I'm Mostly Here With My Rhyming Rear!

I'm mostly here today. My paw went out to play. Or was it my eye? I can't tell on the fly. They swap recess every other day. Sometimes my nose even goes away. But that is okay. I'm mostly here to play.

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A mostly course.
Has no remorse.
Just for you.
Get on through.

The maze of one.
The mostly done.
Have at it the most.
No time to boast.

Boast you due.
Boast times two.
Boast about most.
Give it a toast.

A toast half done.
Mostly stuck the run.
Or would that be landing?
Mostly is now grand standing.

My novel is through.
Sorry, no ending for you.
But enjoy it anyway.
It is mostly done at my bay.

Those taxes went in.
I gave them a spin.
I mostly told the truth.
Like I mostly voted at some booth.

I mostly have this done.
I mostly had fun.
I mostly ignore mimes.
I mostly say that a few times.

I mostly cured myself.
The rest needs a magic elf.
Cure and mostly don't fit?
Bah, mostly ignore that shit.

I'm mostly through.
I said that to you.
I said it another way.
Mostly two stanzas back at my bay.

Did you count?
Was it the right amount?
I mostly got it right.
Who cares when stats take flight.

Did you mostly get all  of that? Are you able to mostly follow the cat? How can you mostly be somewhere? Do your body parts walk away from your lair? Does your brain take a stroll? I mostly blame a troll. Are you mostly to blame? Isn't mostly fun and kinda lame? I am now mostly through with my mostly sass. I just need to fit mostly into my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Starting all over again
      And it's not so strange!


    2. Not strange indeed
      As #1 takes seed

    3. Hank is back to number one
      that makes his day fun :)

  2. I do mostly sometimes, mostly when I want to do it!

  3. Mostly.
    And it's a great line from my favorite movie - They mostly come at night. Mostly.

  4. I'm mostly reading your post while texting on my phone. (just kidding)

  5. You're mostly here today? Where the hell is the rest of you?

  6. Mostly is not one I usually say
    To me seems a little bit out of play.


  7. Congrats on the new release. Sounds mostly scary! :)

    1. Scary in a real life way
      As the bad guys come to play

  8. I'm Mostly Here With My Rhyming Rear!
    Mostly being aware and nothing to fear
    Was easy to follow
    From the word 'go'
    All along not to falter but to make sure


  9. Speaking of novel being through...your latest looks good!

    1. If looks could kill
      Would I mostly need a will?

  10. Mostly is a peculiar word. "Have you cleaned your room, Clara?" "Mostly" which pretty much means not at all.

    1. Yep, it can be used a lot
      And mostly means nothing had been done on the plot

  11. Mostly is a great word. It can mean almost anything. Have a great day, Pat.

    1. That it mostly can indeed
      As it mostly takes seed

  12. I don't think I ever use that. At least mostly not.

  13. That is one I don't think I use much, I tend to use usually.

    I'm mostly here in the morning
    unless of course I'm elsewhere

  14. I had someone tell me 'firstly' was a word and I didn't believe it until I saw it. I still feel like it doesn't sound right. I'd say I'm never using it, but well...you can see THAT wouldn't be true. ;)

    1. haha firstly doesn't roll off the tongue very well
      But it is there to cause hell

  15. Mostly I am at work
    Some might call that a quirk
    Somewhere else I wish I could be
    But that would mean no money for me

    1. Yep, we agree
      From it we'd flee
      But then we'd be broke
      Not fun for any bloke

  16. I mostly understand this what I read
    I’m sleepy so now I’m off to bed

  17. My mind is mostly here, but sometimes it wanders there. Mostly is still good though, right?

    1. Unless it never wanders back
      Then mostly it could lack


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