Believe In The TV At Your Sea!

If it is on TV it must be true. Don't you agree at your zoo? If you do you better not tell me. I may make fun of thee. But then some things humans still buy. They buy it without money on the fly.

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Look at this.
A show can't miss.
The bad guy loses.
To jail he cruises.

Bad guys have bad aim.
They are all just lame.
The guy who talks for 30 seconds did it.
Can be wrapped up in a 42 minute bit.

The law works fast.
Bad guys are a thing of the past.
Doctors find what's wrong.
They do it before long.

Money doesn't matter.
Your wallet will always grow fatter.
You can spend no matter what.
You just need that bigger hut.

Many people don't swear.
Unless its an R rated affair.
No such words are found.
Unless maybe if HBO is around.

Animals are barely about.
None of them give a shout.
If they do there is no scooping.
TV animals never do any pooping.

Can get shot and rise.
It tells you no lies.
Stand up and trot away.
Pull it out and done for the day.

Did we mention money?
All can live where it is sunny.
They can have great things.
Another house is waiting in the wings.

And they love to advertise.
To do that is wise.
Wear the logo of the day.
They do it without getting any pay.

All of this and more.
Go for it at your shore.
TV would never lie to you.
It is the way through and through.

Pathetic how so many humans let TV control their life. They forget it is written and the author can easily write away any strife. But oh, they need to live that way. Pffft is all we can say. Do you let shows and such dictate life? Do you believe bad guys can't hit anything and not cause strife? Let's hope that doesn't come to pass. You may once again get made fun of by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Now that you mention it, it's rare to see animals in your average network shows.

    1. Costs too much $$$ and hard to train
      So they think it a pain

  2. If it's on TV it must be phew!

  3. Nothing good on TV is what I usually think
    rather sit at the computer with a good drink.


  4. Ever notice that not many TV show characters actually watch television? They all seem to have better things to do.

    1. Yeah, that is a good point as well
      Nothing much is ever seen where they dwell

  5. Yay for me!
    I have no TV
    Boo for me!
    Other addictions take hold
    at my sea.

    1. Like chocolate and a umm err big thing
      At least you get the former at your wing

  6. sometimes it's nice to see folks solve problems in one hour. If only it were true in real life. Happy Friday - so what's on the telly tonight? ha

    1. haha nothing much on
      An hour would be great for solving things to dawn

  7. Believe In The TV At Your Sea!
    Are they the real thing to see
    Sitting with popcorn
    Enjoying it all alone
    Allowing time when one is free


    1. Free time can work
      Too much may not be a perk

  8. Ohhhh, I thought it was the internet that was always true.

  9. So glad TV is not a thing in my life
    Could not tolerate all the strife

  10. I enjoy a bit of TV
    It’s called escapism

  11. TV is a nice escape for a little while, though we only watch it occasionally here. Of course, we don't believe a thing that's on there, but I do find myself royally pissed when they kill off a favorite character I've grown attached to.

    1. haha but then they can bring them back
      Time travel, ghosts, alternate reality, or just a fake heart attack

  12. Just a bit of Scooby Dooweee
    On my TV

  13. TV is more horrible now than ever before.
    So called reality tv is a real bore.
    Men and women are Uber thin
    Look like Vogue twits who always win.

    1. Yep, twits they be
      Soooo pathetic with much of what we see


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