A Zombie In Disguise As The Dead Rise!

Those brain suckers are hiding everywhere. Today the cat will make you aware. I may put my life at risk though. Or you may need to bail me out with lots of dough. They may lock me away, but we can't have the brain suckers get their way.

Strolling along.
Singing a song.
What is that noise?
It brings no joys.

Humans are speaking.
Their brains are leaking.
Leaking common sense.
They have gone dense.

Dense in the head.
It's like they are dead.
Oh no, they got me.
How can this be?

They are walking and talking.
They sure are a squawking.
They are hard on the head.
I wish they were dead.

Normal state of mind.
I'm back and so unkind.
It just had to be done.
This tale needs to be spun.

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Spun and weaved.
Don't get peeved.
Do something though.
It's like you're dead, you know.

Bah, caught once more.
I've lost brain cells galore.
How could that be?
The zombie must have got me.

The invisible kind.
It sucked out my mind.
That is so unkind.
I'm sure in a bind.

I can't move.
I now can't prove.
Prove what I said.
It's like I'm dead.

I must be.
I'm dead to thee.
Oh, that is okay.
Just means you're nuts at your bay.

Did you follow along? Did my dead go all wrong? Do you says such things at your sea? How can one be like they are dead when busy like a bee? Isn't dead...you know...dead? Can one be dead in your head? Would that make you nuts? I may have just created zombies at many huts. Head for the hills in mass. Zombies are dead to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. A Zombie In Disguise As The Dead Rise!
    Can the dead be made to go up the dais
    Playing dead all over
    Hidden by a good cover
    Sneaky ones can always get away in life


    1. Get away they may
      As they sneak through the day

  2. Right now I feel like my brains have been sucked dry...

    1. Geez, need to shove them back in
      Or grow them in a lab for a win

  3. I'm afraid those brain suckers are gonna show up on Halloween!

  4. Turns out your friend here is only MOSTLY dead. See, mostly dead is still slightly alive.

    1. Slightly there
      With life to spare

    2. Almost broke is slightly rich
      A kind colleague may be slightly a bitch
      Just so you know
      At the kitty cat show

    3. Slightly has its perks
      Seems it always works

  5. Been around some that seem to suck life dry
    makes you want to give up and have a good cry.


    1. Or punch them in the face
      Maybe just blast them to outerspace

  6. Zombies are people too......lot of them around here!

    1. So they have rights?
      Damn, can't turn out their lights

  7. WE need to put a sign out, no zombies until Halloween.

  8. Zombies, zombies everywhere just sucking brain cells all over the place.

  9. I am feeling dead tired....
    at least i’m not expired

    I hope you had a nice weekend!

  10. I wonder how many zombies we're going to meet at WEP this month? Lots, I wager...

  11. Saw some real life zombies at the haunted house we went to last night. The two guys in front of us were higher than a kite, reminding me of characters from The Walking Dead.

    1. haha as long as they didn't get shoot them in the head happy
      Then things would get really sappy

  12. Excellent verse Pat, sometimes if sllep evades me I feel my brain needs to be recharged.


  13. Zombies freak me out.
    I wouldn't want them about.


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