Come And Hire With My Flyer!

The cat is going lazy today. We will hire it out at our bay. We just don't want to work. Lazing back is a perk. So we shall see what they do. They seem to think they can make it come due.

Hello, friend.
I won't offend.
I'm here to work.
Wood chopping or clerk.

I don't do early.
I may get squirrely.
I don't do late.
Sorry, mate.

I don't do snow.
That makes me go.
I don't do rain.
It causes me pain.

I don't do grass.
It hurts my ass.
I don't do sun.
It makes me run.

I don't do heavy lifting.
I don't do sifting.
I don't do driving.
I don't do bee hiving.

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I don't work through lunch.
I want to talk a bunch.
I want to be on my phone.
I want to answer it at the first tone.

I don't clean.
I don't like it if you are mean.
Don't tell me what to do.
I don't like to hear from you.

I don't work every other day.
I don't listen to what you say.
I want lots and lots of pay.
I probably won't stay.

I may even steal.
So is it a deal?
Just shake and say yes.
Know that I may also do less.

Was that a no?
How could you though?
You are looking to hire.
Come and re-read my flyer.

Hmm, the cat may skip this one. I guess I'll to back to getting the rhyming done. Do you want to hire such a chump? May turn into the next Trump. Just let them do nothing at all and pay them a ton. That is how "great" work gets done. I'm all done with my lazy person sass. I'd rather hire the singing bass or the gas that comes out my ever so sassy little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 9 in a row
      Trending a given flow!


    2. Good Morning Hank
      nine in a row
      look at you go

      I've been busy no time to play
      but, I'll be back on another day

    3. Good morning True
      Come back another day
      Sharing the glory away


  2. I work with a lady who leaves the very SECOND the day ends. No way she's staying. She doesn't do overtime, lolol

  3. I shall be in total relaxation this weekend.


  4. Come And Hire With My Flyer!
    Not to do it so like no other
    They don't try
    They don't buy
    Not to antagonize the employer


  5. MOL Alex! We don't do heavy lifting at all and we're not fans of snow either!

  6. haha would you sift through dirt
    for buried treasure...;)

  7. guess I have to pick up the slack if you are doing nothing...

  8. It's okay to be lazy on the weekend, innit?

    1. Were you lay through the week?
      Maybe not if norm at one's creek

  9. Some people think they should be paid for doing nothing.

  10. Lazy people like that are parasites!

    1. And can't let them latch on
      Kick them off your lawn

  11. That is quite a list of things NOT to do! Smiles.

  12. Do lazy people have remotes glued to their hands? If so, I know some people like that.

  13. You have good ones, eh ones, and ones that make you look at them and say "are you mentally retarded?"

    1. That you do
      Just don't say the latter too loud at your zoo

  14. That's a lot of work he won't do.
    I'd like a job like that too.

  15. For me too,
    it's true
    I don't do early
    or late
    So if you're in a hurry
    I'll surely
    make you wait
    then we'll leave when we arrive
    so keep the car in drive.
    But for a roll in the hay
    What can I say?
    I'll be there right away
    and I'll stay til at least
    the next day.

    1. haha what if it shrinks?
      And in it umm never sinks?
      Then would you stay
      Or be on your way?

  16. My oldest daughter has awesome work ethic. My younger one though, has issues. I've had a chore list on the fridge for her to earn extra money for Christmas. She's had 11 months to work on it and save up cash to buy her friends gifts this year. I don't know what she's going to buy them all with a whopping $4.25 but we'll see if her shopping skills are better than her initiative to earn money.

    1. haha wow, $4.25 will buy ummm not much
      Maybe some suckers and such
      May want to work on that list
      Sure there is a few she missed

    2. I figure she can buy 4 things at the dollar store, but she'll have to scrounge around for 3 extra cents to cover the remainder of the sales tax lol


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