The Protest Is Set, Nothing But Net!

That is so true. The protest had come due. It is also nothing but net. Why? You must follow the pet. It will be the best thing ever. That and any other endeavor. The ways just roll. Soon we'll reach our whatever the hell we are after goal.

Protest! Protest! Protest!
We have such great zest.
Our way is the best.
Pffft take a knee can rest.

We wear nothing but net.
Even after our needs are met.
Hmm, it feels so good.
Net on umm wood.

Save the trees!
We wear suits of bees.
We buzz all day long.
Our protest is strong.

Oh No! Strong shaming.
Who is to get the blaming?
Oh No! Bad Grammar.
Down comes the hammer.

Tiny people with hammers in hand.
Isn't double protesting grand?
Tiny hammer people at play.
Mario may even come to stay.

Red hats are bad fashion.
The have too much passion.
We have to go bald to stop it.
We can't have that red hat shit.

Scratch your elbow when you have to go.
That will protest so and so and so.
We have no need for TP.
Scratch your elbow with me.

Joins hands with another.
Stranger, lover, mother.
Hopefully all aren't the same.
That would be a hillbilly claim.

Otherwise join hands.
Then do joined hand stands.
Look like a brainless monkey.
Whether your Funky or Chunky.

Bad name pickers.
They are box tickers.
Protest such things coming due.
From now, only call out, Hey You!

Don't you want to protest now? Can you do a double handstand and wow? Is that even a thing? Did you give scratching your elbow a ring? Can a ring fit? My, lots of shit. Oh, scratched my elbow there. That TP is so bad at ones lair. Maybe that is why I chew it in mass. Go ahead and protest my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Food for thought verse Pat wonderfully written.


  2. Some people take it a bit too far. I remember years ago when Fantasia was re-released into theaters and people were out protesting. (Something about the dancing mushrooms.) It's a cartoon, people - get a life!

    1. haha yep, many sure need a life
      If such crap causes them strife

  3. The Protest Is Set, Nothing But Net!
    None lest there are things to forget
    Protesting is easy
    Avoid being naughty
    Just not to overdo it lest one regrets


  4. Lots of times they are not even sure why they are there these days.

    1. Yep, just there to be a sheep
      And go meep meep meep

  5. TP is just the best toy ever. You can rip it to little shreds. Have a great day Pat.

  6. I try not to hold hands with strangers
    heck I don’t even like to shake hands
    don’t take it personally it’s germs
    I protest...

    Happy Thanksgiving �� Pat

    1. Yeah, we avoid it too
      But that you knew
      And if we must give it a go
      My hand is treated like it has the plague until a loo is in tow

    2. I carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer in my purse, first chance I get that is coming out. haha

    3. What happened to my little turkey picture all I see are two question marks? LOL

    4. haha a good way to be
      I carry enough crap around at our sea
      Blogger doesn't like it
      They have a fit

  7. People wanting attention, usually for the wrong reason!

  8. Sometimes protesters end up in jail
    wonder if it is worth it to them all
    but if they have a thing to say
    maybe its better than dropping the ball


    1. Say would be putting it nice
      They have to shout and do stupid crap and pay the price

  9. Being a child of the 60s, I'm all about protests:)
    Not so much shaming.

    1. Shaming taken away
      As you ra ra ra on display

  10. orlin N cassie.....sum times ya can pro test till ya think hellz froze over...either we iz knot gettin hurd ore hellz hottern N we give it credit for... bee coz bass terd turkee iz still on de planit....

    oh, N happee thanx giving two all ~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  11. I'm not good at protest. I see lots of shades of gray in arguments.

  12. People are paying, left and right
    when someone who really knows nothing
    wins their protesting fight

    1. Yep, knowledge is key
      And sadly not much of it comes to be

  13. I think some people protest because others are doing it.
    They haven't a clue what it's about and don't care a bit.

    1. Nope, just join the crowd
      And shout really loud

  14. I’ve never been to a protest. I think many of those people take their crazy issues too far. I’ll stay away from that mess and just silently protest with my vote.

    1. Some are nutballs indeed
      As they ra ra ra at their feed

  15. Yes I want to protest sometimes. I used to do it a lot when I was younger. But I also like idea of people holding hands and coming together instead.

  16. What can I say? I'm a child of the 60s. I've marched, participated in rallies, organized, spoken on various stages ~ you name it. I'm a shy person, but if I feel passionate about something, I will speak up, even if I'm shaking in my shoes. And guaranteed, I vote in every election. I am grateful that in the US, Canada, and other free countries we have the right to protest. In too many places voices are silenced and people are imprisoned or killed for speaking out.

    1. Leave it to you to do it all
      At least you kept your shoes on at your hall lol
      Been some who didn't do that
      The right to it is a win and not becoming a death stat
      Doesn't mean some aren't dumb though
      As they ra ra ra on the go

  17. I've read there's money to be made in protesting. I have a flexible schedule, so how do I get that gig?

  18. How apropos this post is now
    During a time of protest pow

  19. Protests can be good but then you have some idiot protesting about the mushrooms in Fantasia (read Alex's comment)and you just want to take away the sign they have, and slap them upside the head

    1. hahaha yep, that's what you want to do
      Maybe whack them more than a time or two


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