Hurry Up And Wait Moves To A Later Date!

The cat can relax with ease. I get what I want and then I breeze. Then I don't want much at our sea. Maybe for Pat to stop hiding the TP. But you humans sure want a ton. Then you even want other humans to run.

I'm out! I'm out!
A familiar shout.
Whether in or out.
Or somewhere about.

It you can hear.
Like a backasswards cheer.
Or a bastardized one.
Hey, all in good fun.

Or maybe not.
The eyes say a lot.
As does the tone.
Go chew on a bone.

I want that now.
Get it here somehow.
And you better not be late.
Get it here now, mate.

I don't care.
I'm well aware.
I'm aware of snow.
I'm aware of how far you'll need to go.

I'm aware it's the middle of the night.
I'm aware you have bad eyesight.
I'm aware I let it go.
I'm aware that I should know.

But I want it now.
If not, I'll have a cow.
Do you hear my moo?
You better do it too.

Get it tonight.
Don't wait for the light.
Seconds are ticking by.
Get here like you can fly.

I'm not through yet.
On that you can bet. hour later.
Did you leave me in a crater?

Where did you go?
I want you to show.
I'm aware I'm still yelling at you.
But you should drive and talk too.

Don't you love such nuts? They can't get off their lazy butts. Whoops, I'm out of oil or whatever it is and they blame others for the pop, pop, fizz, fizz. And then they want you there now while they have a cow. Are you such a nut in a lazy arse rut? Pffffft the cat would sure be telling them to choke on glass. So you may not want to tell my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I not keen on answering the doorbell if not expecting anyone, call me crazy but don't live in a good envireroment.

    Enjoy your weekend Pat.

  2. Like the idiots that the moment a hurricane starts to diminish, they have to go get something. And not just an emergency or really urgent - they just have to get out and get a biscuit from Bojangles or something.

    1. Yep, they have to do that too
      Just need that useless crap right then at their zoo

  3. Hurry Up And Wait Moves To A Later Date!
    Get up and about easily and not too late
    To get what little
    That is available
    Get on with the show and not to play dead


    1. No playing dead
      Or could be off with one's head

  4. Lazy sure is the rage these days!

  5. If I'm out of something I either make something else or substitute. I've made some tasty kitchen mistakes that way.

    1. Learn and see
      Can work and no new money spending spree

  6. At places I've worked, the engineers always had me air stuff in and then it would sit on their benches. Hurry hurry....why?

    1. Yep, have seen that too
      Sits there and no longer new

  7. I've never understood paying extra for Amazon 2 day shipping. There is nothing I would ever need in 2 days that I can't just go to a local store to buy if it's that much of an emergency. People are nuts.

    1. Yeah, it is soooo dumb
      And then some
      Gets here when it gets here
      If I need it, off the store we'll go too with our rhyming rear

  8. People have to learn to wait
    that could help seal their fate.


  9. Taking my time this whole week
    Nothing so important I must seek
    I just get to watch the sun peak
    Over the horizon and feel meek

    1. A fine way to be
      Sit back and relax with glee

  10. Countless advances in technology in the 20th and 21st centuries have helped us all become less inclined to wait patiently. Emails instead instead of "snail mail" (which used to be just fine). Online purchases instead of traveling to a store and searching for an item. Jet aircraft long ago put propeller-driven airplanes to shame. So-called "instant-on" electronic devices instead of waiting for a radio or TV to warm up, etc.

    1. They sure have made patience go out the window
      Or maybe just made it very low
      As the advancements caused time needed to get lower and lower
      So now we need to be an instant in the umm knower

  11. Ha. What Alex said.
    Give me a biscuit from Bojangles
    or I'm going back to bed.

    1. Bed may be better for you
      Maybe if bed for two

  12. Remember when delayed gratification was a strength and laziness was a sin?
    I have to admit I'm less patient now and find it harder to wait, but no one will ever call me a lazybones ~ LOL

    1. haha sure not when you step all the way to Greenland
      No lazy around you...or quicksand

  13. I admit, I'm not very patient. As soon as I buy something online, I expect it to magically appear on my doorstep. It's not that I'm too lazy to drive to the store, driving just gives me anxiety that I could do without.

    1. Want it right there?
      Damn, need transport at your lair
      Instantly go poof and there
      Anxiety from driving at least may leave you hyper aware
      Want my job at your sea?
      Some days 400km is driven by me


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