Humans Can Go As Machines Get The Flow!

Am I supposed to be writing this for you? Is it for me at my zoo? Nah. Neither of those is true. I have to write it for the 1's and 0's at my zoo. It has to show or otherwise away it would go.

The coding is there.
The 0's are aware.
The 1's are too.
Poor left out two.

A little cheat rhyme
Do it from time to time.
As do I ignore grammar.
Don't need to bring down the hammer.

I'm just a cat.
SPCA would frown on that.
Maybe the PTA too.
Who knows what the NSA would do.

Should we wave?
I just typed grave.
Whoops, I typed death.
Some 0's may lose their breath.

The 1's may roll their I's.
Get it? Bad joke in disguise.
Or would it not be?
Ask a 0, not me.

The 0 may strike.
Give zero a hike.
That is sure to cause woes.
One may bite your toes.

Or have them cuffed.
Out you could be snuffed.
Damn, a third thing said.
1's may be shaking their head.

0's are out to get me.
Skynet has come to be.
Keywords are the key.
Now they watch when I pee.

Could be poison there.
Did it again at my lair.
That is four keywords in one post.
The 1's and 0's will make me toast.

But then I don't eat bread.
What was it I said?
Have to asks the 1's.
The 0's got the runs.

Do you realize we write for ones and zeroes at our sea? 1's and 0's, excuse me. All comes back to the code allowing this to show, without it, oh no! We have to use paper and pen. Mail it like old mother hen. It will never be seen like keywords will do. Now I have to defend my zoo. Those 1's and 0's may be out for me after such sass. They won't be taking my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 5 in a row
      It's a lucky flow!


    2. A win indeed
      With 5 taking seed

    3. As Blue is a bit lazy
      On top of being um... crazy?
      Howdy, Hank!
      The one and only Poetry Tank.

    4. Crazy is more fun
      Lazy would be nice to give a run

    5. Howdy Blue
      In the blue suede shoes!


    6. Hank will be #1

      until Skynet takes over

    7. Good afternoon Hank
      Good afternoon Pat
      Good Morning Blue

    8. Skynet may win
      Good evening at your bin

    9. Good evening True
      Pat and Blue
      Have fun
      Before it comes!


    10. Fun for the win
      Works at our bin

  2. Humans Can Go As Machines Get The Flow!
    Coding that makes things work to show
    The hidden items
    In the background
    All updated and without one in the know


  3. Forty years ago it was all about using ones and zeroes. Literally. Not a lot of fun. Guess I'm showing my age there...

    1. haha glad I came after that
      Would sure be super annoying for Pat and cat

    2. A little off
      But he won't scoff

  4. The Dad here remembers when there were just 0s, the 1s hadn't arrived yet MOL!

    1. lol so zero was the loneliest number?
      Must have been glad when one came to slumber

  5. That code can go to hell and back
    And my name ain't Jack!
    How's that for grammar at yoursea
    In the place to be?
    One zero one zero you say?
    Is that a pin at your bay?
    Google scum are watching your every move
    Hoping you get stuck in a groove
    Or a rut or a hole or a bin
    Well, you'd better show that gin
    Or a grin of a blue fin
    Bite them twice
    Would be nice
    Zero one...
    Such fun....

    Hey, grrrrreat post
    From coast to coast!

    1. Google is wise
      Or so go the cries
      Watches and sells
      Ding dong go the bells
      Nope, not a pin
      Google won't win
      Instead they can sit on your stick
      That thing must be getting pretty ick

  6. That coding is something else. Not my cup of tea. But it is the thing to do these days. Have a great day Pat.

    1. That it can be
      Can make a bundle if done right at one's sea

  7. Coding to me is a bit odd
    however they figure it out
    I'll leave it to those that know how to do it
    and give them a good shout.


    1. I vaguely know
      But I too will let them give a go

  8. I get confused with 1s and 0s
    They are not my heroes
    How can letters and number be this?
    I’m a mess, I’d like to be in ignorant bliss.

  9. Codes are lost on me.
    Enjoy your weekend, Pat.

  10. Did you crack the code
    are you now in the zone
    Ones and zero could be fun
    If 1,000,000 was won (haha)

    Have a great day!

  11. Keywords for Google is the way to go I guess.

  12. I don't get 1s and Os
    but I eat Cheerios....does that count?

  13. I have no idea what you're talking about.
    And I'm not going to try to figure it out.
    I stay confused enough as it is.
    Have a good week.

  14. I don’t get the 1 and 0. I just do what I do and hope it all works out in the end.

    1. Hopefully the background works
      And the 1s and 0s aren't jerks


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