This Is How Purple Cow!

Have you ever seen a purple cow? Now that would really wow. Maybe it would be an alien one. They have supposedly gone after cows a ton. Or could just dye it. I don't think that would be a hit.

This is how you rhyme.
I do it all the time.
This much I surely know.
Can wrap it for you in a bow.

This is how you sell a car.
You take it out somewhere far.
You drive it in a ditch.
Sold to insurance with a switch.

This is how you run a work place.
You go around and embrace.
Embrace everyone for fun.
Let the sexual harassment cases run.

This is how you become champ.
You rub a magic genie lamp.
You wish your team was great.
Then winning will be your fate.

This is how you operate.
You open them up like a floodgate.
You watch as the blood drains.
That will cure their aches and pains.

This is how you do the books.
You give numbers dirty looks.
Then they'll go where you want,
And you'll have cash to flaunt.

This is how you write a book.
You give another person's a look.
You change the place and names.
Then you can make author claims.

This is how you get pay.
You don't slave away all day.
You go and rob a bank.
That will fill any gas tank.

This is how you be a clown.
You walk in face paint through town.
Then you get hit by a truck.
People will laugh at a silly umm fluck.

This is how you mime.
You sit and write in rhyme.
You stick your hands in the air,
And act like you don't have hair.

And this is how I show in somethings many have no clue. But that doesn't stop the how to. Their opinions sure flow and they think they know. Yep, they know from working their welfare check what a sports team needs to do to stack the deck. They know how a doctor should operate from watching YouTube and staying up late. Do you know how to? Get many of the how to people talking to you? Do you think they have a clue? No would be the answer usually true. Now I will show you how to end with sass. Such how to people can pucker up to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Lucky to be here
      Just a little cheer!


    2. I guess that makes me #2
      as I slowly come into view
      Hank, how are you?

      Darn blogger gave me a hard time

    3. This is how one becomes number 1

    4. Hank shows how it is done
      With a morning #1

    5. Good evening True
      Hank's ok how's it been with you?


    6. Ok is grand
      True ran from the land?

  2. This Is How Purple Cow!
    How to, thought out now
    Be prepared
    On the ipad
    Then bash it with a 'wow'


  3. Replies
    1. Hey,

      I did an update on my phone and now it is giving me trouble commenting via my phone. Ugh...I don't know why?

      any thoughts - email me if you do...

    2. Hi True,
      Regarding the phone, Hank will nip over to the shop
      They would even do it there and then that's their job


    3. Hank has the right plan
      Of updates we aren't a fan
      We ignore that crap
      Just glitches out and are a trap

  4. Ask someone's opinion and they become an expert.

  5. A purple cow would might give purple milk. Hey, everyone is entitled to their own wrong opinion!

    1. Yeah, just keep it to themselves
      And maybe santa's elves

  6. a purple cow's milk would be grape flavored. Purple = grape. Everyone knows that.

  7. I once saw a Purple Cow restaurant
    I wondered would it have what I want
    chicken salad on a fresh croissant
    did I see it somewhere in Vermont

    Hey it rhymes don’t have a cow
    if it didn’t make you say wow.. haha

    1. haha no cow is had
      Works and isn't bad
      Chicken at the cow
      Seems off somehow

    2. chickens and cows
      have something in common
      a farm, haha wow

    3. Been there
      Many many at my lair

  8. I love the brown cow but purple is even better

  9. People always want a shortcut to things that shouldn't -- or can't -- be rushed.

    1. Yep, they want that end line
      And do stupid crap to make it align

  10. Everyone is always an expert
    especially if it doesn't involve their money
    always free to give advice right and left
    and some of it isn't even funny


    1. Some of it is pathetic as can be
      Toss em in the sea

  11. Why yes, I have seen and consumed a purple cow. They were grape koolaid drinks with vanilla ice cream when I was a kid.

    1. So in the dark ages?
      Do we need to look in some ancient encyclopedia pages? lol

    2. Rude, Pat . . . Rude 😂😂😂

    3. haha blame the cat
      Not poor Pat

  12. After a decade of marriage, I learned that all the speculations my husband told were not facts. His speculations are now the stuff of laughter.

    Purple cow sounds like a grape soda and vanilla float.

  13. ...I write a lot of "how-to" posts. lol

  14. I know a few people who watch youtube videos and then think they are experts and even say that the actual experts are doing it wrong.

    1. haha gotta love those nuts
      As they talk out their butts

  15. orlin N cassie... thiz iz how yur dad mizz spelled...
    him added an "L" :) ♥♥♥ ☺☺☺

    1. lol that L just went there
      Can't give any kiddies a scare

  16. I like that description of a 'Purple Cow', fro, Bijoux. Sounds yummy, cow or not.

  17. Well, one of our store brand of products has the name purple cow, so yes, I have indeed seen purple cow before. The ice cream is quite good, but don't ask my opinion on it. I'm no expert or anything.

    1. No expert at all
      But you had purple cow at your hall

  18. A good verse Pat. Never saw a purple cow but anything is possible these days.


  19. It used to make me crazy that everyone knew how to teach and run a classroom because they had gone to school growing up. I saw a purple cow years ago in Calgary.

    1. Yeah, waaaay more to it than going to the class
      They tend to talk out their umm mass

  20. I haven't seen a purple cow in real life- only in dreams.

    1. Must be interesting dreams
      As the purple cows come in streams


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