I'm Racing Thee So Get Ready To Flee!

We are in a race today? Did you know that at your bay? We are in a race to type a post. I must win at my coast. The race is just there. We have time to spare. Or maybe no time at all. I must get this done at my hall.

Here we go.
To not fro.
Or fro not to.
I can't tell you.

I'm on the go.
Stop? Hell no.
This is a race.
I must fill the space.

Not the outer one.
Aliens have that done.
Bah, don't distract me.
I am racing thee.

I have to go faster.
I just passed her.
Or would that be past?
Bah, stop grammar cast.

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I can't think.
I may sink.
No, no, no.
I must go, go, go.

Get to the end.
Finish this trend.
I am going to win.
I will do all in.

I can't gloat.
May sink my boat.
What boat?
Does it have a goat?

Stop that.
You confuse the cat.
I have to go.
Don't stoop low.

Or stoop high.
Like reach for the sky.
This is the post.
I'm done at my coast.

Not yet?
I lost the bet?
No way, Jose.
I'll get it today.

Hmmm, did you join the race? Did you embrace? Did you think the cat nuts? Maybe I smelled some funny butts. Hey, the cat was just doing what so many humans do. Didn't know that at your zoo? Do you create a race where there is none? Oh, you must get that done. You must beat all. When really they don't give a crap at their all. Oh, but a race must come to pass. Pffft I'll now go nap my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I raced today and came out on top! Not bad for a week I'm mostly offline.

    1. Nope, not bad at all
      Attacked on it at our hall

  2. I usually race to hurry up and wait!

  3. We set deadlines for ourselves that rarely matter.

    1. Few really do
      But we do it anyway at each zoo

  4. My sister can be like that. She'll ask for help, and that usually means "Let's do it now." I, on the other hand, can put things off indefinitely. I think the proper approach lies somewhere in between.

  5. Racing days are over here
    just settling in at a slow pace
    others can pass me by and that's fine
    I'll give them their space


    1. Let them have a wide berth
      As they go about the earth

  6. If there's no chocolate at the finish line
    That's a sign, I'll take my time.

  7. If I have something to do I like to get it done or else it bothers me.

  8. Lots of fun responses today. Like Betty, my racing days are pretty well gone.

    1. Leave it to the cat?
      As he scratches the couch where you're at

  9. orlin N cassie...onlee racez we like any mor involvez.....ratz :) YUM !!!! fried N seered twice witha side oh greenz !!!

    ;) hope all iz well with ewe all ☺☺♥♥

  10. I never do well in a race. Better keep my own pace!

  11. I woke up late
    a dreaded fate
    as I raced around
    just trying to make ground
    on a steel horse I rode
    as rush hour showed...

  12. And the winner is ...
    Not me.
    I prefer to take my time.
    And being last is just fine.
    For I've enjoyed daydreaming as I go.
    That's lots of fun you know.

    1. Thinking and dreaming away
      A fine path to stray

  13. I hate to race
    I like to keep my own pace.
    So if that means I’m at the back
    That’s aok, I don’t care one jack

    1. And back can be more fun
      If you get to see a fine umm bun

  14. I'm in a race to get my daughter's room cleaned before Thanksgiving. We redid our basement and I moved all of our storage to her room (hey, what's the good of her being away at college if we can't use her room while she's gone?) Now, I need to figure out what to do with it all over the next 3 weeks or she's going to be one pissed of lady when she comes home and can't even get to her bed lol

    1. haha maybe you can save it and make her help
      Then she may be pissed off and yelp

  15. I'm Racing Thee So Get Ready To Flee!
    For just being there was enough urgency
    Race to be at the front
    Satisfaction of having won
    Not to win but participating in a company


    1. Company can make it fun
      No matter how much winning is done

  16. Every day at work is a race
    Deadlines always in my face
    When I’m on my bike, everyone races me
    But I just keep pedaling on happily

    1. Yeah, crummy work can do that
      Keep on pedaling where you're at


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