The Little Whiff Of The It's Not If!

The cat is here to help you all. I will just have a ball. I may chew on it too. Then I'll give it to the dog when it gets eww. That is so nice of me. I'll do it unless he tries to eat my pee.

Can't do that.
Can't do this.
It is strat.
It isn't bliss.

It's not if this.
It's not if that.
Then it is bliss.
Then it isn't strat.

Confused by me.
Confused by you.
Quite the spree,
When one becomes two.

It's not if I explain.
It's not if you read.
For in a musical lane,
Strat doesn't = shit at your feed.

But if not jingle bells.
Or some other way.
Then away it still spells,
And strat shits away.

Can't do that.
Can't do this.
Chew that fat.
It sure won't miss.

Can do it if.
Can do it if.
Don't have a tiff.
I repeated like Biff.

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Blue people stink.
They can't stand.
They crawl and wink.
They pee in their hand. 

That is so racist of you.
That is so racist of me.
It's not if you're blue.
It's not if you pee.

Can't do it here.
Can't do it there.
Can do it near.
Strat I must swear.

Don't you love the little outs people use? They sure do amuse. That isn't bad if...insert excuse ever so swift. That is okay if....another excuse ever so swift. Otherwise it is ohhhhhhhhh soooo bad. Oh wait. Not if this is done at your pad. I'll post unless we croak and go beneath the grass. That is a fine excuse for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Someone needs to give Blue a bath if he stinks.

  2. The Little Whiff Of The It's Not If!
    Excuses given with upper lips stiff
    When not allowed
    To think aloud
    To even inquire but 'where's the beef?'


  3. Damn. I'm up bright and early and still didn't make #1. I have no excuse for that. Maybe you can come up with one for me.

    1. Easy as can be
      You took too long with your morning pee

  4. I could but I can't, I won't and I can't...finish this line...

  5. There is always an excuse to have a good whiff!

  6. Replies
    1. That it can be
      Or so they tell smell-less me

  7. Why would the dog try to eat your pee?

  8. Ah, yes, the Excuse King’s plight
    Sans honor and always ready for a fight

  9. People can see through excuses
    so avoid them if one can
    then life will be simpler
    and perhaps more grand


  10. Fun! Reminds me of the poor woman in labor who screamed, "Can't! Won't! Shouldn't! Didn't!" To which the doctor replied, "Don't worry. They're only contractions." :-)

    1. haha replied with ease
      If really used, that would sure make her do anything but freeze

  11. People will always find an excuse for one thing or another.

  12. Us creative people are just better at it! :)

  13. People do love excuses. :)

  14. I know a student
    who is excuses, mile high
    Just had a parent/teacher conference
    cuz that schtuff don't fly ;)

    1. haha ratted them out
      That may make them pout

  15. We welcome whiffs but not eeews!

  16. Some people is always excusing but all depends, xo

  17. I have seen this many a time at my work. I give them many options but up go the "I can't" excuse after excuse. I just want to show them the door and tell them to get out.

    1. And let the door hit
      As they continue their shit

  18. Some excuses are just so obvious you have just to ignore it.

  19. People have excuses for this.
    People have excuses for that.
    Maybe we should listen to the cat.

  20. Cut the excuses and get to the bottom line.
    With the bottom line, I am fine.

    1. Down to the bottom
      Don't make us wait until next autumn


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