A Cleaning We Go With Bills In Tow!

We are going to clean today. We don't even need any spray. We don't need much at all. So much easier than cleaning a toilet at your hall. Those are as nasty as can be. But, meh, so is where the cat goes to pee.

You've got no wealth.
But you've got your health.
Or so they say.
Then they come for pay.

Obvious as can be.
Obvious to you and me.
At least I hope so.
If not, check for an alien glow.

And you're even clean.
Clean and serene.
That has to make you happy.
Even if the bill makes you sappy.

You have a clean bill of health.
A little less wealth.
Or maybe a lot less.
But come now, confess.

Doesn't that sound grand?
Let's spread it across the land.
It is soooo great.
A clean bill of health is first rate.

Here's a clean bill of gas.
Not the kind you tend to pass.
The kind you use to fill the car.
It is so clean that you'll get...umm...just as far.

Here's a clean bill of food.
The store clerk was rude.
You stood in line all friggin day.
And you still got the food and we still took your pay.

Here's a clean bill of property tax.
Oh, sit back and relax.
There is no need to pay it.
We can always auction off your shit.

Here's a clean bill of Bob.
Yep, he brought corn on the cob.
He tracked dirt all over your floor.
He even put a hole in your door.

Doesn't it work wonders?
A clean bill as the government plunders.
That should be written into law.
A clean bill of health isn't all we saw.

Did you ever stop to think of that saying? Now I bet you are giving it a replaying. Is the bill clean if they touch it? Wouldn't it have germy hospital shit? How can your body give a clean bill? Does it pop out either end for a thrill? The cat may have given this too much thought and sass. But oh well, that's just the mind of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. What is wealth without good health, a good point to remember,


    1. But takes wealth to have health
      The curse of wealth

  2. I’d rather have health
    Than monetary wealth
    But in a wealth of other things I bask
    More happiness than I could ask

  3. clean bill of anything makes it official.

  4. We could always go for a clean bill of health here!

  5. Clean bill of health is always the best!

  6. A Cleaning We Go With Bills In Tow!
    Clean out the barn before it snows
    As clean as white
    And ever so bright
    A clean bill of health to wish for


  7. I have had clients who owe the tax man
    $40,000 or more, and they have no plan.
    Bankruptcy is the only way
    This is often what I say.
    As for clean bill of health
    For me, that would be tremendous wealth.
    It all depends on what one is going through.
    I believe this to be true

    1. Damn, that is a lot to owe the tax man
      Of paying them that much I'd never want to be a fan
      Going through sure makes it stick
      Can be a real umm pick

  8. Like to get a clean bill of health
    that is worth more than money
    because being sick is not
    very funny


  9. If ya got no health,
    Ya got no wealth:)

    1. But no wealth = street
      No health then goes for a meet and greet

  10. Yeah, yeah, yeah, health is important, but healthy and broke still just plain sucks!

    1. Yep, sucks the big one
      And when super broke, away health can run

  11. Bob really doesn't sound like he's very clean.

    1. Needs some manners
      Maybe put that in his daily planners

  12. I've got no health
    And no wealth
    And no stealth!

    So, now what?

    Hello Cat!
    How's that mat?

    MAny questions from The Goo
    Not Scooby Doo.

    1. Well I've got stealth here
      Other two elude my rhyming rear
      The mat still sucks
      Feed it to ducks

  13. Wealth doesn't matter if one is lying in a hospital bed and hearing bad news.

  14. Good health is the very best thing you can have. You have a great evening,Pat.

  15. Replies
    1. That it is
      Maybe no germs for pop pop fizz fizz

  16. We work hard to make our money.
    All those hands waiting for it aren't funny.
    As for keeping a clean house.
    I do so well you won't find a mouse.
    Thank you, kitties.

    1. Kitties for the win
      Ours might invite them in

  17. I wouldn't mind a clean bill of health but that's never gonna happen.

  18. I'd like a clean bill of health. I'd even accept one with a few germs on it. But alas, my autoimmune disorder give me a big old middle finger every day, so that bill won't be hitting my mailbox ever.

    1. We'd like to break that middle finger it gives indeed
      But away we go at our feed

  19. I'd take a clean bill of health over just about anything.
    Actually I've never heard of a clean bill for anything but health.

    1. Yeah, weird how they only use it for that
      Guess they want the germs to scat


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