A Complex Post At Our Coast!

I'm not sure you will understand anything today. It is going to be sooooo out there at play. I can't even understand it myself. I may have to call on a Santa elf. I may need the whole batch. Maybe they can mix and match.

So many to do,
So little time.
That sure is true.
Oh look, a mime.

It is so scary.
It is so hairy.
A mime complex is born.
I watched it while eating corn.

A corn complex.
It came out with sex.
A sex complex.
It made a muscle flex.

A Superman complex.
Look at them pecs.
A superiority complex.
Like better than latex?

A glove complex.
Can't have those objects.
An objection complex.
Blame that on an ex.

A Judge Judy complex.
Who knows the subjects.
Just practice safe sex.
A safety complex.

A practicing complex too.
Two complexes came due.
Two from one.
A numbers complex, run!

A walking complex.
Can't climb that triplex.
A hilly complex.
Can I get those specs?

A instruction complex.
They could bring a hex.
A witch complex.
They sure can convex.

Oh, look a shoe.
A Cinderella complex for you.
Or would that be for me?
So complexing for thee.

Are you complexed now? Do you have a complexion somehow? Is it good or bad? Did the cat mix it up a tad? Did I give you a grammar complex? I guess that is better than one concerning sex. Get snip snip and that too goes away. I cured a complex at my bay. Would that give me a superiority complex now? I think I have one with each meow. Pat does tend to whatever need comes to pass, so it may fit my oh so complex little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I might be more purrplexed than complexed!

  2. brian wins with his comment...purrfect

  3. I understood this just perfectly fine
    not complexed here at all
    and going to enjoy this great Thanksgiving day
    and the rest of the fall


  4. A Complex Post At Our Coast!
    Not to be given an overdose
    Complex issues
    In others' shoes
    Meant to stifle all the boasts


  5. A complex? Who me?
    Get the list and you will see
    how long it will be.
    I won't dwell on my list from A to Z
    in my mind, I am flying free.

  6. A sex complex?
    I've seen that before.
    It's no less a distress
    as it is one lame bore.

  7. The reading gave me a complex! Hope you are not having a winter complex.

    1. Oh, it's starting here
      Ugg says my rhyming rear

  8. Some days I think that it would be so much easier to have a Cinderella complex. Just give me a Prince Charming to take care of me. Just kidding!

    1. haha well it would be easy indeed
      All the money in the world takes seed

  9. My head is all twisted around today
    Trying to discern your complex way

  10. No complexes going on here, but my daughter is obsessed with her complexion. Well, the eyebrow portion. Who knew those would be the thing so many girls focus on these days?

    1. Eyebrows you say?
      I guess in one perfect spot she wants them to stay

  11. I have a money complex....
    And a Scooby complex
    And a Bora complex
    And a spelling complex
    And.... and..... what not?
    But I don't like politicians, so it's all good.

    1. There you go
      No politicians nuts and no dough


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