And Then I'll Post At My Coast!

The cat will get to you soon. It may be now or before noon. I'm not sure when it will be. I may post, I may not at my sea. Why is that? Just follow the cat.

You want a post.
I'm your host.
I have to post.
I have to the most.

The most because me.
Who else at our sea?
Cassie or Pat?
Pfft, they'd fall flat.

But  I just can't.
There is a slant.
A slant needs to be fixed.
And then can't can be nixed.

But there is more.
There is an encore.
I must fix the door.
And then I'll post at my shore.

Nope, still have can't.
Comes back like an ant.
I have to kill that ant.
And then I'll rid myself of can't.

Can't stop now.
Can't came back somehow.
It is here to stay.
Maybe I'll post later on today.

First I have to run.
And then I have to meet a nun.
And then I have to eat.
And then I have to walk the street.

And then I have to run.
And then...whoops, used that one.
And then I need to fly.
And then I need to cry.

And then I have fish to fry.
And then I have to fix the well that is dry.
And then I have to call Lassie.
And then I may have to settle for Cassie.

And then I have to use the loo.
And then a nap must come due.
And then I have to think up new excuses for you.
And then a post still won't shine through.

And then sure gets thrown around a lot. Sometimes one can't do things on the spot, but you humans complicate a lot. Way more of a no than not. And then you can't even say no. And then the excuses flow. And then you never do what you say will come to pass. And then can go in the place where I relieve my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. My wife tends to rattle off a long list of things to do and the list always ends with and then. And that's usually the thing I was asking about.

    1. haha gets to it in the end
      And then time to amend

  2. That sure is a lot of running, you must be hanging around with Simon!

  3. I'll comment on Alex - so she leaves the and for last. I'll do that too!

    1. Best for last you say
      Or wait until you get what you want said at your bay

  4. And then I needed a nap
    after doing all that crap...

  5. ahhahahah Im tired with all these you make, I need a nap ! xo

  6. And Then I'll Post At My Coast!
    For that hoping to get the most
    Then have to run
    To avoid the fun
    To be careful lest one gets lost


  7. We sure have lots to do
    on any given day
    we must make sure to allow
    ourselves a little time to play


  8. I used to make little promises on my blog about this or that, but I hardly ever do that now. All sorts of things can prevent a post from being completed on my own schedule. Of course, you've got eight million already written, so you don't have that problem!

    1. Yeah, life can sure get in the way
      Only got about 155 these days at my bay

  9. Some days I can and some days I cannot.

  10. orlin N cassie....we will bee ther round oh 9 hundred ta help
    with that fish fry ;) ☺☺♥♥ !!

  11. Always a nap comes due, preventing anything else from being accomplished:-)

    1. That nap wins out
      Especially after being out and about

  12. and then is the story of my life. nothing ever seems to get done around here.

    1. Just goes on
      And then back around it shall dawn

  13. To this post I wanted to respond
    But work kept me far beyond
    Then AT&T such evil spawned
    Thought they could shut down this blonde
    With my email they did abscond
    But now I’ve kicked them to the pond
    Excuses from both them and me now gone!!!

    (Should compose a blog post so donned!)

    1. haha kicked them out
      Hopefully it made them shout
      And maybe twist
      As a hole they missed

  14. Blogging is at the bottom of the list here, but I eventually post!

  15. Guilty for writing and saying, “and then”.
    I write this with my trusty pen.
    I don’t think I even know how of I write this
    Oh well, ignorance is, well, sorta bliss.

    1. Sure you'll figure it out
      And then move about


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