A Contemplation Kinda Consultation!

The cat will consult with you today. I want to know at my bay. So I will consult with you just because. I mean consulting has to be done when you find strange fuzz.

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Sit back for contemplation.
Enjoy this consultation.
You will be rewarded with elation,
While I charge your credit card for the aggravation.

How can fuzz create duplication?
Does it come from a fuzz station?
Is there a fuzz federation?
Does it have a fuzz Yoda due to fornication?

Does the fuzz need liberation?
Hopefully it avoids lubrication.
That would be a nasty observation.
But Yoda may need it for penetration.

See what happens with relaxation?
One's mind creates a variation.
Then it gets stuck in constipation.
Unless it goes for amplification.

Are you waiting in anticipation?
Fuzz doesn't have any assimilation.
Fuzz is just fuzz on the same coordination.
They record that stuff and have a whole civilization.

I blame Yoda for the domestication.
He created the fuzz factorization.
Did you know fuzz had such fertilization?
It is out to cause humiliation.

That will be a jollification.
Does that word need an explanation?
This is seeking fuzz verification.
Later on you can discuss that revelation.

The fuzz are seeking retaliation.
They want self-gratification.
The fuzz may equal modernization.
Sit back and try intimidation.

A fuzzy puke in transformation.
Hiding from the population.
At least until this publication.
Then they may get a weird skin pigmentation.

Can fuzz turn to that station?
Can they get representation?
Are you in fuzz over pollination?
Maybe the bees need to do that in moderation?

Did you know fuzz could cause such investigation? There is just so much information. We had to put together this contemplation. You will only be charged for half a two day consultation. Does math give you a herniation? You may need a whole other type of consultation. On that type we'll have to pass. I have enough trouble licking my own little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. A great Monday morning read Pat. Thanks.


  2. does not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling

  3. A Contemplation Kinda Consultation!
    Fuzzy elements causing consternation
    Have representation
    Nowhere relaxation
    Should then work for good coordination


  4. I might be a little fuzzy on that yet!

  5. Been known to be fuzzy time and again
    sometimes late at night
    but then that is common isn't it
    and shouldn't give me a fright?


  6. cat what you ate today! a consultation,?? fornication ?
    Im fuzzy too, ha cat!

    1. I ate fornication?
      Damn, now that is some ummm everything sounds dirty so I'll take a vacation

    2. Sometimes you scared me Pat/cat!

    3. haha scare I can do
      Fine at my zoo

  7. Cat fuzz - it's everywhere you don't want it to be.

  8. Fuzz likes to hide in peculiar places
    like between toe spaces.
    the worst one is fuzz in a belly button
    blecchhh...that's for someone who is a fuzz glutton.

  9. I've often considered fuzz a great breeder:
    under beds, in nooks and crannies; definitely a floor leader!

    1. Leads the way
      Breeds worse than bunnies at play

  10. I have tons of fuzz-- but from a dog, not a cat.

    1. Is fuzz - the equivalent to dust bunnies?
      I do not find those bundles very funny...

      Speaking of which, I was at the gym and noticed
      some fuzz on the studio floor...

    2. Dogs sure can give a lot
      AS around they trot

      Those there be too
      Lots out there to view
      Gym floor is ewww
      Times two

  11. When my husband pulls out the fuzz from his belly button, it give me a fuzzy head by making me sick.

    1. haha just don't barf on him
      That would be grim

  12. Our floors often sport fuzzy dust
    Sweep, sweep, sweep we must

  13. I did not know that about fuzz.
    Little sprigs of cat hair was what I thought it wuzz.


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