Go Down There With Time To Spare!

The cat will get this done quick today. There is an easy way. We just have to twist about. Go a different way as we type it out. That is easy enough to do. Yeah, it is totally true.

Sit on your butt.
Chew a nice nut.
Damn, you avoided traction.
You had no allergic reaction.

Can it be faked?
Maybe it needs to be baked?
That may do the trick.
Can burn my hand some slick.

I'm gonna be a millionaire.
That much I can share.
To get there is easy.
Surveys online doesn't sound cheesy.

I'll be a dog walker too.
$30 an hour won't make any stew.
There is money in that.
I'll even walk a cat.

I'll join that group.
They go in a loop.
It's different from pyramid stuff.
This is one where none can get enough.

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I have the best idea for a book.
How do I get a super advance at my nook?
It is my very first one.
But by the time I'm dead it will be done.

Do you think a rich dude will sponsor me?
That is the life I want at my sea.
I'll get it and they can be happy.
That ought to make them far less sappy.

Can I get that number?
I can make money while I slumber.
$5689.99 a day.
What do you say?

I have to work?
Bah, don't be a jerk.
Share with me what you made.
That is what you call a trade.

I'll walk your dog.
$30 an hour through any fog.
$40 if it snows though.
So many shortcuts to dough.

Are you a shortcut taker? Don't you love people who believe a faker? I'm sure we've all fell for things a time or two, but to keep doing it at one's zoo? Yeah, that isn't so bright. No shortcuts and one will never make it overnight. Unless they get a lottery win. But if you rely on that, you need to pack it in. I guess like any day the post came to pass. No shortcut needed for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I don't need a shortcut to sit on my butt!

  2. No shortcuts when it comes to writing, that's for sure.

    1. Nope, have to go through it all
      Or one shall fall

  3. Shortcuts sometimes get me there
    But most of the time, of shortcuts, beware!!!

    1. Yep, they can get you stuck
      Then you say things like fluck

  4. the old - too good to be true, is not. Shortcuts backfire

  5. Go Down There With Time To Spare!
    No short-cuts but walk leisurely on air
    If in such a hurry
    It can well go awry
    No complications just take the usual fare


  6. I once took a shortcut on my way to work
    big mistake as my car slid on ice
    Slam, bang it wasn’t very nice
    Just ask the garage clerk

    1. Sure not a perk
      Well maybe for the garage clerk
      Takes your dough
      With a ho ho ho

  7. Lots of get rich quick schemes out there
    all seem to be a bit of a scam
    only way to get rich is to watch your money
    and instead of steak eat Spam


    1. Yep, be as tight as can be
      Then in 50 years rich may be thee

  8. I have had more than one client fall for a scam.
    older people think they can help and then, "Bam!"
    the other think they will be rich
    they forget that life's a bitch.

    1. Life's a bitch in the end
      Better off not to fall for any other trend

  9. Lots of fakers out there ready to scam you.

  10. Everybody wants to make a ton of money but not many want to work to get it.

    1. Nope, sit and have it
      But never comes if just a sit

  11. I guess a shortcut would work for a few lucky ones only!

    1. A very select few
      And usually that isn't even true

  12. Yup, those scammers are out there just waiting for you. Have to be careful in this world today. Have a great day Pat.

  13. Let's face it, people are basically lazy. Nevertheless, they expect the best of everything.

    1. Yep, always seeking the best
      While they sit and build a potato chip crumb nest

  14. I take short cuts here and there
    then again, I must declare
    I can't take a long cut anywhere
    cuz I'm far too short
    to go long
    It ain't fair.

    1. That long cut just won't pass
      My, is that a pain in the ass?

  15. Shortcuts in quilting always mean "do over".

  16. I'm with Susan, shortcuts usually mean you're going to have to start over. ;)

    1. Yep, back to rinse and repeat
      Shortcuts sure are umm neat

  17. If those silly "get rich quick" schemes worked, there'd be a lot more rich people walking around. Or maybe laying around on their lazy butts is more like it. No, I'm not much for taking the easy way out or shortcuts through life. (I'd probably get lost!)

    1. haha getting lost would not be fun
      Yep, they'd be sitting around on a growing bun

  18. I hope a rich dude will sponsor me and I can quit my job. Ha..ha..looks easy but there are no shortcuts to life.

    1. haha would be grand
      But yep, no easy shortcuts across the land

  19. I remember back in the day when pyramid scams were going around. My dad was stupid enough to think if he mailed $10 out, he'd get hundreds in return. Eventually, someone has to be on the bottom of the pyramid where nothing comes back around. Must have been him because he never saw any money come back around lol. Shortcuts usually don't work.

    1. lol the bottom sure has to bottom out
      Such shortcuts would make one shout

  20. Missed your great verses in my absnece great read Pat.



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