He'll blow you away!

    1. Huff and puff
      We got the stuff
      Unless its set in stone
      Then we'll leave it alone

  30. Hi Pat - I most definitely can't keep up with all the comments matching your entry ... so so clever and I did enjoy the read through ... even if Voodoo featured! But such fun - cheers Hilary

    1. Clever and enjoyed works
      Has its sure fire perks

  31. Hi Pat...

    Thoroughly fun when one's on the run.
    More entries to read, so I must take make my leave.
    Voodoo is best, when it's not in your chest.
    Deja Vu can be grand if it lends you a hand.

    1. Watch that chest
      It sure is worse than the rest

  32. This was so fun!
    a tale well spun

    Thanks for the smile. A great take on the prompt :)

  33. Wow, your rhyming is amazing. The story is fun too.
    Great post. Kudos to you.

  34. It's like a rap with a rhyme,Drazin saved them all just in time.

  35. When the rhyming is done,
    the cat's got my tongue.
    I'm left with no words,
    like kitty-box turds.

    (okay, that last bit didn't make any sense, but I'm not in your class!)

    1. haha well it works in the end
      Not that turds would ever have a wordy trend

  36. Ha ha ha! Nice one. Let us hope the WEP players don't start casting spells on each other. I don't want to be a toad, throw myself off a bridge, stab someone so I can get some sleep, meet Poe's Raven in a cemetery...etc....

    Good work with this. I feel very entertained.

    1. haha entertained is the win
      As long as no spell does you in

  37. Love the rhymes!
    Shove the frogs off the logs.
    Above the rest this story pressed.

  38. Voodoo voices vex visions.
    Pat paints polymorphous prospects.
    Nonsense narration nonetheless.
    Roland regularly rambles ridiculously.


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