You Should Be At Your Sea!

The cat heard yapping the other day, and then the nut came our way. She yapped and yapped and yapped some more. She started yapping about nuts we would never ever invite into our shore.

What's with you?
They're a fine crew.
They are great.
Can't you relate?

No friggin way?
But they'll come and play.
They'll mooch and steal.
Isn't that a good deal?

You need to lighten up.
Let them fill their cup.
They are just the best.
Hey, don't call me a pest.

Listen and learn.
It is my turn.
Now I'm telling you.
This advice is true.

Be nice to all.
Don't let hate fall.
You never know when you'll need them.
Did I just see you cough up phlegm?

How dare you mock me?
I gave great advice to thee.
Let them walk over you.
My advice still holds true.

You may need them one day,
Long after they are done stealing your pay.
They may then come to your aid.
Isn't that such a fair trade?

Are you walking away?
Didn't you hear what I had to say?
Don't call me crazy.
Your view is the one that's hazy.

You'll know when you are in need.
You will know indeed.
You just wait.
There will come a date.

Did you just say that?
Well I never where I'm at.
You just aren't nice.
Come back when you want my advice.

Pfffffffffffffft the cat had to say. Actually it may have been much more colorful at our bay. This nut was determined I'd need moochers one day. All because we are far and between related at our bay. Pffffffffffffft once more says the cat. I'm more related to Pat. Are you nice to all and let them walk over you at your hall? Wasn't that the best advice? You never know when you may need them so be nice. Yeah, that is a reason to be nice. Pffffffffffft needs to be said more than twice. Pound sand is what such people can do in mass. I know, I'm so not a very nice little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Staying on the go
      With another in tow

    2. That's perfect 10 in a row
      Still looking for the dough!


    3. Hopefully you find
      Share and be kind lol

    4. If Hank finds the dough
      will no more #1 flow
      hey, one never knows

    5. Could be off to rich land
      With lots of dough in hand

    6. Said but no
      Still broke a broke broke in tow

  2. Mooching off others and not fending for yourself sounds like a plan for disaster...especially for those being mooched off of, so I agree and say, 'pound sand' too.

    1. Yep, can sure put you in a crappy spot
      So they can go pound sand a lot

  3. Replies
    1. Not sure, but they were adamant you do
      Never know when they may be pffffffft needed by you

  4. You Should Be At Your Sea!
    To keep track and to oversee
    Not keep yapping
    Likely to be seen
    Be in control and keep busy


  5. I think no friggin way would cover it for us!

  6. That doesnt sound good. Too much yapping. Have a good day.

  7. ha - A strange post for today
    is synchronicity at play ;)

    Have a great day!

  8. Have a few moochers in my life over the years
    but now none that I know of, so there is nothing to fear!


  9. I've cut a whole bunch of people including family out of my life because of the way they treated me. I don't need moochers.

    1. No one needs those
      Cut them out before they take one to new lows

  10. Moochers are right up there with lazybones for me!
    Don't want either anywhere near my sea.
    Have a good week!

  11. Mmm, maybe the moochers have a reason.
    They might be out of work for the season.
    But if they're just lazy bums.
    Better send them away on the run.

    1. Lazy bums is usually the way
      So from them we stray

  12. Moochers are the worst. We don't need them.

  13. I bet it was more colorful than Pfffft:)

  14. Moochers, human or animal! Don't need either.

    1. Nope, none of those
      Let them go play with crows

  15. No moochers, just control freaks and passive aggressive types!

  16. Be nice to all is such excellent advice!


  17. I'm a nice person, but once I start getting taken advantage of, the scissors come out and we cut that relationship off. Never once have I needed someone so bad that I needed to put up with getting walked all over in order for them to consider helping me in the future.

    1. Yep, never once have we either at all
      Can stuff those scissors up their arse at their hall


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