Time To Process...More Or Less!

I will give you time to think. That will drive you right to drink. It may also drive you to eat. Can thinking drive you for a treat? Yes? No? Maybe so? Process that while I go all rhyming cat.

Let's start the process.
More or less.
I repeated the mess.
Like a move in chess.

What kind of process?
Food that is a mess?
Paperwork that takes more not less?
Should I start to digress?

Nothing to that process.
But there is little stress.
Stress more not less.
Hmm, flip that stress.

Should we take a recess?
Kid or court to impress?
Is this going to excess?
That may be the process.

Good we have easy access.
That makes for success.
Like some kind of dress.
They say it brings success.

The cat is nude, we confess.
Does that end the recess?
Does it put a stop to the process?
Are we back to more and not less?

It is okay to profess.
That brings progress.
Or maybe even confess.
Can you do it with finesse?

Should you really undress?
Make sure you're at the right address.
Some may then obsess.
They may even try to outguess.

The stalker may caress.
Watch that weird process.
Now I may need to digress.
Can we take a recess?

Publish I soon need to press.
Hey, I press it more or less.
Just nod and say yes.
That is today's process.

Did you process all of that? Are you in the process of processing the words of the cat? You may be processing for a while. I think that is what they call the government's style. I have now processed through my process sass, so off I'll go and process the next rhyme from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Time To Process...More Or Less!
    And being cautious to gain access
    Processing the words
    And not being absurd
    Getting the right word so blessed


  2. If the cat is nude, put some clothes on him. He'll freeze to death.

    1. Or sit him by the heater
      May scare away a trick or treater

  3. We usually process our food just fine!

  4. I need to process the rhyme
    give me more time

  5. Processing (anything) is a LOT of work.

  6. Processing can be an art at times
    unfortunately having trouble with it with the rhyme
    maybe not enough sleep last night
    and it didn't make me bright


    1. No insomnia though
      As A #1 you would try to give a go

  7. I think I'm over-processed.

    Congrats on your latest book, by the way. How many is that?

    1. Over beats under
      That is 124 for all to plunder

  8. Now I can't stop thinking about that so-called "processed cheese food," a/k/a "processed cheese product." You know, that wannabe cheese most of us buy without even realizing that we're actually ingesting some unholy mix of real cheese and (I assume) Styrofoam?

    1. Glad I have never ingested that
      Although styrofoam has been chewed on, not long, by the cat

  9. I try to avoid using less words to express myself.

    1. Less can be the way
      Or more with what you say

  10. My daughter's hair is overprocessed, lol, but that's a whole 'nother tale. ;)

    1. haha a hairy situation at your sea
      As it came to be

  11. I process my life too much in my head and my writing by editing so much. Congrats on your new book!

    1. Thanks indeed
      Sure can process away at one's feed

  12. You publish more
    than you do less
    So much more
    than would impress
    the average cat
    or literate bat
    Congratulations on the last
    blast from your mat
    and on the last book you published too
    "Don't process, just publish"
    is a good slogan for you.

    1. haha works indeed
      As more take seed
      Still got a few more kicking about
      So I'll process them out

  13. I vote for more recess, but not to obsess and outguess.

  14. I processed so much my head is spinning.
    Don't know whether I'm losing or winning.

  15. As someone who worked with a lot of kiddos who processed things very differently and in a variety of ways, I truly appreciate the concept of "processing." LOL! And I took all my little processors out for a much-needed extra recess as much as I could get away with. I firmly believed (still do!) that little kiddos need a break from academic processing, and I consistently pushed back against ever shortening recesses and lunch breaks in the name of more testing! I think you would have been an interesting student!

    1. haha interesting may have been it
      Especially the elementary bit
      Had one teacher who did the same at our bay
      Took us out as our brains needed a break he'd say

  16. It's too late for me to process anything. So, I'll just heat up a cup of tea then let my thoughts process on their own in my sleep.

    1. A dream process power
      Could make ideas shower

  17. Never thought about The Cat being nude,
    But you are exactly right, Dude!!!

  18. I’m here late
    What is the date?
    Tomorrow already? I feel dead
    Time to get myself to bed.
    I can’t process one more thing
    I got nuttiness else to bring.

  19. It is most definitely a good thing to be at the right address before you undress. LOL

    1. That it would be
      Some make take offense at their sea


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