Time For The Allure of Sure!

The cat has heard this one a time or two. I don't think I've said it at my zoo. It sounds kind of dumb to say. But then we could have had an off day. Or maybe we just wanted one to go away. That could make it come out and play.

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You grumble and growl.
You may even howl.
What is that pain?
Did you get hit by a train?

You ask and seek.
No hide at your creek.
But the solution may hide.
You get taken for a ride.

Not the fun kind.
Don't go gutter mind.
Not the gas kind either.
Sorry, you get neither.

Instead you get this.
This little bit of bliss.
From educated to dumb,
They all pull it out their bum.

I'm sure it is nothing, pal.
That is the wise words of Al.
No, not the repeat Penwasser guy.
I just used it as it rhymed on the fly.

I'm sure it is nothing, bub.
Maybe you just need some grub.
Umm, nothing but you may need to eat?
Contradicting is its own treat.

I'm sure it is nothing, you.
Don't even know your name at your zoo.
But I'm sure nothing is it.
No need to have a fit.

And so it goes.
Pain in the toes.
Sure it is nothing at all.
Follow the bouncing ball.

And not just health.
Can go to this, that, and wealth.
My gut is telling me something.
I'm sure it is nothing says the fling.

Out of dough.
Whoops, gotta go.
STD left behind.
I'm sure it is nothing of some kind.

Don't you just love that dumb saying? It seems to have the power of staying. Are you sure nothing was said? Are you sure I got it in your head? Sure it is nothing at all. Are you a doctor at your hall? Are you all wise and knowing? Damn, I'm sure I must be going. And look at what came to pass. My sure came due with the final words of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I'm not sure about many things at the moment.
    Good way to express it Pat.


  2. The allure of numer one
    Keeps us coming back
    at the cats rhyming shack
    now my verse is done

    Have a nice day!

  3. I say it now in reference to health because when you get a certain age, things start to hurt all over and it really is nothing but just getting older. (Which sucks. I don't recommend it.)

    1. Blah, we need to avoid that
      Already screwed up where we are at

  4. Time For The Allure of Sure!
    Hot at all sure of the bother
    Trying to see
    What can it be
    Relatively safe but yet unsure


  5. Dumb sayings abound everywhere!

  6. Sometimes I think we need to listen
    to more of what we say
    and then dumb sayings will be
    a thing of yesterday.


  7. Is that an alien growing in your chest? Oh, I'm sure it's just nothing. LOL

  8. It always feels like a way to blow someone off and shift the focus back to them.

  9. orlin N cassie...de FSG'z mom used ta say that a lot....sure itz nothing....armz could be comin outta sockitz....but...sure it iz nothin ~~~~~~~ ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  10. Pain in the toes can be everything, yikes. Other than that, can ignore the rest. Have a good week Pat.

  11. I'm sure it's nothing...in the car...a strange noise...just turn up the radio.

  12. I tend to brush things off too. It's gotten me in a pickle though, but I still do it.

    1. We all do at some point
      Then something pops out of joint

  13. Whenever I ignore something niggling me with "I'm sure it's nothing," it turns into something. Have a great Friday, my friend!

    1. Something seems to come
      Can be a literal pain in the bum

  14. Ive said this many times before
    Icch...i smell a skunk-stink galore!

  15. I certainly use some sayings- but others I alter and make them my own. :)


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