With This Ordeal We Finish Heal!

Why even go with start? You humans treat that like a fart. I suppose cats do as well. Dogs may even do it and not find it swell. Looks like most with a brain of some sort give it a no. I bet you thought I was going to say go.

To the finish.
Start will diminish.
Finish is first.
Start's the worst.

Got that now?
Learned somehow?
Nope. Had it.
Skipped that shit.

Time to skip.
Whoops, you trip.
Fall and wham.
Head goes bam.

Like 60's Batman.
Comic bubbles may need a tan.
They stay the same as the rest.
Oh yeah, finish is best.

Injured and beaten.
Some scratches to sweeten.
Sore and loose.
Nope, not in the umm caboose?

Did that make sense?
You jumped the fence.
Fell into the gutter.
There you sit and butter.

Back pain galore.
Ass pain in store.
Stored in the back?
My, hand that ice pack.

It didn't work.
Creator's a jerk.
Pulled and yanked.
Should have been banked.

Banked to save.
Not me in my grave.
I want it now.
Heal me somehow.

Pill or cutting.
Don't start whating?
It's not even a word.
This start stuff is absurd.

Do you skip the start to heal? Rather get to the finish ordeal? Yeah, kinda doesn't work like that. Even pill poppers mask it at best where they are at. Have to start to get to the end. Could even be a while before one gets around the bend. But skipping brings on other crap in mass. Could be far worse than a bad case of gas. Ever had to heal longer than a song from a singing bass? Never any fun, but has to be done by even my impatient little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Being #1 heals all wounds

    2. So true
      At Hank's #1 shoe

      My bank account needs some healing, too
      Yes, it's as true as True

    3. That takes forever as well
      At least where we dwell

  2. Being impatient dosen't help I know.
    But one has to start at the beginning.
    To get the full benefit.
    To once more feel like singing.

    Have a good Sunday Pat and cats.

  3. I remember the singing bass. That thing just screamed redneck.

  4. I would like for my mouth to heal.

    1. Hopefully does so quick
      Then everything will click

  5. Healing is good but it takes some time which is a pain in itself.

  6. With This Ordeal We Finish Heal!
    Taking short cuts done with skills
    A Good start is wise
    Time wastage minimized
    Damage control is quite an ordeal


  7. healing can be painful
    making one feel awful

    1. A pain in the butt
      And everything else at one's hut

  8. Got to give it time to heal
    no matter how long it may take
    but then when it is over
    what a difference it makes!betty

    1. Over sure can take a while
      But the difference sure can be seen when you finally turn that dial

  9. Give it time, my boy?then, you'll get much more joy! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  10. When my back starts to hurt, I know to take it easy and let it heal.

  11. And the older we get, the longer it takes:(

    1. Yep, which sucks
      Can throw a back out feeding the ducks

  12. Never fun....looking for shortcuts does not work well.

    1. Nope, can't go the short way
      Or one will pay

  13. I want the cure, and I want it now!
    Too bad.
    Because now involves time, time I don't have.
    Oh yeah, hate the wait!!!!

    1. A cure would sure be nice
      But yeah, time pays the price

  14. Too many people want to ski to the end. There's no such thing as a quick fix.

    1. Ski they could try too
      A newest fad for a few
      But yep, no quick fix
      No matter the internet quack tricks

  15. REading about skipping and falling...and that made me nod my head. I'm still looking at the ground when I walk quite a bit to be sure I don't hit something uneven...foot still not totally healed, but getting there.

    I changed my profile picture, thought it over do; but folks haven't realized it's me without my blue walking clothes, lol

    1. I'd be paranoid as well
      Wouldn't want to once again go through that hell
      A pic can change
      But the same on the range

  16. I'm a skipper, I hate to wait.
    Instant gratification though, can make healing wait.

    1. That the healing will
      Sometimes have to chill

  17. I’m a slow healer. I got a bug bite 2 years ago that’s still healing. I keep scratching it and tearing it back open.

    1. Damn, that is a long arse time
      I had a cat scratch that took about a year and half to heal between each rhyme

  18. Patience is not easy for me.
    I want a wound to heal now you see.


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