The Right Of It All Has A Ball!

Did you ever notice the left? It has no heft. Like someone took left and ran a theft. Do you know what I mean? No at your scene? We'll fix that. We'll get right on it, stat!

The cat is right.
Right on sight.
Left or right.
Don't matter at night.

Don't matter at day.
During. Either way.
Still don't matter.
Left has left the platter.

Oh. Maybe not.
Left has a plot.
It leaves before showing.
Now the plot is going.

Going just right.
Right has bite.
Right on.
Left's a con.

I'm in the right.
The right track in sight.
Even the wrong track gets play.
Left doesn't have a say.

Right and wrong.
Left can't play along.
Damn right.
Damn left is a fright.

Left can't be whelmed.
It's barely helmed.
All back to right.
Right makes might?

In the right place at the right time.
Right found it sublime.
The left place at the left time.
That must have dropped a dime.

The price is right.
Spay and neuter in sight.
The left is right.
Going fancy free we might.

Maybe we should have left.
Then no vet ball theft.
That would be right up my alley.
Too bad left is lost in some valley.

Taken notice of that at your sea? Right is said and flies free. Left gets the shaft. I guess left is just daft. Maybe right paid to have it get the win. Or maybe all are right handed at their bin. At least that is for most. I'm right on at my coast. Maybe ambidexterity feels even more lop sided. Its time could be bided. Right. That's not right. See? Left can't even take a wrong flight. I guess I will have to get right on my next post that comes to pass. Or maybe I'll left on it with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


    Where's the party at?
    Hey, it's Saturday...
    Such a fun day!

    1. Hello (echo echo).... anybody? Hellooooo?

    2. Nope, all must be asleep
      Took over your snore soo deep

    3. Nobody wanted to be number one today except Blue

    4. Blue was right on
      Come the new dawn

    5. Only the lonely on a Saturday
      No one wanted to play
      In the place to be
      Well, Scooby Doooweeee
      No Ninja guy, no True...
      No Hank the Poetry Tank
      No blue suede shoe...

    6. Just you with no shoe
      What are you to do

  2. The price is never right
    Day or night

    1. Always comes up wrong
      As your dough says, "so along"

    2. Found out I had to pay my dentist, too
      So gone is that dough and you know it's true

    3. I had to pay for my feet and car
      So we won't be getting too far

  3. Sometimes all that's left really isn't!

  4. What a great play on words. Well done Pat and everyone else.

  5. The Right Of It All Has A Ball!
    Being left alone to be stalled
    Just play it cool
    Not to be fooled
    Play easy not subject to recall


  6. I'm left-handed and have all sorts of little anecdotes about myself and other lefties.

    I've heard horror stories from other lefties who are older than I am, of how first-grade teachers used to force them to write right-handed.

    When my father took me to buy my first baseball glove, he bought a right-hander's glove because a leftie's glove was much more expensive.

    You probably know that Jimi Hendrix was a leftie, and that he strung his right-handed guitar backwards cuz it was cheaper than buyoing a left-handed guitar.

    On Barack Obama's first day as president, he began signing papers and said "I'm a leftie. Get used to it." People wondered whether he meant that he was left-handed, or if his political leanings were to the left, or both. Probably both.

    Lefties have always gotten a bad rap. The Latin word for "left" is "sinister", but the Latin word "sinister" also came to mean "evil" or "unlucky".

    1. Uhhh, "cheaper than buying a left-handed guitar", obviously.

    2. Forced you? That's absurd. Did you smack him with your right hand?

      I'm left-handed when I eat. How weird is that?

    3. Everything is way more expensive with the left it would seem
      Always making it for a righty's dream
      That is dumb they forced kids to write with their left
      Like robbing them, a kind of personal theft
      I'm depending on what it is
      One hand does this, the other that and away I whiz
      Never knew sinister meant left
      Now evil has its heft

    4. Yep. Left-handed people who are only a year older than I am say teachers made them write right-handed, so evidently they decided to stop doing that to kids right before I entered school.

    5. Got lucky there
      Enough to make even a kid swear

  7. Our band has two drummers who change out when they play and the whole drum set has to be redone as one is left-handed and one is right. Nothing funnier than watching either of them have to sit down and play on the spot when the setup is wrong!

    1. haha that must be interesting to do
      As they both have a backwards view

  8. Sometimes the right is called the right for a reason.

  9. In these political times left is right!
    And much of right is totally wrong!

    1. Can go that way too
      For right can sure scare at many a zoo

  10. Well I left the light on.
    I left when I was proven right.
    And I really don't want to be left hanging.

    1. Burning power
      Winner as the others cower
      Not left hanging is a good one
      Right on with your run

  11. I am a lefty, not in my right mind. Left is sinister (in olden days)I'm okay with that.

    1. Lefty in the wrong mind
      Sinister with the days left behind

  12. Slay and neuter is right for sure!

  13. I'm hopeless with my left hand.
    Wonderful verse Pat.


  14. Slide to the right...(cuz I'm no good with my left).

    1. Cross Cross. Everybody clap your hands. Don’t matter if you’re leftie or rightie, when that song comes on, err body gets down.

    2. Left in the dust
      As the right you trust


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