Is Stretch Like Fetch?

The cat has no idea why Pat had to move after a bit. He didn't pee like he usually does after for a while we sit. But I questioned him to find out. He said he needed to stretch his legs about.

Pffft to that.
No need to move where one is at.
Don't you see me stretching my legs?
Round blocks may fit in those square pegs.

See? Easy as can be.
Can even be done by she.
Cassie just stood up.
So simple can be done by a pup.

Can even stretch out the bed.
Barely have to raise your head.
Just stretch and sleep.
No movement at your keep.

Or just ignore.
Easy at any shore.
Be a grump like Cass.
That stretching need shall pass.

Unless you have to chase this guy.
I need to make him fly.
He's on top my tower.
Soon he shall cower.

Or fill a box.
No need for socks.
Just stretch and fit.
There you can still sit.

No. Not like that.
Get off the tower of the cat.
I'll claw you.
I'll use both paws too.

See? Can't even get a drink.
So leg stretching must sink.
The old guy steals my water.
I swear he's part otter.

Give a death beam.
Turn and let it stream.
Come on Cassie, do it.
At least you can hiss and spit.

Why are you looking at me?
Go away and flee.
Don't look at me like that.
I'm stretching my legs like Pat.

Do you see now? Can stretch your legs with ease thanks to my meow. Are you still looking at me? Don't you think it rude that Pat tried to flee? He should be able to sit for at least ten hours in mass. Then he can get up and leave my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. #2
    Hank how are you?
    The cats are precious
    that much is true

  2. It’s good to stretch a bit
    if, too long one sits
    take a walk from here to there
    go outside explore somewhere

    Haha about the glaring eyes
    Pat you might want to hide..

    1. Exploring one can do
      Just not in a crap view
      Where meters are in sight
      Make that take flight

  3. Is Stretch Like Fetch?
    Can sit or make a dash?
    Nothing the matter
    Sitting or saunter
    Not to flee,stay on God bless!


  4. Orlin was doing his best monorail cat impersonation in that last shot.

    1. He can do it with ease
      Just don't aboard or he may treat like fleas

  5. I really don't mind the stretch but I'll sit a bit first!

  6. my best stretch is at baseball -7th inning stretch and leave...

  7. Loved the pics and verse Pat. My best stretch is getting out of bed in the morning.


  8. I often wonder if cats think "This ought to make a good photo!" whenever they sit or lie down somewhere.

    1. Some do sit and wait for you to take the shot
      But these two stick their nose up a lot

  9. My dog stretched yesterday
    he does that a lot at my bay.
    When he does he lets out a whine
    and then wiggles his behind
    before he's off and running around
    being a crazy dobie hound


    1. Does he get a treat?
      Or would that be a cheat?
      Off and running is a win
      We go and spin and spin

  10. LOL of course Pat should be able to sit still for at least ten hours for you :-) Niko sleeps with his head on my arm in the night. Sometimes I wake up with sore arm but it’s worth it :-)

    1. He lays between my legs at night
      But if he gets on them, can sure make things tight
      May squirm a bit
      But he still does it

  11. We humans are not like cats
    we need to stretch our legs a bit
    otherwise we end up all stiff (at least if we are old)
    and that does not make us very fit.


    1. Yep, sure can cause harm
      Stiff raises the old age alarm

  12. I could be a cat
    And sit like that
    For hours around house,
    But I'd hate to chew a mouse.

    So I'll be happy being me
    Sitting at the TV
    Until it's time to eat--
    For me it's sensible meat.

    No mouse meat for me,
    Maybe a hot dog or three.
    Say, what's in hot dogs anyway?
    Maybe there is mouse meat--not okay.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. The mouse I don't know
      But there is rat in hamburger though
      The ground them right in
      Was told that by one who did it at our bin

  13. No chance of being lonely at Pat's place! Fun to see all the action!

  14. Look at those babies!
    What do you mean you need to stretch your legs, Pat? That's no excuse for disturbing the cat. Heh.

    1. haha the cat agrees
      He should sit and get weak knees

  15. How big's the litter box
    So many cats, none wearing socks
    Can that box stretch at your sea
    Or is the box outside in the place to be
    So many questions from The Goo
    Not Scooby Doo....

    1. The litter box is large
      Can use it and recharge
      Easy as can be
      Now the cat has to pee

  16. orlin N cassie.....we can chill for ten hourz... eazee peazee....ya noe... thatz one total lee awesum cat tree ya haz !!! sa ~ wheat ~~~~~~ ♥♥

    1. A ten hour chill is grand
      We sure enjoy the cat tree in our land

  17. Did you move again? Nothing wrong in going out and about for a stretch.

  18. Definitely good to stretch our legs every now and then. :)

    1. Have to give them a stretch
      Especially when there is food to fetch

  19. My dogs like to lay on my legs and get all offended when I get up to stretch them out. Doesn't matter that they are making them feel like a million pin pricks are shooting through as long as I don't disrupt their comfort.

    1. haha that is the way
      All about them and their comfort they say

  20. My hubby could be part cat as he can sleep for a long time. Pussy cats have a good idea but, for the most part, they still remain thin. If we take their role, we become huge jelly rolls

  21. A good stretch is always good, especially after a good nap.You all have a great day.

  22. Oh your kit-kats are so cute, Pat! I'm always on the move ~ at the top of most hours I'm on the move to rack up steps. I'm finally shedding the pounds I accumulated while teaching. That said, I so envy cats and how they relax, and when they stretch their legs and backs I'm green with envy. Your cats are lucky critters! They have a good home.

    1. They sure have a way to stretch about
      And are spoiled here without a doubt

  23. I always love seeing photos of your cats!
    Glad I didn't miss this post of Pat's!
    Thanks for hanging tight while I withdrew
    Temporarily from the social media zoo...

    1. All need a break now and then
      The cat even does it at his den


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